Top Ten Tuesday

Joining Jana for Top Ten Tuesday at That Artsy Reader Girl.  I’ve missed a few weeks due to all the crazy projects going on around our house.  I hope to be getting done soon and back to my regular blogging.  It’s hit and miss right now.

This week the Top Ten topic is “Books on my Spring TBR list”.

  1. The Canterbury Tales
  2. Hard Times
  3. The Waste Land
  4. Memoir of A Geisha
  5. The Moonstone
  6. Lord of the Flies
  7. Murder At The Vicarage
  8. The Brothers Karamazov
  9. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  10. Kidnapped




SWDB #10 – March 19, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: I’m tired of saying that it’s dark. Will be glad when it’s light at 6:00 am.

I am thinking: that spring starts tomorrow and the rains have started.  We will have a rainy week here in Missouri!

I am thankful: That the true winter weather is over.  If we get anything white it won’t be much.

One of my favorite things: being at home.  Doesn’t happen much but I hope when our spaces are all done hubby will like being here more as well.

I am creating: other than our living spaces… nothing.

I am wearing: my normal work day attire… blue jeans, blouse, and comfortable sneakers.

I am reading: Anges Grey by Anne Bronte

I am listening to: The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

I am hoping:  Grandma continues to do well.  She has been amazing through all this.

I am learning: She’s a stronger woman than I ever thought.

In my kitchen: a bomb has gone off again.  A lot of stuff has founds its way to all the flat surfaces in my kitchen.  Though this is temporary it drives me crazy.

Shared quote: This weekend I packed up almost 300 books and donated them to churches and the library.  This is so true for me!

A moment from my day: 

Closing note: I’m glad grandma is in our town and I don’t have to drive 50 miles one way to see her every day.  It’s not my favorite facility but we can get through these short 3 weeks and get her back to her home.  Please continue to pray for her full recovery.

Sunday Salon – Simpler times…

Time:  9:53

Scene: It’s a cool cloudy morning.  There are no lights on this morning.  It’s a relaxing atmosphere. 😀

Today’s Plan: Grandma is leaving the hospital and come to a nursing home in our town where she will have physical therapy for 3 weeks.  Today I will work around the house, do a little shopping, go meet grandma, and of course laundry.

Drinking: I’ve started on water.

 Listening to: Chip and Joanna Gains.  I love this show.

 Reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Pondering: We slept in today.  With everything that’s been going on with Grandma I haven’t had much sleep.  Had breakfast and coffee first thing.  Hubby went to help our renter move a truck, I’m starting laundry, drinking my water, going through stuff.  We are almost done “repurposing” our family room area.  It will be more fun for grown ups.  Our kids are “grown ups” and I know they will appreciate this new area.



Journal Prompt #6

Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves.  Most of the time it is a physical trait of which you can’t change without surgery.  But the thing that I don’t like about myself is something that I could change if I could just set my mind to working on it.  Worry!  Why do I keep doing it?  Why do I keep bringing to mind the things that upset me and make me worry?

It’s a heart/mind thing.  My heart knows that the Lord has this certain issue and that it will workout.  But the Mind!  oh my goodness the mind just won’t give it a rest!  Constantly my thoughts go to the reason that something is going on in my life and how I should “fix it”.  Take control of the situation and make yourself happy but make everyone else involved upset and miserable.  It usually happens that way when I jump in to fix something instead of letting it take its natural course (you know THE LORD fixing it).

Above all else I really wish I could be one of those people who don’t worry about anything.  Takes life as it comes and doesn’t fret about the issues of the day.  It’s something I am praying about.  Something that I know can be fixed if I would only concede by willful mind!

SWDB #9 – March 12, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: dreary day.  Cloudy and cold.

I am thinking: my weekends are too short!

I am thankful: for a new found service.  A local pet boarding service.  Since there is nobody to stay at home with our house dog over night I must take him somewhere.  And we go a lot during the summer.  I tried it for an over-night stay this past weekend.

One of my favorite things: shopping for new flowers for our pots.

I am creating: nothing much right now.  Just the same old “new spaces”.

I am wearing: blue jeans, sweat shirt, and sneakers.

I am reading: Anges Grey by Anne Bronte

I am listening to: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I am hoping:  to be done with this one soon.  I’m having a hard time focusing on it.

I am learning: to not waste my time worrying about things I have no control over.

In my kitchen:  it’s a more organized space and I have a new coffee maker!!!

Shared quote: 

A moment from my day: 

We bought a pool table last weekend and have spent an entire week setting it up and changing the felt from green to black.  We actually finished it shortly after I took this picture.  I was too tired to think about taking another one…

Closing note: It’s just another week of the same.  I have more to do that I can get done.  I hate to do it but I think I will have to stay home from the gym to get caught up this week.  I can always do a quick workout at home before I start my work.  SO, let’s get this new week started shall we?!

Sunday Salon – Resting day

Time:  7:22

Scene: It’s another cool and cloudy rainy morning.  The birds aren’t even at the feeder. My dog babies are laying around with me this morning.  I enjoy a Sunday morning like this.

Today’s Plan: this is going to sound like I have lost my mind but, I’m not going to do anything today!

Drinking: coffee with hazelnut creamer

 Listening to: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

 Reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

Pondering: Who am I kidding?!  Of course I’ll do something.  It’s not in my nature to do “nothing”.  TAXES, I MUST GET THEM DONE!  But I’m going to laze around the house in my pajamas all day while I do them. LOL!

Journal Prompt #5

You’re going to think that I have nothing in my life very exciting.  You might very well be right about that.  Right now I am ok with no excitement as I have had my share in the past six months or so.  When it comes to thinking on the best thing that happened to me this week I struggled.  But then I think of the small things and how blessed I am.

The best “little” things that happened to me this week were: a clean kitchen counter, 2 out of 3 days at the gym, dinner and a movie Sunday night, some boxes of donations packed up, a nice soaking bath, and getting to bed before my goal of 10:00 therefore getting up on time.

I’m not really a hard person to please.  The Lord knows what I want and what I need and I know he is listening to my prayers.

SWDB #8 – March 5, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: It’s cloudy and raining.  Looks pretty windy too. 

I am thinking: That the chaos is never going to end.

I am thankful: some one of our projects is completed.

One of my favorite things: manicures.

I am creating: Organized finance books/files for this new year.  Maybe I won’t be so late getting my taxes together next year.

I am wearing: blue jeans, black hoody, sneakers

I am reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield so close to being done!

I am listening to: classical piano music on spotify.

I am hoping:  To get a full week of working out minus the Wednesday I will go see Grandma.

I am learning: eat better.

In my kitchen: PROTEIN… lots of protein and very few carbs.

Shared quote: 

A moment from my day: 

My sister and her new baby!  He’s so sweet!

Closing note: It was a very busy weekend.  I hope to get more accomplished this week so that next weekend doesn’t seem so crazy.  I hope you all have a great week!

Sunday Salon – Day light!

Time: 7:10

Scene: The sun is shining!  The days are getting longer and I am so happy about that.  It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day in Missouri.

Today’s Plan: Do a few loads of laundry this morning and then hubby bought a pool table for our downstairs family area so we will go pick it up this afternoon.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer

 Listening to: The quiet morning.  Hubby is still in bed.

 Reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Pondering: I’ve tried to quiet my mind so there isn’t much that I am allowing to “ponder”.  I’m trying to get things together at this house so that life just flows more freely.  All the projects pending have me going out of my mind… again, “stop thinking about it!”

Journal Prompt #4

Celebrating seems to be a thing of the past here at our home.  I have had to think long about how I was going to share this week with you what the last thing we celebrated was.  There have been a few holidays and many birthdays but I am going back to a wonderful event in our son’s life last year.  He was accepted into the Army!

Jeremy has always kept us on our toes and we wondered just where his future was.  He didn’t really like school and college was not going to work.  Having had ADHD but learned to manage it in high school he went off his medication at the end of his sophomore year.  We celebrated his successful graduation from high school.  Then four months later we celebrated the fact that he was leaving for basic training by throwing a big party and inviting everyone who knew him.  Not only were we very proud of him but thankful we had three children on a good path.

Then a couple of months later we celebrated his successful (timely) graduation from basic training.  We drove 900 one way to be a part of this monumental day in his life.  Basic Training is not an easy thing to do for anyone.  We drove him to his next assignment before coming on home.  Now we are waiting and praying for a successful graduation from his job training in Information Technologies.  He’s having a time of it so I know it will be huge reason to celebrate.

Taking Stock: February 2018

I’ve decided to do this “taking stock” post that I found here… at the end of each month.   Please don’t think I have jumped off the deep end.  Some of my answers are pretty raw and sound hopeless but I know who had me in His hands! 🙂

Making: new spaces
Cooking: is a rare thing around here anymore.
Drinking: water, water, water…
Reading: some great books this month!
Trawling: Pintrest… need I say more?
Wanting: to be done with this house project.
Looking: at options for our dog babies…
Deciding: that we are enjoying empty nest more than we thought we might.
Wishing: I could snap my fingers and have some of these projects done!
Enjoying: our new hot tub.
Waiting: for Spring
Liking: these warmer days we had in February.
Wondering: are we getting all our spring rain in February?
Loving: these quiet nights at home.
Pondering: little things in life
Listening: to the furnace run!  It’s still sett kind of high.
Considering: turning it down a degree at a time.
Buying: things to decorate our space with.
Watching: birds at the feeder
Hoping: to get back into shape soon.
Marveling: How quickly I lose my tone when I don’t workout
Cringing: News media…
Needing: a personal assistant! LOL
Questioning: why we have kept so much junk over the years.
Smelling: vanilla caramel spice sentzy
Wearing: my house robe
Noticing: it’s getting late I need to get going.
Knowing: Tomorrow is a clean slate…
Trouble-shooting: taxes.!
Thinking: I should have been done with this chore already.
Admiring: a couple finished projects.
Getting: a lot of donation bags together.
Bookmarking: decorating ideas
Opening: a new book!
Closing: boxes for the attic
Feeling: nostalgic as we go through things
Dreaming: of retirement!
Hearing: my dog baby pacing around.
Celebrating: Grandma’s successful move!
Pretending: that spring is going to start tomorrow! 🙂
Embracing: Empty nest!  Have I said that already?

What’s On Your Nightstand? – February 2018

This is one of my favorite link ups that I have always taken part in.  I couldn’t not blog and read and not join in with everyone at 5 Minutes for Books.  It occurs the last Tuesday of every month.  You share what you have been reading, what is still hanging out on your nightstand, and what you plan to read if you like.

I thought this would be a great month of reading because I would be in Mexico on vacation.  Didn’t turn out that way this time.  I did zero reading while sleeping on the beach this time.  I just was to exhausted that I couldn’t make myself do anything I didn’t absolutely have to do.  Then I came down sick the day we got home.  Took 8 days to get over that crud.  All better now but really got a lot going around the house… more on that another time.  For now this is what my February in reading looked like.

For the month of January I have listened to or read : (each title has a link to my review)

  A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography by William Anderson (for the LIW Challenge)
The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck

I’m currently reading/listening to: ONLY ONE! Can you believe it?!

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

What’s hanging out on my nightstand?

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

One Million Page Challenge update:

February: 1,701

Year to date: 3,299

Challenge to date: 96,532


Top Ten Tuesday

Joining Jana for Top Ten Tuesday at That Artsy Reader Girl.  I missed last week because I was sick so I’m very happy to be back again this week with this list of great books!

This week the Top Ten topic is “Books that I could reread forever”.  Some of my choices are series.

  1. The Mitford Years series by Jan Karon
  2. Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers
  3. Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
  4. The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska Orczy
  5. Return to Me by Lynn Austin
  6. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
  7. Persuasion by Jane Austin
  8. Acts of Faith series by Davis Bunn
  9. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  10. The Box Car Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner




SWDB #8 – February 26, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: it’s cold and dark. At least it’s light when I get to work…

I am thinking: I could use another Sunday…

I am thankful: for the weather forecast this week!  60’s! 🙂

One of my favorite things: Spring!

I am creating: Still working on organized spaces and taxes.

I am wearing: blue jeans, copper colored blouse… that’s it. I’m almost ready for work.

I am reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

I am listening to: The furnace is running.  It’s a quiet morning.

I am hoping:  This week goes fast. My sister is coming to town for a few days with her new baby and the kids.

I am learning: that I am a pack-rat!

In my kitchen: There’s too much clutter.  I’m still working on cleaning things up so my kitchen is currently the dumping ground.

Shared quote: I thought this was funny!

A moment from my day: my days are pretty much the same and I don’t have a picture.  Boxes of things to donate… piles of stuff everywhere!

Closing note:  This week probably won’t see much of these things completed.  With my sister coming from out of town I will be very unproductive in this area.  I hope next week sees the taxes done and at least one more room done! 🙂

Sunday Salon – I’m Back… I think

Time: 6:55

Scene: It’s a calm quiet morning.  We are slowly emerging from our beds with squinty eyes and tosseled hair.  We are really enjoying this part of empty nest.

Today’s Plan: Visiting hubby’s family in St. Louis.  There are a couple that aren’t going to make it much longer and we want to spend time being close with the family.

Drinking: My first cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.  Don’t know why, it just looked good in the store.

 Listening to: my dog babies eating breakfast.

 Reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Pondering: All the changes going on in my house.  Every single room has something torn apart.  Hubby and I are going through stuff as well as working on taxes. The two don’t go well together but I take a break from taxes to refocus by helping him pack stuff out.  Hopefully we will have our home cleaned and set up in the next few weeks.

SWDB #7 – February 19, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: It’s been raining all day.  It’s about 60 degrees!  Crazy weather!

I am thinking: This has been the worst winter for sickness in my house since the kids were in school.  I brought back a respitory infection from Mexico!  I went to the doctor on Friday.  They said to take some sudefed and Tylenol.  By Sunday I was worse.  I could not talk without breaking into a coughing fit!  I went to a walkin clinic where they said, “yes, your lungs sound terrible!”  REALLY???  I am on my second day of antibiotics and steroids.  I’m doing some better but I’m exhausted from coughing and not sleeping.

I am thankful: Walk-in clinics

One of my favorite things: a day at home even if I am sick.

I am creating: new and organized areas.

I am wearing: sweats and a tshirt with socks.

I am reading: Laura Ingalls Wilder (haven’t done much reading while sick)

I am listening to: Fixer Upper on the television.

I am hoping:  Hubby doesn’t get this nasty stuff.

I am learning: To be comfortable in our empty house.

In my kitchen: I haven’t been doing any cooking.  Hubby and I are planning a new “healthy” meal plan though.  Our eating out is getting out of control.  Even if it is healthy foods.  This morning I made an awesome chicken salad for a high protein go to snack.

Shared quote: 

A moment from my day: 

My babies enjoying a rainy day!

Closing note: To update you on Grandma.  I didn’t get to see her until last night.  I wore a mask so not to get her sick and I didn’t hug her.  That was hard but necessary.  She is doing amazing!  When I go there she was reading peacefully in her room.  I can’t believe the change in just a week.  The smile that I got said so much.  I do believe she has put on a little weight.  Although you can’t tell her that as she is still really aware of weight gain.  Will we ever not be?  She enjoys food and said that the food there was really good.  She get’s a sweet ever single night with dinner.  The people there are all very nice.  She has even found a lady who really needs her good Christian fellowship!  My dad actually came twice last week to see her.  On Valentine’s Day he brought her a card and box of chocolates.  I was very impressed!  I told her due to the fact I was sick I won’t be back until Wednesday.  To that she said, “Don’t worry about me!  I’m perfectly happy here.”  Wow!  An answer to many prayers!

My Journey This Week #20

Friday… After a stressful day at the office hubby and I went to workout and then a healthy dinner of chicken breast with broccoli and rice.  Got home early and crashed.

Saturday… This was a stay at home day!  Hubby and I were feeling kind of run down.  We didn’t go to the gym.  In fact we laid around a lot.  We NEVER do that.  Maybe it was the cold snap that came through again.  I wish our weather would stay mild the rest of the winter.  We decided late in the evening to go to dinner and pick up some of our last minute travel needs so that we can pack on Sunday.

Sunday… Laundry done.  Packing done.  Hubby finished the last side of my deck railing.  It looks great.  Can’t wait to put some chairs out there this spring.  Helped grandma go through some things and worked on packing her.  Before we knew it the time had flown by and it was Superbowl time!  We love football but are usually too busy to watch many games.  We did lay around and watch this one as I had to root against those Patriots!  That’s enough already! Let someone else in there! 🙂

Monday… I am so glad that this day flew by.  I was busy at work from the moment I walked in until I left.  Then when I got home hubby went to workout (his sanity keeper) while I fixed dinner for grandma, gave her a shower, went through more things.  Made a list of things I need to pick up for her this week.  Cleaned my bathroom, took out the trash, fed the dogs, took a shower, and fell into bed exhausted.

Tuesday… My bosses are out of the office until Friday on a business trip.  I am getting so much done with them not here being needy.  Starting a new fiscal year is always big for me.  I love making the new file folders and moving out the old stuff.  Time to start over… two months in a row! Went to the gym.  I don’t know why, one night this week isn’t going to help ME! But it was a break from the packing of everything and poor grandma doing her little fret that she didn’t have all her “junk” given away yet.

Wednesday… another productive day at the office!  Made arrangments for my “children” to be taken care of while we’re on vacation next week.  Completed my packing.  The bags are zipped closed and ready to go!  Grandma is just about there.  Friday I will wash whatever clothes she had dirty and get them added to the boxes.  We will leave at 9:45 Saturday morning to get her settled in before lunch time.  I also cooked and cleaned out the refrigerator.

Thursday… Everyone at work knows I am going on vacation starting at noon Friday… I am in high demand knowing I won’t be there to help them for a whole week!  I only got about half of what I need to get completed done.  After work I met hubby at the funeral home.  A good man in our community, the father of a friend, a co-worker, and a wonderful patriotic American Veteran passed away and we wanted to go pay our respects.  The visitation was from 3-7, a very long visitation.  We arrived at 3:22 and waited 35 minutes.  When we left the line was backed up all the way through the funeral home.  A very LARGE funeral home.  Run by the hearing aide office to get batteries (they were closed early for some reason), Dollar General because I am boycotting Wa*-Mart, and the bank to cash a check for our vacation money.  Home now to do some more laundry, fix dinner, and pay the bills.


I’m really glad this week is over.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day with Grandma’s move.  My “father” is supposed to meet us at the home.  Now he wants to be involved?  Really?  Please remember Grandma in your prayers!  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Journal Prompt #3

This could end up being a long post because the prompt this week is “Small things that make you happy”.  There are always small things in my day that make me happy and as part of keeping those negative thoughts at bay that I mentioned Monday, seeing the small things in everyday help to achieve that.  I’m going to write this up as a list and not expound on every single thing or I’d be here for weeks writing this post.

  1. That first cup of coffee in the morning
  2. My sweet loving dogs; Jada and Lewey
  3. Squeezing my little grandma
  4. A manicure
  5. A pedicure
  6. Texts from my kids
  7. A clean and organized kitchen
  8. A nice fire that hubby has built
  9. A regular routine
  10. Hot showers
  11. A smile from a stranger
  12. Clean desk at work
  13. Snail mail
  14. comments on a post
  15. looking up at my desk and seeing my kids pictures
  16. a good workout
  17. hot wings! 🙂