Our baby

I know, I hate it when I hear mothers describe their last child at home as “Our Baby”.  Really!  That is something we should not do as it never stops.  My mother still calls me her baby girl!  I’m 48 years old!

So, our youngest has six five weeks until graduation. I have been looking forward to this day for 12 years!  I know I must be the worst kind of mother!  But the public school system is something I am so ready to be done with  and let’s just face it, I’m tired!  That and Jeremy had ADHD which required a lot of my time to stay on top of his grades and be his “cheerleader”.

 Jeremy is trying to get into the Army.  He has a history of ADHD but has been off his medication for two years.  When he went off his meds his GPA actually improved.  He’s done very well.  He ran cross country and track these last two years and had strength training as well. During this time he has taken the dreaded ASVAB many times with varying results.

He has a wonderful recruiter who is working very hard to satisfy the MEPS doctors so that they will allow him to continue with his application.  We have been working on this since February 27th.  Seems like a very long time ago. Not knowing what his future is going to be right now makes it seem even longer!

We have announcements for graduation almost ready to send.  We are holding them because we hope to put in them his acceptance into the Army.  The party is planned, the caterer has been secured and we wait.

I am the most impatient person on the planet.  I call or contact the recruiter every week or couple of days. (depending on my level of anxiety)  But wait and send up prayers for him we will!


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