Sunday Salon – Graduation


It’s  beautiful sunny Sunday morning!  A slight breeze is moving the tops of the trees.

 Today’s Plan:

Graduation was last night then the overnight Project Graduation Party that hubby and I volunteer to help with.  We are pretty tired today however we still have things on our to do list; some grocery shopping, lawn mowing, and a couple loads of laundry.

Listening to:
Dryer running, television upstairs, Son starting to move about, Hubby is out in his shop.

1) The Gifts of Imperfection

2) The Beginner’s Goodbye

3)Wild at Heart

4) Still Alice

 The recruiter told me on Friday that he had sent all the documentation up to MEPS on Friday morning requesting them to review and respond.  He hopes we will hear something this week.  I’m not sure what they will ask for now that the papers they were wanting are no longer available due to retention limit requirements.   Our son needs something to do.  If he isn’t Army bound he needs to get a job.
We had a great visit with family that traveled in for graduation.  Here are a few pictures I would like to share with you!
Our three kids
Our Graduate on the left
Not the best cake we’ve ever had done! Who uses black icing?!
Superintendent congratulating graduates
Hubby being school board president presented our son with his diploma!
Dad, Graduate, and Mom

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Graduation

  1. Congratulations….awesome photos. Same/similar issues here with our son.Although, Can’t go into the military though because of his heart….I agree..and say it often,”get a job mon!!!”


  2. Congratulations to your son! So glad all your kids came. You look so young in your photo!
    We once attended a wedding where the groom’s cake was decorated like a tuxedo – and the black icing stained our teeth!! Thankfully your black icing was only on the trim, so hopefully it wasn’t enough to cause that problem. Or maybe they figured out a different way to do it so it didn’t.


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