Forgot Sunday!

It was a whirlwind weekend!  Although we spent Friday – Sunday morning in a very relaxing lodge owned by hubby’s work.  We went hiking Saturday at Ha-Ha Tonka State park.  It was a beautiful day for that and gave us some much needed exercise! 🙂

Sunday we arrived home at noon.  Quickly began preparing for Jeremy’s Farewell party.  We grilled 24 brats, 18 hamburgers, 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters, 5 pounds of pork steaks, and a package of hotdogs, 2 – 3 pound containers of potato salad, and 3 large cans of baked beans.  For dessert we had watermelon, 48 mini cupcakes and 2 dozen cookies.  There were 50 people who showed up to wish Jeremy and Cheyenne well in their military ventures!

I don’t have pictures of the party yet but I do have some other things to share! 🙂





I have a friend who has talked a lot about hiking with her husband.  While my husband was on an 80 mile bicycle ride last Saturday and Sunday I decided to see if Linda would be interested in going for a hike some time. Wow did she ever.  “How about tomorrow” was her response.  So I jumped on the opportunity.

Sunday morning at 10:00 in the morning we hit our first trail.  This was an experience to say the least. Little did I know she is directionally challenged!  We made one wrong turn and ended up on what began as a 1.5 mile hike ending in a 6.5 mile hike!  We were off the trail by 1:30.  It was a beautiful day and I had plenty of water.  But I went home and found an app for my phone that would track me.  I also went to and subscribed so that I can load maps of trails all over the United States.

I will be taking more pictures with my phone in the future!