A New Nephew Coming Soon!

We still have three months before our new bundle of joy will join our crazy little family.  He is supposed to be here December 29th.  I’ll bet you anything he comes early!  So I really need to find me a pattern for his blanket.  I have made all my nieces and nephews afghans as part of their “arrival gift”.

The first one I made for a little girl.  BOY were we surprised when SHE was a HE!  I had to hurry and make the same blanket in boy colors.  That was five blankets ago and how the colors have changed for babies.  No pink or light blue or even the light minty green.  The colors my sister is choosing looks like this…

I am not crazy about this crochet pattern.  I would prefer to knit the next blanket. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate!

I would like to use her colors though.  Oh these millennials! 🙂




Week 3 in Knitting

I work on this scarf every chance I get. Which is not as often as I like with all that is going on here with our son, lawn care, and laundry… I think it is going to take forever to finish it.  But if I start something else it will take even longer.  So, I fight the temptation to pick up another pattern and cast on another more interesting project.  Bare with me as I try to get this one done.

 With the weekend like it was, you know, beautiful, it was hard to sit on the couch and knit.
 It measures 22 inches!  38 more to go.

Watson’s Scarf

But I will share with Nicole at Frontier Dreams anyway! 🙂

This week 2 in knitting

I skipped a week because there was not any real progress in my knitting.  Not that there has been tremendous progress but I thought I would join up with Frontier Dreams again this week and share a few things.

Knitting… coming along nicely.  As I shared yesterday I am weaving in those ends!
I have just remembered a way that I don’t have to “weave” most of those ends.  When I go back on row three of that color, I am just holding the tail and working it back through.  I can’t do that with the white as it is only two rows each time.

Yippeee!  It measures 17 inches!  Only 43 more to go!

This week in Knitting

Catchy title isn’t it?! 🙂
I thought I would cover each day one of the things that I am “doing” to Find Me.  Tuesday is a good day for knitting because I can link up with others at Frontier Dreams and share my progress.
Last week I finished this hat with our school colors.

Then I quickly cast on this Watson’s scarf to go with it.  I think this one will take more than a few days at it is a long scarf.
A great Christmas gift for my littlest “step-grandson”.  (My daughter is not married to his father.)
I also cast on a sock project that can travel with me.  The scarf doesn’t travel well as it there are too many color changes.  I have always wanted to make socks and now I am going to dedicate time to doing it. 


Last Saturday evening my son and I went to the movies while hubby was on his bicycle ride.  After the movie there were still plenty of hours left in my evening so I dug out my knitting supplies that had been packed away some time ago.
I opened a new Ravelry account and began browsing for patterns to make hats, scarves, and mittens for family members for Christmas.  I found a simple hat and settled down with a glass of wine and some easy listening music and enjoyed my evening immensely!

Yes, I think I’m going to like it here!

This is my first finished project on this leg of my journey!

Yarn Along – Dark evenings

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting.  I missed last week but it wasn’t any really big deal as my knitting has been “frozen” in time.  We’ve been kind of busy lately.  I’m helping Hubby clean up his shop and get better organized. Weeding out tools and equipment that he no longer needs.  My how he has accumulated stuff over the years.

No pictures to share this week. It’s just more of the same. 

Don’t know about you all but I am even getting tired of seeing my slow progress on these two projects but I did finish a really good book this week!  It’s worth checking out.  Even though this is book 2 in the series I didn’t feel lost at all.


Now I am reading all of these.  I’m almost done with War and Peace and A Mutiny in Time.  I am seriously behind in my goal for the year and my classics list must be attacked more diligently!

 22371686 13357021 13316287 656

Yarn Along – Beautiful Fall Days

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting.

I’m not getting a lot of anything done…again!  It’s been kind of busy around here as of late.  Selling equipment, keeping house, working, picking up those fallen leaves… Well some days I just don’t feel like doing anything after working all day.

When I pick up my knitting I get a row or two done at a time.  I haven’t taken this one with me to work because I have to focus too much and keep track of what row I’m on.  Simple mindless knitting goes in my travel bag.  I’m enjoying this new pattern.  It’s not too difficult.  It repeats every eight rows.  I think I’m going to like the out come.


This yarn is a little difficult as it tends to separate.  (Booo!)

Here is the scarf/shawl that rides in the vehicle with me… It’s coming along nicely.  Each row is getting longer and it will soon take me more than the 15 minutes to complete one row… YIKES!  I hate to stop knitting in the middle of a row.


My reading is much the same.  Still working on this review book.


That’s about how my knitting and reading have been going… 🙂

Yarn Along – Choices

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting.

I have finished my scarf.  It’s the only reason that I will welcome winter.  I’m excited to wear my scarf. 🙂  Now, if I could only get done with this little blue piece.  I was making it for Grandma.  It’s not a heavy shawl but one that I think she will like.

I’ve been looking over my pattern books trying to find a pattern for this wonderful bulky yarn that I have.  I think I have settled on one in my Prayer Shawl book.  It’s not too difficult but it is somewhat more challenging than I have tried before.


My reading has been slow but is picking up a little bit.  I really need to get this review book completed.


Yarn Along – I can see the end!

YarnAlongButton1-003I am here to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

WELL… almost complete!  I’ve been saying that for weeks now.  My knitting though has taken a back seat to all that I have to do lately.  I only manage about 15 to 20 minutes in the mornings before I go into work.  And that is only if I get out of the house in time to have those few precious minutes.  I am about half way through the last color on my scarf.


When I finish I will pick up this blue light weight scarf and try to get it finished.  It’s mindless knitting and should be no problem since my brain is so preoccupied. 🙂

My reading has been reduced to audio books while I drive, clean or do laundry.  I have a review book, The Cottage by Michael Phillips, that I really must get done.  I will be working on this one while on my lunch breaks at work.  Although lunch breaks are quick because it is budget time for next year.

Yarn Along – Slow going

YarnAlongButton1-003I made it back this week to link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

With the weather changing I have the urge to be outside again.  The warm sun shining on me with a cool breeze feels like heaven.  I don’t want to hold yarn in my lap.  I don’t want to hold a book; be it Kindle or actual book.  It’s not the lazy days of summer that get me as much as the slow snail pace of fall! 🙂

As far as reading goes I am slowly working my way through the chunkster 1001 Arabian Nights.  Each tale is tied to another tale.  The Wheezers daughter was a very ingenious young lady! (if you know anything at all about the book you will know what I mean.)  I am also listening to Bleak House.  I was kind of lost at first because my mind kept drifting but I think I am following it alright now.  Both of these will count toward my Classics Club Challenge.  I have War and Peace waiting in the wings.

Knitting, hasn’t been so grand. I am still on the green section I was on last week; not good.  Was hoping to get through one color each week or so.  Looks like it may take me two. (I hope not more.)  I am just two rows away from starting the rust color again.  I plan to repeat this pattern of colors three times.  Should be a nice long scarf to wrap around my neck to keep nice and warm during winter. (OHHH geez, I don’t even want to think about it!)


Yarn Along – Good routine

YarnAlongButton1-003I am  linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

The past couple of weeks (since my last yarn along post) has been much better.  I have made some progress worthy of sharing here today.  I thought maybe if I post every other week I’d have a little more to share! 🙂


My reading has been aggressive. 😀  While hubby was out of town I did not go work out.  Instead I hit my 7th Harry Potter book with a vengeance! I have finished Harry Potter, The Apostle, and Heart of Darkness.  Now I am digging into 1001 Arabian Nights.  It’s a chunkster!  I hope it doesn’t take me forever!

I signed up to review books at Book Look Bloggers again.  They denied my application because I don’t have enough followers… Oh, well.  Maybe it’s not the right time.  Too many classics to get done.

Yarn Along – I’m back!

YarnAlongButton1-003I am  linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!

I’ve been running too late for work to spend any morning working on my scarf.  The evenings have been hairy to say the least.  Knitting has stalled out for a time.  So while getting my Daybook post ready I thought, “you have GOT to take some time for yourself and just do some knitting!”.  So that’s what I did.  The last time I posted a yarn along was June 22 and I was not too far into my black.  Now I am about the same in my next color, ivory.  I will be trying to get 4-6 rows each day.  Not a lot but I can’t really commit to anything more.  That would be pressure that I don’t need.


My reading has been steady.  I’m on Year 7 of Harry Potter.  I do really good for a few days then I slack for a few days.  Then, while driving to work I am listening to The Apostle.  It’s about Paul whom I believe was not really an Apostle.  He didn’t see Jesus or walk with before the Cross.  But he did see him on the road to Damascus…

Yarn Along – Progress

YarnAlongButton1-003I am  linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share my reading and knitting!


You can see my steering wheel in this picture! LOL!  Because this is the only time that I get to knit.  I arrive at work about 20 minutes early because that’s just how I have always been.  Too afraid to be late or be in traffic.  So each morning I get about four rows done on my scarf while I listen to my audio book.  That color that I am working on is black.  I’ve never worked with that dark of a color before and it’s not too bad with this pattern.  I can quickly see if I have knitted or pearled too many times!   I am happy with my new routine.

I am reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Another big one that will take me several weeks since I don’t get a lot of time to sit and read during these summer months.    It is what it is.  Slow and steady.  If you are around here much you will know that we are on the go a lot.  Looking forward to seeing what next Wednesday brings!

Yarn Along – HOT days

YarnAlongButton1-003I am  linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share my  progress if there had been any that is.

On Mother’s Day I started this scarf…

IMAG0404I might have it finished by winter time!  I’m sneaking in a few rows here and there trying to make some headway.  My reading has been about the same.  Slow. VERY slow.  Could be I have too many books going and too much I would rather be doing than sitting around reading or knitting.  I’m a lot stronger in these areas during the winter months.

The book that I am trying to focus on is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince because it is borrowed from the library and I do not want to have this one out for eight weeks!  I’m also listening to Wilkie Collins The Evil Genius.  I think I am starting to figure out “who” the evil genius is…


Still on the same color as two weeks ago…

Yarn Along – End of May

YarnAlongButton1-003As I told you in my last Yarn Along, I don’t make a lot of progress from one week to the other so I am doing my posts bi-weekly.  Here I link up with Ginny at Small Things to share my meager progress

On Mother’s Day I started this scarf.  Just shows you how slow I really am at this.  Well, not slow, just not a lot of time…

IMAG0404IMAG0459As of last night this is where I am on this scarf.  I’m almost finished with this Harry Potter book #5.  It’s only taken me about eight weeks!  Oh, really can’t wait to be done with this Classics Challenge so that I can read just anything that sound appealing!

The scarf is a good project for me.  It’s easy mindless knitting that I can do while watching the hockey or baseball games.  Because that is the only time that I get to sit still at home… 😀

Hope you all are having a great week.  I took today off work and am enjoying the day with my hubby.  We are car shopping for me.  I don’t need this big old suburban anymore.  The kids are grown and we hardly every go anywhere together.  I’ll let you know tomorrow or Friday how it goes today.

Yarn Along

YarnAlongButton1-003This is the first Yarn Along that I have been a part of in quite some time.  And I must say that I am very excited to be back!  I don’t suspect that I will be posting every single week due to the lack of progress I make in reading or knitting and I’d hate to bore you to death with the same stuff week after week! LOL!  I’m linking up with Ginny at Small Things.  And I’ve really missed visiting this wonderful lady.  I hope you will jump over and say hello!

So on Mother’s Day I had some leisure time.  In fact, I quickly became bored.  I really didn’t feel like reading the three books that I have going and I did NOT want the television on.  So I went digging through my stash and found several colors of the same kind of yarn, a pattern, and needles and got busy.

IMAG0404Monday I had the day off from work. I did a few chores then put my earbuds in and began knitting.  Oh, I love the feeling that creating something gives you.


It’s a super easy pattern…k3, p3 (p3, k3) for 36 rows, change color and go another 36 rows.  There’s about seven colors to this pattern but I guess you could use as many colors as you like.  So while I’m k3, p3 I am listening to this…

17888952It is much better than the audio I just finished.  I can’t read and knit at the same time so I get great pleasure out of audio books!