WOYN – November 2016

It’s time again to link up and share our reading progress with everyone at 5 Minutes for Books!  Come on over and join in on the party! 🙂Nightstand

I continue to camp out on The Psalms.  I opened a bible study on Song of Solomon but have not picked it up in a few days.  My page count for November looks pretty impressive but remember, I don’t count them until I have finished the book… which a couple took me a very long time.  I am thinking that after the first of the year I am going to cut back on my reading and pick up my knitting more.  I am still very short of my Classics Club Challenge but what can I say, I’m itching to improve my knitting! 🙂


1001 Arabian Nights by Anonymous

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

The Cottage by Michael Phillips

A Mutiny in Time (book 1 of Infinity Ring) by James Dashner

A Patchwork Christmas Collection

Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring #2)

On my nightstand:

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Inferno

Up next:

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd (still waiting for this one; it’s on hold)

One Million Page Challenge update:

I don’t count my pages in a book until they are completed.  So the books may over lap from time to time.

November: 3,049

This year: 17,079

Challenge to date: 66,565


4 thoughts on “WOYN – November 2016

  1. W&P does take a very long while – congrats on finishing it! I got Patchwork Christmas but haven’t started it yet – I’m trying to finish up a different one before starting my Christmas books. But it’s not motivating me so I may set it aside til after the holidays.


  2. It’s nice to camp out in the Psalms. I’ve been in Deuteronomy the past few weeks, and it is not easy going. ha. Knitting can be an important and relaxing hobby too, so I hope you get more time for that next year if that’s what you want to do! If you finished War and Peace, you deserve a break. 🙂


  3. Wow- War & Peace seems like a great accomplishment! I can’t imagine 1mil. pages, but for the record, Hunger games is a super quick read- you have a nice balance of fluff and hard reading to keep your pace going! Quite inspiring.


  4. Very impressive reading list. Mine is pathetic this year. I’m so sorry I’m tardy visiting everyone. I probably won’t catch up but will try to keep up at least.


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