Beginning a new journey

Without sounding too mellow dramatic I have to say that I never thought I would be feeling like I do right now.  While raising our three children I always said I was looking forward to empty nest.  That I didn’t understand why so many mothers seem to lose there minds.  Ummm, now I know.  I feel completely lost.  Don’t get me wrong, hubby and I do a great deal together but even he recently challenged me to find things that I like to do for myself as I was smothering him.
I’ve done many things over the years that I enjoy.  Those things were dropped due to time and the inability to focus on anything longer than 15 minutes.  These are the things that I am picking back up.  Among them are blogging, reading, and knitting.  I really enjoy listening to audio books while knitting so this is going to be great fun!  And hopefully I will have something to say here in blog-land. 🙂
Then there are things that I have decided to try.  I have a really nice camera that I bought when our oldest was still in high school.  I want to learn to take a really good picture so that I can document other things that I am doing.  I also went on a hike with a friend and really enjoyed it!  I have put a new app on my phone and plan to get out there more often.  This too is an opportunity to take pictures of nature.  I love being active so I have started Zumba.  I will be attending my second session this evening.  I bought a DVD so that I can learn the moves.  It was fun and I am looking forward to going tonight.
There is still the fact that our son is still waiting to hear from the Army whether or not he is accepted.  He will graduate high school in six weeks and still doesn’t know his future.  The other factor in my life is, my 92 year old grandmother lives with me.  She is beginning to need more “attention”.  I still work full time so I pay someone to come “visit” her a couple times a week.  This keeps her from talking my ears off after a long day at the office.
So my entries here will be all over the board for a time.  There is so much going because I am trying EVERYTHING.