Five things you would like to do more…

This is my third week of 52 journal prompts.  It’s something I decided to do to try and improve my writing.  If that’s what you want to call what I do.  I also wanted to make myself think about things that I haven’t thought much about before or even at all.   With that being said this weeks prompt is to write about five things you would like to do more… Really?  only five?… 🙂

There are more than five things that I would like to do more of in my life but among them are, in no particular order, sleeping, spending quality time with various family members, knitting, hiking/biking, and reading.

When it comes to sleep it appears that I get enough but I think the quality of it right now is what is making me feel as if I’m not getting enough.  For the most part I get seven hours each night.  During those seven I toss around a lot, look at the clock several times, and even get up to use the restroom.

Last Friday I got to spend several hours with both of my girls.  That never happens and it made me very happy.  Especially with Mother’s day just a few days away.  I miss them terribly.  I don’t see them as much as I like because they are so busy and our oldest isn’t talking to her dad right now.  A long going feud that I was hoping to help mend.  Then there are my sisters and mother that I never see.  A few weeks ago I did go to Kansas City to visit my little sister for the weekend.  It was a wonderful time.  Above all I would enjoy more time with my husband.  We both work so much and have so much going on that through the week we only see each other a few hours each evening.  Looking forward to retirement to spend more time with those that I love!

Of all the hobbies that I have knitting is the one that is thrown to the side first when things get busy.  Yes, I am in a busy season with our son so my knitting hasn’t been touched in a week.   Son is out of school now therefore home through the day.  In order for him and grandma to have lunch I am cooking more of an evening meal so that leftovers can be eaten.  One day a week I go the gym which takes away from everything because with us that is a two hour ordeal.  Yes, more knitting would be awesome!

In an effort to Find Me I took up hiking.  There has only been one trip but I really enjoyed it.  Over the years we have ridden bicycles and quit because of farming and the busyness of everyday life.  I’m still busy but hope to get more time to hike and bike in the fall.  Summer is not a good time for either.

Reading can be used to fill in snippets of my day.  On my breaks at work I read a few pages while I eat.  Often times I am interrupted by someone who wants to vent their complaints about work so I stop and listen.  While driving or doing small household chores I take the opportunity to listen to audio books.  I get more reading and chores done this way.  I can also incorporate it with my knitting if I get time to sit for a while.

There are many other things that I would like to do more of but these are the five that I settled on sharing today.  Maybe after May is done I will work on doing more of the things that I want to spend more time doing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Five things you would like to do more…

  1. I think I would like to do many of the same things. I tend to wake up once or twice in the night, and if do, I HAVE to get up and use the restroom, so my sleep is a little interrupted. I’d like to do more reading and writing. I wouldn’t like to do more exercise, but I need to.


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