My Journey This Week…


Worked a few hours and ran home to meet with the insurance adjuster.  He had to look at our roof that had some storm damage Memorial Weekend.  After that we packed up and headed to the lake.

While getting ready to leave our son went to the school district and picked up an application.  I helped him fill it our really quick as it was his  first ever!  He ran it back to town and gave it to the secretary.  He wasn’t home 10 minutes and they called him back for an interview.  Thirty mintues later he was gainfully employed!  He will be assisting the Janitors for the summer.  They also know that he is trying to get into the Army and could have to leave with short notice. Which we are still waiting on.  I sent up all the information they requested early this morning.  I just want an answer… yes or no. We need to get on with life.


Lake time!  It was beautiful.  We got most of our weekend in before the rains came Saturday night.


Loaded up and headed home.  After getting everything unpacked we had to lay down and take a little nappie… LOL!  Vacations wear us out! 😀

Monday, back to reality…

Yep, it’s Monday… Can I have a redo for the weekend?  I wasn’t ready! 🙂  My job always seems more busy when I take a few hours off or if my #2 boss isnt’ in…

The guy showed up to tuck point the chimney today.  We should be hearing from the roofer soon on when he will be able to come put our new roof on.

We are going to get the rest of the updates we wanted to do done this summer/fall as well.  The siding on two sides of the house, patio out back and sidewalk around to the front, and a new door!

Got a little shopping done for the week while hubby worked out for a bit.  Then we returned home to work on my car.  Been having a strange issue with it but I think we figured it out. 🙂


It’s gym night.  I’m going to start going Tuesdays and Thursdays now (except this week I’ll go on Friday).  I really need another day.  It may help to release some of my tension from work.  50 cent wing night after our workout.  We get 10 and that is plenty for us.


Son had PT (Physical Training) at the recruiters.  I did laundry and fixed a good meal for him and grandma.  Hubby went to work out for a little bit.  He is having to cut back on the eliptical because he is having knee issues.


If it weren’t for it being so close to Friday I might just cry!  😉

Heard from the recruiter that all the papers we sent up to MEPS were received this morning.  The doctors should review them this evening and we should know something soon…

Laundry and chores tonight so I can be free tomorrow evening for gym and dinner.

This is our anniversary weekend, 28 years!  We are planning going to the city for a nice dinner and over night stay.  We will be home most of the time getting caught up on things that need to be taken care of because of our frequent travel! 🙂 LOL!  I will try and get a Sunday Salon post up!


2 thoughts on “My Journey This Week…

  1. Busy times! We haven’t had a get-away in ages, but we used to have to rest up after them, too. Happy anniversary! Great that your son was able to get this job! Hope you hear yea or nay from the recruiter’s soon – it’s hard to have things hanging for so long.


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