Day 18 Giving Thanks


When I watch the news, which I don’t much anymore, I see all the upheaval in the big cities and wonder why anyone would actually choose to live there.  I prefer the nice quiet pace of the small town in which I live.  It isn’t as small as it was while I was growing up but it’s still quite small in comparison to most.  If I wanted to I could walk from one end of town to the other in about 20 minutes.  If I take my time.   They say they roll up the sidewalks around here by 8:00 pm each night.  That is about true, there isn’t many people out and about at that hour.  I am thankful for our small town of 3,843 people.

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One thought on “Day 18 Giving Thanks

  1. We’ve lived in both and I like where we are now. We live in a small town, but we have easy access to a mid-sized city when we want to go to events or shop there for things we can’t get here. We lived just outside of Atlanta once, and I hope to never live so near to that big a city again.


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