The Simple Woman’s Daybook {{June Edition}}

For Today

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share
 Looking out my window
 Started out to be a foggy morning but it lifted quickly and it is now a beautiful sunny day.  Although, I am sitting at my desk and we all know what the view is like from there.
I am thinking
 That June is going to be another action packed month! 🙂  We have plans every weekend so far.  Then there is the news that we are still waiting to hear… “Yes, Jeremy is in the ARMY now and can sign up for jobs!”
I am thankful
 That I have a husband who can lovingly point out my “hormonal issues” without being attackful.  Yes, I am having some serious ups and downs since my hysterectomy.
One of my favorite things
Laying in the sun with a good book! I got to do that for about an hour and a half on Saturday!
I am creating
I’m ashamed to say that the scarf is going on forever.  May was such a busy month that I haven’t done any knitting, coloring, or photography.
I am wearing
skinny capris, black blouse with amber beading, and Egyptian style sandles.
I am reading
I am listening to
I am hoping
that the stress level in my husbands job will ease up a bit.  There is way-y-y-y too much going on there.
I am learning
Patience!  And I don’t remember asking to learn to be patient!!! LOL!
In my kitchen
It’s been a real challenge.  I don’t want to cook. (or much of anything else)
Board room
My board room is all hair and nails.  I am also pinning a few crafty things for winter or when I actually feel like doing those types of things again. Christmas gifts and such.
Post Script
A very nice lady, Willow, has knitted up some hats that she has for sale.  If you might be into Christmas shopping in July June head on over to her website
 Shared Quote
“Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss
A moment from my day
Out to dinner with friends and I get a smoochie! 🙂

Closing Notes
I sure hope June is nothing like May!  I would much rather have a slower paced life right now.  I love summer and am looking forward to relaxing some and enjoying it.  Although there are plans for almost every weekend I think we can do it without a lot of stress.  My great stress in life right now is having someone check in on Grandma while we are away over night.  Seems everyone else is busy living life too.

4 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook {{June Edition}}

  1. Oh, Monica, I’m so late catching up here! I’m so excited to hear that your son is finally in the Army! I know you are so happy. It’s been news that you’ve been longing to hear for a long time. My son read “Wild at Heart” and said it was phenomenal! I enjoyed your SWDB today. It’s fun to catch up on life with friends. Have a blessed Sunday.


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