My Journey This Week…


We had a nice dinner out with our old high school chums.  He was our best man in our wedding!  About once a month we get together to catch up with what’s going on in our lives.  It goes on for hours! 🙂


Hubby and I went into St. Louis.  We did some shopping, had a nice dinner, spent the night and came home Sunday afternoon.


After spending the night in St. Louis we got home around noon time.  Then it was the old grind stone again.  We got busy getting ready for the week.  Laundry and packing hubby for an overnight business trip to St. Joseph Missouri.

Monday, back to reality…

I am beginning to think of my place of work as a “mad house”.  It’s just crazy around there anymore.  I am so looking forward to retirement. Just sayin’.  With hubby being gone I did laundry (nothing unusual), cooked a big meal for grandma and Jeremy, ran a few errands, and went to bed around 9.  Then at 10 got a call from hubby.  He’d been talking business and time got away. 🙂 He’s so sweet!


Hubby got home at regular time so we went to the gym.  I’m only getting to go about once a week right now.  With us being gone almost every weekend I am either catching up from being gone or preparing for the next weekend.  It felt really good to hit the gym hard!


Back to Future Soldier Training… The recruiter called today. The MEPS doctors sent back the Medical waiver requesting some more information. 1) Did he have an IEP? and 2) Has he ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder such as anxiety or depression?  UMMMM, no to the first question and the second one “the physician sent a letter of recommendation for him.  Would he do that if he had a mental illness?”  There is no common sense or logic being used in this situation!

I stayed home and Jeremy drove himself for the first time.  No issues so I am feeling better about cutting him loose.  He’s only been driving this new vehicle since graduation day. 🙂  He’s working for our brother-in-law and his old youth pastor.  They are keeping him busy.


Finally getting some rain!  We were beginning to worry about the condition of our fields.  Even though we don’t have cattle any more we lease out our ground to someone.  We want it sustain his cattle until fall.  I packed up the boat and prepared for another weekend at the lake!


7 thoughts on “My Journey This Week…

  1. JMO and according to my former Marine/hubby, under Obama they stopped doing the mandatory psych vals, now, with Mattis (my husbands former boss, wink) in, they are back to doing them, which in our opinion, is a good thing. We are going through something similar, although our son can never join the military because of his heart condition…we are pulling teeth (not really, lol) to get him tested for a learning disability—I hate labels, really I do…but in order to get our (in general “our”) children help etc, we do what we have to do…when you get the time, remind me to email you…smiles.
    Have a great weekend. smiles


  2. I have been only getting to the gym once a week or so, too, and need to get more regular. I only have a few hours in the mornings to get all my errand running and appointments done, so that doesn’t always leave time for the gym. I have some fitness DVDs at home, and they do help, but don’t give me quite the workout the gym does. But I should do them – they’d be better than nothing.
    Seriously, why can’t the Army people just get all their questions out there at one time and then process the answers and go from there. It must be maddening that everything sent in seems to require something or more than one something back.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. How frustrating this military thing must be for you all!! You would think they would have all the info the need by now. It is so good that you and your husband can get away once in awhile. I’m sorry work is so busy and frustrating right now. I sure loved it when I was able to retire! I’m glad you got some rain. Have a great weekend.


  4. Awe I’m so sorry that done things are frustrating right now . Bless your heart . Praying g things get better soon . But looks as though you had s busy week for sure and a lot of enjoyment . Yay! Fun is always good . Hugs and. Blessings , Cindy


  5. Hi Monica, I found you from Cindy. Hubby and I looked forward to the empty nest but it really has not happened because our grands are here a lot. Middle son was with us until last summer when he got married at age 32! I have been retired since 2011 and love it. I can see why you kept your old blog. I have had this blog since 2002 and my website longer. I tried WP for awhile but I wanted to do more with HTML. I enjoyed my visit her tonight. My hubby and I were 18 and 19 when we got married and will celebrate 43 years this August. How cool you still have your grandma! Nice meeting you!


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