My Journey This Week…

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🙂

Some weeks just feel like an emotional roller coaster.  You know what I mean?  So many ups and sudden downs leaving my stomach lurching.  I thought I would start logging my week here so as to make myself a little more intentional about every day.  Thinking about what has happened and really trying to be in each day.

The weekend was really nice even though it rained every day.  Our oldest friends (as in best man in our wedding old) came by Saturday afternoon to see if he could help my hubby a little on our boat. That is another story for another day.  We ended up going bowling and dinner.  It was a great time.  We were so wiped out that we were home in bed by 9:00.  Man, are we getting old or what?!
Sunday was a relaxing day for the most part.  We did a few chores around the house after sleeping in.  Then we laid around, me knitting while hubby searched for a tractor to buy on the internet.  I made possibly the last pot of chili of the season which my son and grandmother really enjoyed.
Monday, back to reality…
Everyone went to work or school.  I forgot to pay the caregiver that comes in to sit with Grandma so I had to take the check to her after work.  Hubby had to go back into work, he works for a power company and the flooding is causing some big problems.  While he was out I ran over and visited with our daughter, the one he is estranged from.  It’s a difficult situation and I am really trying to get them to come together and talk (hence the opening paragraph).  It’s been 7 months since they have spoken.
Tuesday, more of the same…
Son had a track meet in a town about an hour away.  I don’t usually go to those. Hubby had a school board meeting on restructuring our bonds.  Was only supposed to be about an hour…went two and a half!  We did not make it to the gym… again. (and I don’t usually get to go)

Wednesday, pretty busy day…
Hubby took our son to Senior Breakfast at 6:30.  I then went to pick him up at 7:30 and took him on to school.  Then for lunch the Senior boys had a big BBQ with their dad’s at the park.  After school I took him to pick up his tuxedo for Prom on Saturday. (will have plenty of pictures to share!)  Hubby went to pick up our new Harley after lunch.  Once he got home we went to the gym.  It felt so good to get a good workout in!  I’ve stopped Zumba… I’m not really very good at it and I didn’t feel like I was actually getting a good workout because I struggled with the moves more than anything.

Thursday…a much slower evening (still raining!)
They cancelled school due to area flooding.  Buses couldn’t get to pick up the kids.  Fixed a good dinner for grandma and our son. Had some productive much needed conversation with hubby.  There’s been a lack of that in the past few weeks.  Did a few loads of laundry, paid the bills, did a little knitting, and took a nice soaking bath.

So, I am hoping for a nice weekend with Hubby and a great Prom experience for our son…

One thought on “My Journey This Week…

  1. GF!!!!! What a nice surprise to see a comment from you!!! I have often checked your blog…and often thought of emailing, but you know, time just got away from me. I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!! SMILES

    Welcome back my friend, welcome back.


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