My Journey This Week…

Last Friday I left work early, very early, to meet my daughters and go to my Son’s swearing into the Army.  Except the called me before I even got out of town to say it would not happen today that the MEPS doctor wanted counseling papers from prior to the adoption!  As frustrated as I was I tried to enjoy my day with my daughters.  They honored me for Mother’s day with cards and gifts.  Then I went home and immediately got started on getting things “fixed” for our son.

Saturday morning we bought our son a car.  He doesn’t know about it yet.  We are going to give it to him next Saturday for graduation.  We never bought the girls cars but this situation just seems different some how.

Sunday was the best day of the week.  It started with some chores just to keep up and get them out of the way early.  In the early afternoon hubby and I got the Harley out and went to a Winery several miles from home.  We were gone a total of six hours.  I loved every minute with him!

Monday, back to reality…

Contacted the pre-adoption counselor.  She remembered the children we adopted but stated that she is not required to keep records for more than seven years and this case was 15 years old.  So the recruiter had her email him this information so he could forward it on.  As of today, we are still waiting to hear the outcome of this new development.


The was our Son’s last day of high school.  All the Seniors wanted to be at school at 4:30 to set up some pranks that had been approved by the administration.  So I took him in as we have not given him the car yet and I would need mine to get to work.  It is amazing that he is done!  I just can’t believe it is actually here.


This momma doesn’t like to be seen at big functions without her nails and hair done.  Right after work I got my nails done and a pedicure.  Felt so wonderful.  Then I ran home did laundry, cooked dinner for grandma and son, helped hubby work on the boat, talked about some trials our middle daughter is in and finally got inside to relax for a few minutes before crashing into bed.

Thursday…more of the same!
Got my hair done!  I went very drastic for the summer.  It is different from anything I have ever done before.  Interested in seeing what my family things of it on Saturday! 🙂  Payed the bills, did more cooking and laundry, then had a glass of wine and some reading time!

My next post will probably be the Sunday Salon.  I’ll have graduation pictures to share! Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “My Journey This Week…

  1. That is SO frustrating! Seems like they could have made sure to get everything in order before the last minute. And counseling notes from 15 years ago – isn’t more important how he’s doing now? Argh. Well – God knows, and we trust He will work everything out in His good time. Congratulations to your son, and I hope he has a happy graduation!


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