Day 13 Giving Thanks

givingthanksWhat a beautiful day for giving thanks!  As I am making plans for our vacation next week I have to say that if it weren’t for my awesome mother I would not be able to get away for 4 entire days! 🙂

My mother has had a rough life.  She didn’t always make the best choices but she lived with the ones she made.  I was one of those mistakes early in life.  But I am so thankful she elected NOT to abort me.  She cleans houses to bring in income for her home.  In the past couple of years she has really tried to be there for my sisters and I.  She travels half way across the country to help my sister in Utah.  The other in Kansas City has not lacked her aide in many situations.  Next week when Hubby and I take our trip to Play Del Carmen she will come stay here and take care of her EX-mother in law and our son. 🙂  She is a wonderful Grandmother!

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