This week in Knitting

Catchy title isn’t it?! 🙂
I thought I would cover each day one of the things that I am “doing” to Find Me.  Tuesday is a good day for knitting because I can link up with others at Frontier Dreams and share my progress.
Last week I finished this hat with our school colors.

Then I quickly cast on this Watson’s scarf to go with it.  I think this one will take more than a few days at it is a long scarf.
A great Christmas gift for my littlest “step-grandson”.  (My daughter is not married to his father.)
I also cast on a sock project that can travel with me.  The scarf doesn’t travel well as it there are too many color changes.  I have always wanted to make socks and now I am going to dedicate time to doing it. 


2 thoughts on “This week in Knitting

  1. Lovely colors on the hat. And that scarf looks great too. It will take some time to knit it I guess. And socks… I have a love/hate relationship with knitting them, but I always feel so proud when I finish a pair 😉


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