Outside my window

Today I am supposed to write about what I see outside my window.  I don’t think that I was supposed to be sitting at my desk at work which is in the middle of a warehouse with no windows while I write this one.

The window in my office looks out into the warehouse.  It’s not a very attractive view but it is a very busy and interesting view.  There are many very big racks for pallets of freight to be stacked in.  There are folks darting around on machines placing or retrieving various pallets to be delivered to a Wal-Mart store near you.

The lights in the warehouse are LED and they go off when there is no activity in the area after five minutes.  Same with my bosses office.  He’s been working at his computer and the lights will go off because he’s been still too long! 🙂

The colors in the warehouse are basically the same as the stores.  That awful electric blue!  When it came time to paint my office I let them know that they were not painting it that color.  So they opted for a much lighter shade of blue.  One more relaxing.

You would think that a warehouse wouldn’t be very clean.  But this one is!  We do a lot of cleaning around here.  There is barely even any dust on all those racks!  I was amazed that things were kept so clean.  But it’s true.  I hear managers touting all the time, “clean as you go”.  It’s expected by everyone.

So you see, there isn’t really much outside my window today that I can expound on.  I hope next week is a more interesting prompt for everyone! 🙂


Five things you would like to do more…

This is my third week of 52 journal prompts.  It’s something I decided to do to try and improve my writing.  If that’s what you want to call what I do.  I also wanted to make myself think about things that I haven’t thought much about before or even at all.   With that being said this weeks prompt is to write about five things you would like to do more… Really?  only five?… 🙂

There are more than five things that I would like to do more of in my life but among them are, in no particular order, sleeping, spending quality time with various family members, knitting, hiking/biking, and reading.

When it comes to sleep it appears that I get enough but I think the quality of it right now is what is making me feel as if I’m not getting enough.  For the most part I get seven hours each night.  During those seven I toss around a lot, look at the clock several times, and even get up to use the restroom.

Last Friday I got to spend several hours with both of my girls.  That never happens and it made me very happy.  Especially with Mother’s day just a few days away.  I miss them terribly.  I don’t see them as much as I like because they are so busy and our oldest isn’t talking to her dad right now.  A long going feud that I was hoping to help mend.  Then there are my sisters and mother that I never see.  A few weeks ago I did go to Kansas City to visit my little sister for the weekend.  It was a wonderful time.  Above all I would enjoy more time with my husband.  We both work so much and have so much going on that through the week we only see each other a few hours each evening.  Looking forward to retirement to spend more time with those that I love!

Of all the hobbies that I have knitting is the one that is thrown to the side first when things get busy.  Yes, I am in a busy season with our son so my knitting hasn’t been touched in a week.   Son is out of school now therefore home through the day.  In order for him and grandma to have lunch I am cooking more of an evening meal so that leftovers can be eaten.  One day a week I go the gym which takes away from everything because with us that is a two hour ordeal.  Yes, more knitting would be awesome!

In an effort to Find Me I took up hiking.  There has only been one trip but I really enjoyed it.  Over the years we have ridden bicycles and quit because of farming and the busyness of everyday life.  I’m still busy but hope to get more time to hike and bike in the fall.  Summer is not a good time for either.

Reading can be used to fill in snippets of my day.  On my breaks at work I read a few pages while I eat.  Often times I am interrupted by someone who wants to vent their complaints about work so I stop and listen.  While driving or doing small household chores I take the opportunity to listen to audio books.  I get more reading and chores done this way.  I can also incorporate it with my knitting if I get time to sit for a while.

There are many other things that I would like to do more of but these are the five that I settled on sharing today.  Maybe after May is done I will work on doing more of the things that I want to spend more time doing. 🙂

Home…part 2

North end of the family/dining room

South end of the family/dining room

East side of the family/dining room

West front door entrance

East side of the kitchen

West side of the kitchen

Looking from the kitchen down the hall way

Stairs to the family room and basement area

Family/entertaining area… work in progress (clock isn’t hung yet)

Newly decorated spare room.  Belonged to daughter 2 that moved out last fall.

Looking back from the middle of the family room at the table.

Master bedroom.  What I could share as it’s small and hubby has about a 1000 hats laying around the place.

Looking out of the Master bedroom you can see Son’s room and Grandma’s room.

It wasn’t my intention to do a two part serious on Home.  The journal prompt last week was “What are you thankful for?” which was my Home.  This week it is “Write about the place you all home”.

As I said last week I have never lived any where as long as I have lived in this home.  We built it mostly with our own hands.  There was some contracted help but we did the contracting part as well.  In this house we have put blood, sweat, and tears.
Our biological daughter was not born into this home.  She remembers all the long hours that we put in.  She remembers the shopping at Home Depot for all the building materials and fixtures.  Then she has 17 years of memories in this place we call home.  Our two adopted children came along at the ages of six and eight.  So it would be similar for them.  Except a few years delayed.

This is not a perfect home as there isn’t one on the planet but it is my favorite place in the world to be.  Almost every room in our house had a memory that can be tied to it.  The pictures I share here are real.  I didn’t want to clean up an make you think that there wasn’t anything out of place because believe me my friend, it more often is than not. 🙂

 I have always wanted people to feel comfortable in my home.  To me that means that it is clean but not clutter free.  That there is no fear of “messing” things up.  We don’t eat off the floor so there is no need to take your shoes off!  Kick back and enjoy being together.
Home right now does not look like it did just a year ago.  And I know in another year there could be more changes that may send me reeling.  I always envisioned a large dining table with benches on the sides and two chairs at each end to accommodate my expanded family.  That day may still come but right now home is what it is, empty.  And I am learning to be okay with that for now.


What are you thankful for?

Every time I am asked this question I always stop and delve deep into my life to find the most “meaningful” thing to be thankful for.  There has always been a need in me to sound very intelligent in my response to this one.  Why, I can not say.  There is so much that I am thankful for if only I would just speak it and not fear condemnation for my thoughts.  So, here I go…
My home.  It has been our home for 17 years. I have never lived anywhere that long in my entire life!  There has been a lot of things happen in this home.  Not all good but certainly not all bad.  Right now it is not a place that our kids are “running” back to but I know there will come a day when they will appreciate that HOME is still here and they can come to it any time.

Home is a safe place.
  Home is a place where you can be you and not worry about what the outside world thinks.
Home reflects your values and beliefs.
Home is cozy and comfortable.
  Home is a place to be creative, or  not.
Home is where you can be angry and everyone still loves you in the end.
Home is home cooked meals shared around the table.
Home is where your heart is! 🙂

photo is from my old blog but it is still our Home.