Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – Snoozing


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Time: 8:50

Scene:  The sun is shining bright in the eastern sky which lights up our family room nicely.  Such a cozy scene this morning.

Today’s plan: A load of laundry, I’m doing one every day; Going to work on cleaning out the down stairs family room and making plans for a “new” area.

Drinking: Coffee with peppermint mocha.  Need to start on water very soon.  Haven’t been drinking enough of that.

Listening to: Quiet.  There is no need to have Fox News on.  Peace and blessed quiet.

Reading: The Cottage by Michael Phillips and War and Peace.

Pondering: The new direction of our lives.  I keep feeling like there is something I should be doing.  Something I am forgetting.  All these years of going all the time at an incredibly fast pace all the time.  I’m trying to relax and enjoy it because I know that it is only a season.

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1 thought on “Sunday Salon – Snoozing”

  1. I’m running behind…as usual…enjoyed your Sunday Salon..I just went upstairs to give our landlady some homemade cookies and she goes, “Really? Linda!! When do you find the time?” Like I trust the menfolk to bake, seriously.wink

    Have a beautiful week, friend.


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