I’m not sure why it is that once I decide to start blogging again life starts throwing darts at me.  I am running in so many different directions doing oh I don’t know, a little of everything.

Work has gone and gotten plumb crazy.  I now work eight hours a day five days a week and have a terrible time keeping caught up.  (The brain fog might have a littel bit to do with that. Story for another post.)  No seriously, I am really busy.  Working for a very large company there are more reports do each week than I can shake a stick at! 🙂  I have two bosses that I report to and assist with daily functions.

Our son is out of school still waiting to hear from MEPS as to whether or not his medical waiver has been approved.  But I understand that this is common and there should not be any issue.  On Wednesday evenings he goes to the recruiters office to do what they are calling “Future Soldier Training”.  So he is doing odd jobs for family and friends to stay busy.  He’s also keeping our grass cut this year which is a great help to us.

Recently we had some storm damage to our roof.  We’ve had to get estimates for the insurance company and now we are waiting for the adjuster to come out and take a look.  Before we put on the new roof we also have the chimney tuck pointed.  It’s been 17 years and we are trying to make things ready for retirement.  While looking at shingles and such we also picked out some new siding.  Our house is mostly brick as you may remember from pictures I’ve posted but the back and south end really could use some new siding and a new walk out basement slider door.

Since we have a new lake boat we are trying to get to the lake as much as possible.  We really dislike paying for something that we don’t use very much.  We love the water and summer so this seemed like a great thing to get and have paid for by retirement.  Our Harley sits during the extreme heat of the summer months but we get out on it when it’s cool enough.  There is where most of our weekends go.  I may not be posting much on weekends until summer is over.  If I do it will be Sunday evenings.

There is always someone coming in to check on Grandma while we are gone.  My mother even takes her to church or lunch on occassion which is a big help.  Twice a week I pay my sister in law (kinda like visiting angels) to come and spend time with her.  The talk about the Lord a lot and that makes Grandma really happy!  My sister from Utah will be coming in for a quick visit in July.  I will have both my sisters and their families staying with me!  I need to make a good grocery list and make sure everyone’s needs are met.


Not that I want anyone to feel sorry for me right now, that is not the motivation behind this post.  I just want you to know why I am not here right now and that I do read yours posts but don’t always get a chance to comment!  That stinks but every time I start a comment I get interrupted.


6 thoughts on “MIA

  1. I understand. When I was working full time, and then having to do chores and run errands in the evenings or weekends, I didn’t have much left over at all. I remember thinking, too, that once my kids were out of school, life would slow way down, bit that doesn’t appear to be the case. 🙂


  2. I’m here with you. I can think about blogging a lot without actually doing it and the moment I decide to pick it up, life gets busier and chaotic. My biggest struggle is to prevent myself from making it just another chore. It’s supposed to be fun.


  3. Life is like that! I have been busier with just watching a baby a few days a week, I am not full time even!! so I hope you find your stride and you get to the lake as much as possible to find your joy 🙂


  4. I sure can see that your plate is full and overflowing, Monica! I sure understand if you don’t get here that often and that you don’t always comment on other blogs. I hope you hear about your son’s medical situation and the military soon. It’s good that he is keeping busy while he waits. Enjoy your summer and your weekends!


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