My Journey This Week…

My journey to finding myself is kind of busy right now.  I’m not doing many any of the things I originally talked about when I started back to blogging.  But my days are very full right now.  Finding ME is still part of the plan.


After working all day hubby and I went for a quick dinner on the bike.  It was a long hard week so we were in bed early, unusual for us on a weekend.


Hubby and our son worked outside tearing off a deck that we will be replacing with a concrete patio.  I did laundry and did some random organizing.  You know, one kitchen cabinet at a time…  We were beat!  We did nothing this evening.  Too tired to even ride the bike.  (we will make up for it next weekend as we are going boating!)


We got up and did a few things this morning but early afternoon we got on the bike and went for a ride.  Grabbed a bite to eat at a quiet little touristy restaurant.  Trying to get ready to go back to work.

Monday, back to reality…

The last day of the month is a really busy day for me at the office.  But I managed to get everything done and out on time… I didn’t do the gym, our son went in my place.  The idea is to keep him active and I go tomorrow.


Gym night! 🙂  What a great way to relieve stress!  Hot wings afterwards, a hot bath, and a sound sleep!


Son had PT as is his Wednesday night custom.  Hubby had to work late so we didn’t get to the gym.  I did laundry, cooked a big meal that would make leftovers for grandma and our son, and started packing for our weekend get away.  Hubby’s birthday is Sunday and he loves running his boat so that is where we will be


For this being my Friday it was the longest day of the longest week I can remember in recent history!!!!!!!  Got my hair done, I’ll share pictures later.  Didn’t have much time since I have to finish packing and making sure everyone is taken care of.  I’m really in need of a longer get away.  You know like seven full days of no responsiblity.


Hope you all had a great week (some of you I know are in my prayers!) and that your weekend is a relaxing joy!



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