My Journey This Week…


Nothing from the recruiter and nothing exciting today.  Hubby and I jumped on the bike after work and went to dinner.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the bike.


Our 28th wedding anniversary… Slept in a little bit (we rarely do that) then got up to get our chores done so that we could go to St. Louis to stay the night and have a nice dinner.


Had car trouble coming back from the city.  When we got home we got online to begin the New Car search.  Laid around most of the day while doing four loads of laundry… I had plans to do some grilling but when I am on stress overload I tend to shut down.  Guess what?  I’m there! 🙂

Monday, back to reality…

Pretty uneventful day.  I guess I should be happy about that as they don’t come along very often!


I saw a hormone special today.  It was amazing!  Through a very thorough blood test she can tell all kinds of things about my body.  My anxiety, energy, brain fog, increase body fat even though I work out, are all due to hormone imbalance.  We are going to fix that!  BioBalance Health in St. Louis.  It’s natural hormone replacement and supplements.  I should start feeling more like my old self (prior the hysterectomy) in a couple of weeks.  I cannot wait to see some results.


Hubby had a school board finance meeting so I fixed a pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and gravy for grandma and Jeremy.  He had Physical Training for the Army.  The recruiter said we should know something very soon.  (I think he has said that before).


Very busy day at work.  I will started vacation at 3:00!!!  It was a long day!  I’ll be off line for this vacation.  Talk to you all next week! 🙂


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