Sunday Salon – A Month of Gratitude

Time: 7:12

Scene: It’s a bright sunny morning.  My downstairs family room is bright and where I am sitting in the sunlight it is nice and cozy.  Very crisp outside this morning.

 Today’s Plan: my main goal today is to get our bags completely packed and ready for our Mexico trip. We leave very early Wednesday morning.  Other than that I need to plan ahead meals for grandma and make sure “daycare” hasn’t forgot that this is the week I need them.

Drinking: Coffee with Pumpkin spice creamer

Listening to: nothing, enjoying my nice quiet morning.


The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card




November 25 – because that is where we get some really great deals so we can go more than once a year.

November 26 – Youtube because I have learned so much about knitting by watching videos there!


Get yourself a cup of tea and let's have a chat! I love our talks!

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