Outside my window

Today I am supposed to write about what I see outside my window.  I don’t think that I was supposed to be sitting at my desk at work which is in the middle of a warehouse with no windows while I write this one.

The window in my office looks out into the warehouse.  It’s not a very attractive view but it is a very busy and interesting view.  There are many very big racks for pallets of freight to be stacked in.  There are folks darting around on machines placing or retrieving various pallets to be delivered to a Wal-Mart store near you.

The lights in the warehouse are LED and they go off when there is no activity in the area after five minutes.  Same with my bosses office.  He’s been working at his computer and the lights will go off because he’s been still too long! 🙂

The colors in the warehouse are basically the same as the stores.  That awful electric blue!  When it came time to paint my office I let them know that they were not painting it that color.  So they opted for a much lighter shade of blue.  One more relaxing.

You would think that a warehouse wouldn’t be very clean.  But this one is!  We do a lot of cleaning around here.  There is barely even any dust on all those racks!  I was amazed that things were kept so clean.  But it’s true.  I hear managers touting all the time, “clean as you go”.  It’s expected by everyone.

So you see, there isn’t really much outside my window today that I can expound on.  I hope next week is a more interesting prompt for everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Outside my window

  1. Monica, I enjoyed reading here today. Now I know a bit more about your work area and the things you see from your window there. Praying for you and your family.


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