Yarn Along – Dark evenings

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting.  I missed last week but it wasn’t any really big deal as my knitting has been “frozen” in time.  We’ve been kind of busy lately.  I’m helping Hubby clean up his shop and get better organized. Weeding out tools and equipment that he no longer needs.  My how he has accumulated stuff over the years.

No pictures to share this week. It’s just more of the same. 

Don’t know about you all but I am even getting tired of seeing my slow progress on these two projects but I did finish a really good book this week!  It’s worth checking out.  Even though this is book 2 in the series I didn’t feel lost at all.


Now I am reading all of these.  I’m almost done with War and Peace and A Mutiny in Time.  I am seriously behind in my goal for the year and my classics list must be attacked more diligently!

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4 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Dark evenings

  1. Ooh, I’ll have to check out the Patchwork Christmas Collection. My project of making felt ornaments for my grandson is taking longer than expected, too. I thought I could machine sew some of them, but I seem to have better control when hand sewing, Plus I seem to be able to really see what I am doing only in really good light. I used to do most of my stitching in the evenings while we watched TV or my husband read, but I have a harder time seeing what I am doing then.


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