Week In Review – #18


So my week in review generally starts with Sunday… {{sigh}} I spent the morning sitting for my hubby’s co-worker.  They got called to work and he had his little girl.  The only way he could go to work was if I kept her… could I say no?  NEVER!  After about 4 hours of coloring, cartoons, walks, and swinging she went home with her daddy, happy to have spent time with Monica.

Then, it was time once again to get those leaves off the yard.  I look forward to those leaves changing colors so much!  But this is not the part that I look forward to at all!  I think I am getting too old for this type of work.  I ache all over! 🙂

AHHHH, got our voting privilege taken care of and after along night on pins and needles awaiting the results; we are happy here at our home with our new President Elect! 🙂  My dad said he was moving to Canada if Trump and/or Blunt won… Wonder if he needs help packing {{{Giggling}}}!

Our middle daughter came over on election night and brought her “boyfriend”.  {{{UGH}}}  We were nice but I sure hope this one doesn’t last!  Enough said on that topic.

I missed the Yarn Along post his week which is frustrating to me!  I forgot all about it until I was about to go to bed on Wednesday night.  Ahhh, well, wasn’t much change from the previous week anyway.  I have been plugging along at Giving Thanks though.  Each day there is something to be thankful for.  Trying to open my eyes to everything and appreciate it.  Some times I just get so busy with life that I don’t think about things like I should.

Last night hubby and I made a quick trip into the city to purchase him a nice big tool chest.  His shop is such a disaster and he can’t find the tools he needs.  I hope this weekend he can spend some time out there getting it together.

That’s really about all our week has been.  There are no cattle or chickens to talk about anymore.  There are only a few pieces of haying equipment left to sell.  If it weren’t for the cold I would be actually looking forward to this winter… no outside work! 🙂

Hope your weekend is a blessed one!

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