Sunday Salon – rainy spring

Time: 6:54

Scene: Sitting on the deck in the morning sunshine enjoying my coffee. It’s very serene.

Today’s Plan: lay around the condo for a while then I have to clean up and get ready to go home. Once home we will probably go to the gym then to Walmart to do our shopping for the week.

Drinking: Coffee

Listening to: a boat motor off in the distance, birds chirping,  and an a/c unit running.

Reading: Longbourn. I’m almost done with it.

Pondering: My job. I am the most unhappy I have ever been.  My boss is… I really don’t have words to describe him.  He’s a user. He plays dumb to get others to pick up his workload and goes out of his way to make you feel unimportant. Nonessential I believe is the term they are using at my facility. Often I think of looking for another job but then I only have three years to retire.  Praying for peace of mind.

Plans this week: Nothing vey different from any other week.  I think we have reached the age that one of us has a doctor appointment every week or two! 😝



Gastroesophageal reflux disease affects about 20 percent of the USA population.  Unfortunately I am in that 20 percent.

Back in October 2018 I was diagnosed with GERD. It started by randomly losing my voice. Then it felt like I had a lump in my throat constantly. Swallowing was difficult.  Finally after about four weeks my husband insisted I get to the doctor. Which took another six weeks to get in.  My primary physician ordered an ultrasound to see if there was anything on my vocal cord. My thyroid was slightly enlarged but not a huge concern.  He referred me to an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

I got in to the ENT rather quickly because they were concerned about how long it had been going on. After running a camera down my nose (that’s right,  down my nose) he declared that I had a lot of damage from acid reflux and I need to watch what I ate and give up coffee.  Now if you know me at all you know that I love coffee and cannot give it up. He prescribed me 40 mg of Nexium in the morning and 300 mg Zantac in the evening and sent me on my way.  That was  January 28, 2019.

Here we are almost 6 months later and I haven’t seen much improvement.   Several nurses have told me that it can turn into cancer. Okay,  now you have my attention.  It’s time for drastic dietary changes. I’ve been doing some research on what I should not eat. Oh my golly it’s a lot of things that I love! No marinara, garlic, wings, fried foods (which is not a big deal except for the chicken strips), and dairy.

Last week I started a fast. All I had is a couple cucumbers, water, and one coffee a day. Talk about starving!! Now I am bringing things back into my diet.  Everything is low acid. Except coffee…a must have or life will be hard for everyone around me. Lol!

This is going to be life changes.  I want to be off the meds. I found last week from a friend  who is a pharmacutical rep that they block the absorption of vitamin B12. I should be taking at least 1 mg of B12 along with Folic acid. I have been on that for a week now and I am feeling pretty good! Why don’t the doctors tell us these things?


Taking Stock: May 2019

Making: a daily schedule that I can actually do and be happy with.
Cooking: not a lot of cooking these days. I do more at the condo though.
Drinking: water. Lots of water.
Wanting: to concur this acid reflux!
Deciding: to ear a very strict diet in order to do what I am wanting…
Wishing: it was easier.
Enjoying: the condo.
Waiting: to hear from our son
Liking: the quiet mornings.
Wondering: how our son is getting along.  Still have not heard from him .
Loving: my girls!
Considering: my weekly/daily schedule
Buying: nothing! We are spent out! We are in save mode!
Watching: the grass grow over night! It’s crazy!
Marveling: at how you can give so much to someone and they can forget or deny it…
Cringing: at the number of storms/tornadoes that are coming through the midwest.
Noticing: the longer days.  It’s almost light at 5:30.
Thinking: about retirement years. It’s so close but so far!
Feeling: more energized. I was told that acid reflux medication blocks the absorption of vitamin b12! I should take at least 1 mg per day along with folic acid. I have been for a week now and I am feeling a lot better.

Thankful Thursday #13

Even though I am struggling with GERD I am so thankful that overall I have great health.  Together my husband and I workout 4 to 5 nights a week and try to eat healthy.  More so now with acid reflux.

A young lady of 42 came in my office this week and told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. There is no family history so it wasn’t anything she had really ever considered.  Please keep this lady in your prayers.

SWDB May 27, 2019

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window: It’s a beautiful day in the Ozarks!!!

I am thinking: This is the life!

I am thankful: We had a nice relaxing weekend!

One of my favorite things: Sitting on the deck.

I am creating: reworking the reading list.

I am wearing: Blue jean shorts, tshirt,  flip flops.

I am reading: Moby Dick

I am listening to: Docks moving as the waves come into the cove, people talking around the pool, and a vacuum running in the distance.

I am hoping: This week is a smooth one.

I am learning: that you can’t save everyone.

Looking forward to: UTV riding is next Saturday!!!

Shared quote:

A moment in my day: LAUNDRY!!! No matter where I am there is always laundry to be done.


Closing note: time to get busy cleaning up so we can head home.

Hope you are taking time this Memorial day to honor in your heart those who lost their lives in service to this great country! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Sunday Salon – Memorial weekend!


Not sure why this didn’t post . Must be my connection here at the lake…


Scene: It’s a beautiful sunny 70* this morning. I’m sitting on my deck enjoying my coffee.

Today’s Plan: Enjoy spending time with our friends who are here with us this weekend.  Do some boating,  lay by the pool, and grill some chicken!

Drinking: Coffee with French vanilla creamer

Listening to: Moby Dick. It’s going to be a long one…

Reading: Still trying to get through Longbourn. It has laid on the end table untouched for far too long.

Pondering: The sacrifice of our lost service men and women. I don’t think this AOC generation understands just how much was given for our freedom.

Plans this week: Monday we will clean up the condo and go home.  The rest of the week will be pretty much the same.  Next Saturday we are going on an ATV outing on southern Missouri.

I hope everyone is off to a great Memorial weekend!

SWDB May 20, 2019

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window: It’s still dark.  It won’t ever be light out when I post this unless I don’t go to work… It’s a very nice 62 degrees with a slight breeze though.

I am thinking: This is going to be a nice short work week.

I am thankful: The weather has finally turned!

One of my favorite things: Sunshine and warm temperatures!

I am creating: Nothing.  I have no creative energy!

I am wearing: Blue jean capris, white tee with white pumas tennis shoes.

I am reading: On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle.

I am listening to: The quiet before the day gets started.

I am hoping: Grandma is in a good mood when I go see her after work.

I am learning: to balance life.  Bwhahaha!  who am I kidding.  More than likely I will never master this!

Looking forward to: UTV riding in a couple weeks.  We are going to Cloud 9 down in southern Missouri.

Shared quote:

A moment in my day: 

Closing note: I am working on some posts with more meat; meaning.  It’s taking a little time because they require me to actually sit down and type instead of trying to post from my phone on the run.  I enjoy these regular memes that help keep me on track but I really want to share things that can help others.

Sunday Salon – late post

Time: 3:12

Scene: I have been going since my feet hit the ground this morning.  Taking a break from house work to rest and post.

Today’s Plan: Was to pick up Lewey from kennel where he got the spa treatment yesterday.  Go to Walmart for grandma. Get caught up on laundry.  Watch American idol and go to bed right after that.

Drinking: Water.  I put an app on my phone to remind me to drink water every hour.

Listening to: The television… hubby is sort of watching something.

Reading: On What Grounds. An mystery by Cleo Coyle.

Pondering: My ability to keep up.  I don’t really know how I did it all when we had three kids, a farm,  church,  and a full time job.

Plans this week: visit grandma twice.  Cut grass on Monday. Hormone doctor on Tuesday and the gym. Wednesday shop, pay bills,  and get ready to go to the lake Thursday nigh for a long weekend. Oh and keep up with the laundry.

Thankful Thursday #11

It’s been a long time since I have been posting regularly here.  I miss it very much and I feel guilty for being away so long.  Then I start to convince myself that I don’t have anything positive to say so I stay away longer than I should.  It was just a decision I made to jump back in and I am so glad I did.  I want to start posting about my journey with gastroesophageal reflux disease.  Jump starting my workout schedule/plan is also something I would like to share.  I’m so thankful to be back among friends yet again.  I feel like l say (do) this every few months.  Thank you for sticking with me!

SWDB May 13, 2019

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window: it’s a cool 45 degrees and pitch black! Supposed to warm up this week and be spring time again! Lol!

I am thinking: A lot about our boy.

I am thankful: That our daughter graduated from college Saturday with her associates degree.  Now she will move on to become a teacher.

One of my favorite things: Celebrating those success’s.

I am creating: Reading lost.

I am wearing: black pencil skirt, white blouse, black heels.

I am reading: Liars, Leakers, and Liberals by Judge Jeanine Pirro! I love this woman!

I am listening to: The furnace running.  That’s right! I couldn’t take it anymore I had to turn it back on! 68 inside is just too cold for me!

I am hoping: That we hear of an engagement announcement from our oldest daughter soon.

I am learning: There are many things that are way out of my control. No matter what I do I cannot change them.

Looking forward to: Four relaxing days at the condo.

Shared quote:

A moment in my day: What I love about Sunday night as we are relaxing trying to get ready for the work week is watching Americcan Idol! All those that I have voted for are still in! Now I am have to narrow down my choice to help pick the next American Idol!  This is a good moment in my day. In another week I will have to find something else that fills this time.

Closing note: It was a great mother’s day.  I got to see our oldest for a while. She gave me the sweetest card. We gave her one too telling her how proud of her we are. She’s a beautiful person! Our middle graduated from college Saturday and we are very proud of her as well. We will see her tonight. I did not hear from our son which did not surprise me at all. He may be lost to us for good but we did all we could for him. He’s a man now…

Sunday Salon – Mother’s day


Scene: It’s a cloudy morning.  We have had so much rain this year! I’m so happy I am not trying to get a garden out! It rained yesterday and is supposed to rain more today.

The view from our deck…

Today’s Plan: Relaxing a bit here at the condo. We will head back home around 4. I want to go to our daughters and give her a mother’s day gift. She’s a step mother and I know how precious my own step mother was to me.

Drinking: My second cup of coffee.  Been up for a while.  We have to walk our dog and clean up after him. He is always an early riser!

Listening to: nothing nothing really. It’s quiet but not quite as quiet as it is at home.  Occasionally a car goes by, someone in another condo moves about…

Reading: The Girl on the Train.  This one has been hard to put down!

Pondering: Our son, a lot has happened with him since my last post. He had a good job and a nice girlfriend.  But homeless and unable to handle money.  He lost the girlfriend and abandoned his job then went back to his biological family.  He won’t talk to us and they are filling him with all kinds of untruths. He talks to his sister occasionally but usually to try and convince her to go back.  She’s not having any of it. We gave her all the court documents which was a lot so she would know the truth.  We try not to think about it.  We adopted them to try and give them a better life.  We did all we could. Now he is on his own. Someday I truly believe he will wake up and realize what he has done to us.

Plans this week: Gym, we have cut back to 3 days a week for a while. Grandma has an appointment with the opthomologist on Tuesday.  Then I have a nail appointment on Thursday. We are staying home next weekend to work around the house because the next weekend is memorial day weekend and we will be gone 4 days .


Sunday Salon – Lake Life

Time:  8:30


Cold and snowy… ugh! Tomorrow it will be 70 again! Oh this fickle spring weather…

Today’s Plan: We came home from the lake yesterday afternoon to get some things done.  Today we will relax up before we go back to work.  We are working too hard getting our condo ready for summer.

Drinking: coffee with plain creamer

Listening to: Our little dog walking on the hardwood floors and my fingers tapping away on the keys.

Reading: I tabled Longbourn to finish a couple books I found to be more interesting at the moment.  I am currently reading Still Me by Jojo Moyes, the final book in the series. I love this series!

Pondering: Our busy schedule.  We have something planned almost every weekend now through June!  I am going to need a relaxing weekend soon!

Plans this week: visit grandma, gym, hair and nail appointment on Thursday,  Friday night we will leave for the lake condo. I’ll be glad when it is all set up. We had a lot of little things to do to it. I will try to share pictures this week.

Thankful Thursday #10

It never fails!  Things going along wonderfully when suddenly the washing machine goes out!  This is happening every 2 -3 years!  They just don’t make them like they used to.  I had a Maytag that lasted 15 years.  When that one wore out I bought another; from there it was all down hill.  Every 2-3 years.  We repair them several times before we decide we have spent enough on it.  I am thankful today for the “backup” washing machine that is hooked up in the garage for washing farm clothes.  This old Roper was purchased at an appliance repair shop several years ago.  Again, they don’t make them like they used to.


Thankful Thursday #9

I probably do not say it enough… how thankful I am for my husband.  This past year has been a growing time for us.  Even though we have been married for almost 30 years it’s amazing what an empty nest can do.  We enjoy each others company, we do things together, we talk, and I know I can always count on him.

We are in a wonderful season of our lives and we are living each day to the fullest!

SWDB April 1, 2019

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out.

Looking out my window: It’s a little more cloudy today; warmer than yesterday.  Each day is supposed to warm up until the high of 71 on Thursday with more rain moving in.  I will need to cut grass soon.  It’s greening up and getting too tall for our little dogs liking. 🙂

I am thinking: I have a long list of things to pull together this week of things to haul to our condo.

I am thankful: this is almost over.

One of my favorite things: My 15 minute commute to/from work.  Gives me time to decompress.

I am creating: Summer plans.  We love entertaining and hosting friends. Our deck is almost complete.  Then we have our firepit area to do and the outdoor living will be ready to entertain!

I am wearing: denim dress with brown wedges.

I am reading: Longbourn by Jo Baked

I am listening to: Beartown by Fredrik Backman Don’t think I am going to enjoy this one as much as the other Backman novels I have read.  But it do recall that it took a while to really get to the best part off the story.

I am hoping: that April will slow down so we can enjoy the spring season.

I am learning: to walk in the sunshine when it’s there, relax when the clouds come in, and live in the moment.

Looking forward to: being done with this current book I am reading.

Shared quote:

Could NOT agree more!

A moment in my day: After having all our bedrooms filled this weekend with friends that came for the Ride 4 a Reason there are sheets and towels to be washed up.  I love entertaining and having a house full of people but it’s a lot of work before and after. Just sayin’. 🙂

Closing note: Things are going really good with our oldest.  She’s calling me often, asking her dad for some advise, and actually trying to make plans with us to do things.  This all seems small to some people but it’s huge to this momma!  Been a long time coming and I am going to nurture it as much as I can.

Please keep the boy in your prayers.  He’s just about at the bottom.  I know you have at get there before you remember that the Lord is there and you just have to turn back to him.  Dad and I will not be “bailing” him out.  He’s a hard learning and won’t until he is “down and out”.  I am praying that happens before something too serious happens that can’t be undone.

Sunday Salon – Fun times

Time: 6:55

Scene: Sunny morning albeit cooler. Another nice day in the Ozarks after a wet couple of days.

Today’s Plan: our friends will be leaving this morning.  We had a great Saturday riding UTV’s.  Now it’s time to get somethings done.  This afternoon I will strip beds and wash sheets, help clean up the RZR, and go to the gym.

Drinking: coffee with French vanilla creamer

Listening to: quiet.  Everyone is still asleep.

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker {{sigh}} holding out that this one picks up the pace.

Pondering: The news this past week of Smollet.  It’s unreal!  What was this prosecutor thinking?!  White privilege?  How about “Hollywood Privilege”!?

Plans this week: Much the same as last week.  Visit grandma, go to the gym, and… Oh Yeah, close on our condo on Friday!  With that we will be at the lake all weekend and I will be too busy to post. See you all when things settle down .

Sunday Salon – Spring

Time: 10:45

Scene: It’s a pretty nice day; partly cloudy and 58 degrees. I totally forgot about my post this morning because I was so excited to get outside.

Today’s Plan: we were going to st. Louis to IKEA!!!! I love that place! Hubby has never been. I think he will love it too. But decided to wait until after we closed on the condo to make sure we get the right things.

Drinking: water

Listening to: The Cruel Prince by

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker {{sigh}} this book is taking forever…

Pondering: the family drama.  Our son is going to try and work everyone in the family.  Apparently he is having car trouble but he hasn’t called us for help . Only those he knows will give him money.  All we can do for our adult children is pray because they will not listen.

Plans this week: hopefully close on our refinance so we close on the condo on April 5th… Friday we have a group of friends coming from the city to stay with us for the weekend to do some UTV riding. Going to be so much fun! I’ll visit grandma a couple of days. I bought her a bunch of new clothes for spring/summer. Not that her atmosphere changes much. And of course there is always the gym.