Update and Apology

OH my, I first have to apologize for not being here the past few weeks.  This has been a very busy whirl wind summer.  I miss posting even a few times a week!  I miss keeping up with all my wonderful friends here.  I know this is just a season and I will be back to blogging more regular by summers end.

I wanted to let you all know that we the PROUD parents of a United States Army Soldier!!!!  Our son will ship out on Tuesday September 5th.  We are working on getting his room cleaned up, his short list of things he will be able to take, and he is doing Future soldier training every week!  Around the middle or end of August we will be throwing him a going away party.  Labor Day weekend won’t be a good time for that due to everyone’s already made plans.

  • We have been doing some family things.  My sisters will both be here the end of next week to stay for about 4 days.  There is much I have to do to get my house ready to receive 7 guests!
  • We celebrated our 27th Anniversary – Short trip away…
  • Our house is getting a new roof and siding.  And picking all that out on a budget and working with Lowe’s to get it done has been unnerving to say the least.  Not that Lowe’s is bad but that the price of building materials is outrageous!
  • Grandma has not been “herself” lately.  Taking here medication wrong (now I have to give it to her twice a day instead of letting her take it out of the pill boxes that I fill), walking off and leaving her cain, reporting to me phone conversations that never happen, and acting kind of angry most of the time.
  • Hubby and I try to take the boat every other weekend to the lake.  He has to have a release from the stress of his job.  Finding someone to come in and check on grandma isn’t always easy either.  Thank goodness our son is still home this summer.

I guess that’s really it.  Doesn’t look like much but then I also work 40 hours a week.  That job is very busy, busier than it has been in many years.  So until things slow down some I will be out-of-pocket for several more weeks.  😦


6 thoughts on “Update and Apology

    1. Oh Monica, I’m catching up here! So excited to hear that your son will finally begin his military career! What a handsome guy he is! September will be here before you know it.


  1. I’m so happy your son was accepted! What a relief after working toward that for so long! Sure sounds like a busy summer for you – can’t imagine how you do it all AND work 40 hours/week – WHEW!
    Hope you got some good down time for your anniversary. Just booked a four-night get-away for us in October – something to look forward to!


  2. Did you do cartwheels when you received the news? Your son is such a handsome young man! And you look absolutely wonderful, Monica! I’m really happy that things are working out now for your son and for your family. 🙂 HUGS!


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