Need help!

I am trying to add Pinterest to my sidebar… HOW in the world do I get it to work on WP?  Blogger was so easy.

I’m finding too that adding my pictures off my Android phone is a challenge!  Blogger, they are just there. 😦

I like WP for many other reasons but really struggle with some things.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Need help!

  1. I haven’t the foggiest idea…I know I had to save the pin emblem and then go to where it says CHANGE HEADER–copy the URL (DONT HIT ENTER or save—just COPY (ctrl c))—then go over to SIDEBAR and click on ADD IMAGE. Put the URL in where it said ‘COPY/PASTE URL” (something like that).

    I use my Tablet to upload photos. You have to make a post–download the photos from the Tablet —just save the post or you don’t even have to save the post, the photos will be in your WP Images.


  2. I have one – but it has been years since I put it there, and I don’t remember. With photos, I usually send them to myself in an email and then download them to my compute and then put them in my post. I can add them directly from my iPhone, but they usually come out way big that way with no way to resize them.


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