My Journey This Week…


We had baccalaureate service… It was the shortest one we have attended but was very nice.  Great message.  My sister form Kansas City arrived late.


Graduation Day!  Got up and visited with my sister for a while.  Did a load of laundry, ran to Walmart for some final decorations, picked up the cake, went to the party at 4:00, Graduation at 7… It was a great day!  We gave our son his car.  Was he ever surprised!


I cut the grass, did laundry, helped hubby work on the boat to get it ready for Memorial Weekend at the lake.  We were supposed to go to bed early because of being out late Saturday night but we didn’t make it! 🙂

Monday, back to reality…

Pretty uneventful.  Son had a track awards ceremony that we attended.  He lettered again this year so he received a pin to put on his big “C”.  I am working on 28 gifts for 28 years of marriage.  This is harder than I thought in order to keep the cost down.  I wanted to do some “crafty” heart felt things but they are really hard to come up with… any ideas would be great!  I have the first 5 or 6 nailed down and they start May 28th… (YIKES!)  Waiting to hear from the recruiter if MEPS is going to let our son in the Army…


Workout night… Hubby and I went to the gym together, had hot wings and a beverage, went to Walmart to pick up a few things for our weekend trip.  AND we are still waiting…


Our son, Jeremy, is starting to attend Future Soldier Training conducted at the recruiters office each Wednesday evening.  While he ran and did basic training type stuff I spoke with the recruiter.  The 1st Sgt. had lit a fire under the MEPS folks (right, I’ll believe it when I see it).  We should know more next Wednesday.  They get a four day weekend.  Got home to fix dinner, do laundry, and pack some items for our weekend.


Okay, hold on this was a busy afternoon: Went to the bank, beauty shop to get products, license office, Walmart for prescriptions, fixed two meals, did two loads of laundry, paid bills, final packing done (we leave in the morning), and arrangements made for someone to come in and check on Grandma over the weekend.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it again!


3 thoughts on “My Journey This Week…

  1. I enjoy hearing about your day to day activities! You sound like a very busy lady. 28 gifts sounds like such a sweet thing to do. I hope you get a final decision about your son’s army enlistment. Congrats to him! You must be very proud! Have a blessed weekend.


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