My Reading Habits

I’ve always loved reading.  My old blog began as a reader blog that warped into a homesteading blog.  {{Sigh}}  another leg of my journey in this life…
I can be found on Goodreads where I often times set too lofty of a reading goal for the year.  I don’t think I have never NOT reached my goal but it leaves me stressed out.  I lowered my goal this year and of course I’m having a stellar year.
I was also involved in a reading challenge to read 100 classics in 5 years.  I am seriously falling short as my 5 year mark is July 2017.  I’m about 40 books short.   Oh well, I gave it a good shot.  Now the only “challenge” I am really in is 1 Million pages.  There is no time frame for that.  In fact I will be lucky to reach it before I die.
I just finished listening to…
It is a juvenile fiction of the fantasy/magic variety.  I’ve been trying to shake it up a little and know what my “grand-kids” might be reading.  Not a bad read.  It is book one in a trilogy.
I am currently reading…
This one was recommended to me by my sister.  It is partly to help me on my journey to Find Me.  It’s attempting to help me do what I like without caring what others think of me for it.  I’m not very far into it because my hands have been very busy with all my other activities.  I did enjoy the beginning, I just need to take some time to sit and do nothing but read for an hour.
I am currently listening to…
Book 3 in a trilogy… Not sure what I expected from these books but once I started I had to see it through to the end.  They are in the category of Fantasy/Romance.  Geez, there is quite a bit of sexual content to them.  
1,000,000 Pages status:
This year I have read 8,206 pages
Since I began this challenge in 2012 I have read 78,028 pages! (see what I mean?!)

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