30 Days of Giving Thanks

I used to host an event to encourage others and myself to give thanks the entire month of November.  I was just not with it this year to get it worked up.  Linda reminded me that I had not begun my Giving Thanks yet!  So I had better get started.  Here is day one and two

November 1 –


Since I had my hysterectomy two years ago I struggled with hormones.  Feeling completely zapped of energy, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats… You know the drill.  This summer I started BioIdentical Hormone replacement.  It has been amazing.  I feel like I’m 30 again.  I’ve not been sick either.  I have energy to workout and get through a long day at the office.  I’m very thankful that I have good health.


November 2 –

My job

I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my Daybook post that I was thankful for this.  There is no place in our area that I could work and make a good living in the environment that I have.  My office is quiet.  Sometimes it’s a challenge but I really need that once in a while.  It keeps my brain working.  I’m also lucky to have two very nice bosses.


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Giving Thanks

  1. Ha, lololol. You know, I just love you too death😊. As you know, my hystro. surgery is now scheduled for the 14th. We we’re just discussing the holidays yet again. I have so many things to be thankful for… Oh, hubby wants me to write everything down on how to cook a turkey, should I be worried, lololol. He has changed his mind and wants turkey now, instead of sandwiches.


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