Finding my way back

Its been seven long months since I have blogged. I have missed it a great deal but have had some good quality months with my husband. Life moves on after empty nest believe it or not.

For those who have been around here for a while let me update you on a few things.

Our oldest daughter is still estranged from us, our middle daughter is living with her boyfriend, working, and will start back to college in January. Our son was discharged from the army for failing his classes and they had no other mos to put him in. He is living with his sister and working two jobs. Grandma was moved out of the Alzheimer’s unit into the regular assisted living facility. She has been there two months and is very happy.

Hubby and I had a great summer boating. We have continued our workout routine and have been overall healthy. We have a pool table in our downstairs family area that we play regularly through the week to pass the evening.

My faith is still in tact but we don’t attend organized religious activities at this time. That’s an entire story of its own.

I know I want to continue blogging and finding myself but I’m not sure what that looks like at this time. It will probably be random as I have time and something to say! 😁

I have missed you all!!!



Today is a new beginning of blogging for me.  Today I come here to share the everyday real life.  It’s a diary of sorts.  I don’t know why else I would start a blog to share all the twists and turns on this road of life but I know I’m not alone and that others may have some of the same thoughts and feelings.

I am a Christian woman.  I love life and what God has given me.  He doesn’t expect me to sit on my hands and do nothing with it though.  He wants me happy, living life to it’s fullest. Laughing! as I read yesterday here.  So I am.

Hope your week is going well!  I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂