Your prayers needed

Yesterday grandma fell and broke her hip.  We are in the hospital waiting for surgery at 2. She’s resting well on pain medicine right now. Appreciate your prayers for her today!


My Journey This Week #20

Friday… After a stressful day at the office hubby and I went to workout and then a healthy dinner of chicken breast with broccoli and rice.  Got home early and crashed.

Saturday… This was a stay at home day!  Hubby and I were feeling kind of run down.  We didn’t go to the gym.  In fact we laid around a lot.  We NEVER do that.  Maybe it was the cold snap that came through again.  I wish our weather would stay mild the rest of the winter.  We decided late in the evening to go to dinner and pick up some of our last minute travel needs so that we can pack on Sunday.

Sunday… Laundry done.  Packing done.  Hubby finished the last side of my deck railing.  It looks great.  Can’t wait to put some chairs out there this spring.  Helped grandma go through some things and worked on packing her.  Before we knew it the time had flown by and it was Superbowl time!  We love football but are usually too busy to watch many games.  We did lay around and watch this one as I had to root against those Patriots!  That’s enough already! Let someone else in there! 🙂

Monday… I am so glad that this day flew by.  I was busy at work from the moment I walked in until I left.  Then when I got home hubby went to workout (his sanity keeper) while I fixed dinner for grandma, gave her a shower, went through more things.  Made a list of things I need to pick up for her this week.  Cleaned my bathroom, took out the trash, fed the dogs, took a shower, and fell into bed exhausted.

Tuesday… My bosses are out of the office until Friday on a business trip.  I am getting so much done with them not here being needy.  Starting a new fiscal year is always big for me.  I love making the new file folders and moving out the old stuff.  Time to start over… two months in a row! Went to the gym.  I don’t know why, one night this week isn’t going to help ME! But it was a break from the packing of everything and poor grandma doing her little fret that she didn’t have all her “junk” given away yet.

Wednesday… another productive day at the office!  Made arrangments for my “children” to be taken care of while we’re on vacation next week.  Completed my packing.  The bags are zipped closed and ready to go!  Grandma is just about there.  Friday I will wash whatever clothes she had dirty and get them added to the boxes.  We will leave at 9:45 Saturday morning to get her settled in before lunch time.  I also cooked and cleaned out the refrigerator.

Thursday… Everyone at work knows I am going on vacation starting at noon Friday… I am in high demand knowing I won’t be there to help them for a whole week!  I only got about half of what I need to get completed done.  After work I met hubby at the funeral home.  A good man in our community, the father of a friend, a co-worker, and a wonderful patriotic American Veteran passed away and we wanted to go pay our respects.  The visitation was from 3-7, a very long visitation.  We arrived at 3:22 and waited 35 minutes.  When we left the line was backed up all the way through the funeral home.  A very LARGE funeral home.  Run by the hearing aide office to get batteries (they were closed early for some reason), Dollar General because I am boycotting Wa*-Mart, and the bank to cash a check for our vacation money.  Home now to do some more laundry, fix dinner, and pay the bills.


I’m really glad this week is over.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day with Grandma’s move.  My “father” is supposed to meet us at the home.  Now he wants to be involved?  Really?  Please remember Grandma in your prayers!  Hope you all have a great weekend!


My Journey This Week #19

Friday… I came home from work today and grandma was not in a good mood.  She didn’t like the home health folks and the changes they made that day.  She’s not to use the stove anymore.   I listened to her for awhile then I announced  that she would be visiting a “Retirement Resort” while I was on vacation.  She just said, “whatever” and walked away.  Later she said she understood.

Saturday… I was wondering Friday night how I was going to convince grandma that this needed to be a permanant move.  Well, she fell in her room.  She didn’t get hurt but she knew how bad it scared me and had I not been there what could have happened.  She didn’t have on her fall detection device. {{sigh}} So we discussed everything.  I sent texts to my uncles and they all called me back to “reasure me” that it would be ok and that what ever I need them to do they would.  Too little, too late is what I have to say.  To end this day hubby and I had dinner with our old high school friends that we try to get with once a month.  Everyone being sick it’s been a while.  Good evening away.

Sunday… It was a beautiful day here!  Hubby and I got out and split some wood.  Got it hauled in for the cold weather to come.  And we know it will!  A cousin called and wanted to meet for dinner… {{two nights in a row!}} so we went.  Great times with family!

Monday… I have come to terms with the fact that grandma is going to be perpetually hateful!  Maybe after she gets settled in her new home she will be nice again.  Got a workout in because I didn’t get to go Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  Picked up the other 5 spindles from Lowe’s to finish the deck as soon as it warms again.

Tuesday… Hubby had to travel for work very early this morning.  He will be back tomorrow night.  The Administrator from “the resort” came to the house to visit grandma to get to know her a little bit so she won’t feel like she doesn’t know anyone when she relocates.  I got a lot of my questions answered about her arrangements too.  Grandma really like the lady.  I feel it was because she showed intrest in her life history.

Wednesday… I’m so tired!  I didn’t sleep well without my hubby there.  Don’t know why, I’m not afraid or anything like that and I had plenty to do to keep be busy.  He will be home tonight though.  The Occupational therapist came to visit grandma.  When she called to tell me she was coming I let her know that we had decided to make the move.  She agreed we were doing the right thing and that now we can get back to being grand-daughter and grandma! 🙂

Thursday… What a crazy day at work!  I didn’t go workout because our Jada had a tumor removed from her front leg and can’t be left alone for at least 24 hours.  Hopefully it’s not cancer.  They sent it off to be tested.  Hubby did my grocery shopping, I paid the bills, did some more laundry, and had dinner with grandma.


Hope you all have a great weekend!


My Journey This Week #18

Friday… Having had oral surgery yesterday I was still home taking some pain medication.  Not much as I had to still be functional for Grandma.  Hubby tried to let me get as much rest as possible but some things Grandma was just not content with unless she talked to me. {{sigh}}

Saturday… Felt MUCH better today.  Did a couple of loads of laundry and cooked a meal for Grandma.  I still couldn’t eat much but soup, oatmeal, and cream of wheat!  I did feel up to getting out of the house by evening so we went to see the new movie 12 Strong.  Great story of our first troops into Afghanistan after 9/11.

Sunday…We had another slight melt down with Grandma this morning.  She is wanting to go into a nursing home.  I told her that nursing home was a pretty harsh place but maybe we could consider an assisted living environment.  She is worried about me being held hostage by her and the home health folks that are coming in.  I already have a very nice place in mind.  I think she will like it.  Hubby was also feeling better today so he worked on our deck railing of our bedroom deck.  It looks so nice!  But Lowe’s shorted us 5 spindles so we had to go and order more.  After which we went to Mexican (soft foods) and to another movie!  The Commuter was a very suspenseful movie!

Monday… Back to the old grindstone!  Is it terrible that I am already wishing for the weekend?!  I’m not 100% so I didn’t go to the gym.  Instead I paid bills, did Grandma’s laundry, cooked a meal, and did some reading.  Not too bad of a night.

Tuesday… after work I went to the bank and visited the assisted living facility in my town.  I think Grandma will really like this place.  We are going to have her stay there while we go on vacation next month.  I will be having this discussion with Grandma this weekend.  The administrator was very helpful in helping figure out how we will get it all paid for.  I had no idea that she could get surviving veterans spouse benefits!  That should help a lot!  Then I went to the gym for the first time in a week!  It felt great to get the blood pumping again.

Wednesday… I only worked half the day.  In the afternoon I had to go the hormone doctor in St. Louis.  I can feel it was time for some more hormones… very moody!  And the food cravings I’m having is rediculous!  I’ve never eaten so much junk food as I have this past couple of weeks!  They said I wasn’t getting enough protein in my diet and to drink more water.  All the way to St. Louis I tried to call Grandma because I forgot to tell her I wouldn’t be home at usual time.  She didn’t answer the phone… When I finally got home she was laying on the couch in a dark living room with her hearing aid on the end table. {{sigh}} It made her mad when I asked her how long she had been there and why her phone wasn’t with her.  She went to her room, slammed the door, and stayed there all night.  She didn’t even come out to eat.  These things make me feel a little better about my decision to place her in a “retirement resort”.

Thursday… After work hubby and I got a quick workout in.  We had to be at the high school basketball game because they recognize the school board members at half time.  It was nice to be in the school again!  I hadn’t been there since graduation last May.  The home health occupational therapist called me before she went out to work with Grandma.  I told her how she had been acting and not eating and my most recent plans.  She totally agreed and is going to assist me in making the transition… we shall see.


My Journey This Week #17

Friday… Grandma and I fought our flu all day again today.  Although I did feel a little better (no fever) I only got a load of laundry done all day.

Saturday… More of the same.  Laid around as much as possible.  Making sure grandma eats and stays hydrated.  With each illness she has she seems to go down hill a little bit more.  Most would think she is great.  She’s not bedriden, she can still use the restroom, and feed herself.  But her mind is going quicker than her actual health.

Sunday… Yep, grandma officially lost it today.  She started acting out and when I brought it to her attention she attacked me.  I don’t talk enough, I ignore her… really, I’m sick, I have taken care of her for four days!  I had to tell her (very loudly) to put her hearing aide in because she wasn’t hearing us.  She took it as I was “YELLING” at her.  {{geez}}… she had a pitty party and nobody showed up!  We got that lined out before I crashed into bed.

Monday… We had a couple of inches of snow here this morning.  I got out and went to work anyway.  Not feeling too bad.  Just tired and a little cough.  I didn’t go to the gym as there isn’t any point.  I can’t get enough air to walk up and down the stairs to do laundry much less run on the treadmill!  So I did laundry, cooked dinner for grandma, and did some reading.  Pretty much a relaxing night.  Home Health came for grandma today.  They did occupational therapy.  Gave her five words to repeat back to them in order and she was not able to do it.  {{sigh}}

Tuesday… while at work today home health called and wanted to come by and give grandma her bath.  I wanted to let grandma know so when I called her phone rang 20 times.  When she answered it she acted like it rang once and she was really depressed.  This journey is getting to be more than I can carry.  “Lord, please help me with Grandma”.  Went to the gym tonight but only did some toning; no cardio.  Still a lot of coughing.  It’s mostly sinus drainage, not in the chest.

Wednesday… I’m glad I took off Thursday and Friday… I had to have an emergency root canal!  When it rains it pours!  I’m on pain meds so my typing cannot be trusted! 🙂  This night though I stayed home from the gym.  I prepared a couple of meals for grandma and did another load of laundry.  Changed the sheets on my bed and cleaned the bathroom.  I know what is coming on Thursday and I can always rest better knowing that these things are done.

Thursday… Spent most of the afternoon in bed heavily medicated.  At least I have gotten some much needed rest.  Maybe I will kick this cough!

Hope you are all healthy in this flu infested January!  Have a great weekend!  The weather here in Missouri is supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend! 🙂


My Journey This Week #16

Silly me!  Last Wednesday I was typing about Tuesday in regards to my new nephew coming and I didnt’ finish it because I didn’t know the exact details!  Geez what a goof!  Anyway, Little Asher Kingston weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Mom labored for 17 hours before bringing him into this world!  They are both home and doing well!

Friday… Our game night with hubby’s family was a great success.  In my mind anyway.  There were many board games and card games set up around a big basement/family area.  I kind of rotated around and tried to play every game at least once.  Then there was finger foods to enjoy while we played.  It was a late night so we just stayed the night.

Saturday… We can’t get away from hubby’s cousins very easily.  Even seeing them as much as we have as of late.  It was 11:30 before we got home today.  I got a couple loads of laundry done and spent a few hours with grandma and that’s about it.  For dinner we went out for Mexican.  While sitting at our favorite Mexican restaurant we booked our late winter vacation to Mexico.  We leave February 11th and come home the 15th.  I can’t wait to get out of this cold midwest!

Sunday… Did the rest of  my laundry, cooked up two meals for the week, finished the baby afghan, and watched America’s Funniest Videos.  I’ve always loved that show!  I laughed until my stomach hurt.

Monday… What a busy day! After work I had to go to the bank, get home to gather things for the gym, drop hubby at the gym, take my car for it’s third oil change, back to the gym for 30 minutes, and finally home to eat some protein!  whew!  It was a crazy evening.

Tuesday… I coughed non-stop all day long.  Around noon I started to feel acky.  I left work a little early to get to the chiropractor.  I have a hip that has “dropped” causing it to pinch my sciatic nerve.  I’m so sore after those adjustments.  Shouldn’t need too many more to get it corrected.  I didn’t go to the gym because I felt so aweful.  Hubby brought me home some Theraflu night and day formula, cepacol, and coldeeze.  I think he wanted me to get better quickly.  I slept all night long without coughing at all.

Wednesday… woke feeling a little better but soon the coughing resumed.  Took that wonderful stuff hubby bought me every 4 hours along with the cepacol drops.   I found a new beautician.  I have went to the same lady for 20 years.  Suddenly she has started to really make some big mistakes on my hair.  I lost 6 inches since August due to her “forgetting” me under a dryer with bleach on it!  Anyway… I really like this new, young woman.  I spent some time with her telling her my (and hubby’s) likes and my goal to get my hair back to long and healthy.

Thursday… Tuesday evening Grandma and I started having severe cold symptoms. Now for me that’s no big deal but for grandma it has sent us to the emergency room.  We spent 5 hours there to find out we both have type A Flu!  Trying to nurse grandma at home while not feeling well myself is kind of hard.  They could not admit her because the hospital is full.  So, here I sit on the couch Friday morning, feverish, achy, trying to feel better.  Hubby and I were supposed to go to Branson this weekend…  Hope your weekend is a great one!

My Journey This Week…

And so it continues! 🙂

Friday… After putting in our regular day at work hubby and I, along with Jeremy, headed to the gym.  We all had a really good workout.  Then with this being the last Friday Jeremy will be home we went to dinner and a movie; Jimanji!  Really good.  But I remember Robin William’s Jimanji was very good as well.

Saturday… Wasn’t an exciting day.  I did laundry and cleaned house as usual as I listened to another book.  Hubby and Jeremy were out in the shop working on Jeremy’s new truck.  Quality time together. 🙂  Warms a momma’s heart!

Sunday… New Year’s Eve, we took it rather easy this morning.  I fixed a big breakfast then we laid around a bit and I made a taco tray for Jeremy to take to his New Year’s celebration.  Hubby and I headed to the city around noon to get our hotel room and get all fancy for our dinner.  It was a relaxing day and a very very nice New Year’s celebration.

Monday… New Year’s Day, hubby slept in while I was awake at the crack of dawn.  Fixed me a coffee and enjoyed blogland for a while.  We headed home around 10:30 and really just relaxed with Jeremy and Grandma all day.

Tuesday… I could get used to these three day weekends!  I didn’t want to get up at 4:30 this morning.  Funny how that works.  When I’m off work my eyes pop open early.  When I have to work I fight the alarm clock! This was Jeremy’s last night home so we went to dinner with him and our middle daughter along with her boyfriend.  Things are slowly looking up there.  My sister had her baby today.  After  ZZZ hours of labor we welcome little

Wednesday… I had to leave the house at 3 am to take Jeremy to the airport.  His flight doesn’t leave until 10:15 but I had to be at work at 7:00 am.  We will miss him but we also are pretty used to the quiet of our daily routine.  After a very exhausting day I didn’t do much to end it.  Filled pill boxes for grandma, took a nice hot bath, and retired early.

Thursday… Felt much better after a good nights rest!  Had to get me a workout in then ran over to Wally world to do some shopping.  Maybe I won’t have to go back in this place before the next weekend!   We are leaving  night to go to St. Louis to hubby’s cousins house for Game Night.  It’s all kinds of board and card games set up and you join in wherever you want.  I think it will be fun!  Let’s get this weekend started!!!

My Journey This Week…

I was sure last week was not very impressive… This week promises to be even more so! LOL!  Can you hear the note of sarcasm in my typing!?

Friday… Even though our son just came in yesterday we already had plans to have our “Christmas dinner” with our old high school chums.  So that is what Friday night held for us.

Saturday… Did some laundry and worked around the house for a bit.  Later in the afternoon we went to hubby’s family for our Christmas gathering.  It was a nice time.   Our oldest did not attend but I had 2 out of 3 present. 🙂

Sunday… Christmas Eve… While doing laundry the belt on my dryer broke!  {{sigh}} I really wanted everything done so I could rest my last day off work.  Hubby got called to work so the dryer didn’t get fixed but he did get the part.  In the evening we took Jeremy to dinner and to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It was a good night.

Monday… Christmas Day… Seemed like just another day of the week to me.  I did cook a turkey and made some stuffing to go with it.  I finished up my laundry (dryer fixed) and straightened up my room. I did some work on that baby blanket but not too much.  With he wood furnace going it was 86 degrees in my house and I couldn’t stand that thing laying on my lap! LOL

Tuesday… Back to the old grindstone!  Jeremy sold his Jeep Liberty to his sister (our middle daughter).  He is purchasing a 2004 Silverado pickup with our help.  It will stay here while he is still in AIT.   He has no credit yet so we are going to help him build some.  We met at Applebee’s to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and stepmom.  Present were all three of our children (no boyfriends came), grandma, my parents, and us.  Still seemed kind of tense but at least I could gaze upon my babies for a time.

Wednesday… Geez as if going to work everyday wasn’t bad enough but it was my scheduled day for a mammogram!  {{UGH!}}  After which I sent to the gym.  I spent a great deal of time yesterday and today helping Jeremy get a truck purchased.  He had half of the money from the sale of his Jeep so I co-signed a small loan to help him build his credit.  I don’t know why but that sort of thing just wears me out anymore.  That’s about all I did!

Thursday… Oh our son has kept us so busy this week.  I didn’t get to workout today due to getting his truck insured and licensed so he could have “wheels”!  {{Sigh}}  Glad that is done.  I did have time to get my nails done today.  Then I worked on laundry and bill paying and cooking and pill boxes… Oh mammogram came back this morning and it looked good.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I have to have them every year because my mother and her mother both had breast cancer within a year of each other.

Anyway I hope this Friday finds you well and that your weekend is everything you want it to be!


My Journey This Week…

I haven’t posted one of these journey posts since September.  I guess because life has been so uneventful that I really hadn’t thought of sharing my daily bordum with you all.  Thought I might try to dig some life out of each day…

Friday… Each weekday begins at 4:45 am for me.  That first hour of the day is crucial to me.  I need a good hour of quiet to fuel for giviing to everyone else in my day.  After working at my job where customer service to each associate in our building is very important to me and my office, I am drained.  After work I quickly change into workout clothes and pack us a cooler of water, protein drinks and bars.  After the gym we went to Lowe’s.  We wanted to vamp up the bird feeders so that Grandma might have some other source of entertainement.  We all like watching them.  Why am I putting this all on her. 🙂

Saturday… Hubby wored outside in the beautiful 55 degree day making a bird feeder stand and hanging all the new feeders we got the night before.  While he did that I did a couple loads of laundry, paid the bills, and did some purging of the items that get “stranded” on the kitchen island.  Afternoon we both felt like a little nap.  Evening saw us at a new restaurant in St. Louis.  We enjoy eating out and trying new places.  Athough “our menu” doesn’t vary much we like new atmospheres.

Sunday… No matter how hard I try I just can’s sleep in.  It was almost 11pm when we got home last night and still my eyes popped open at 6:20.  I did some piddling around the house.  I didn’t shop, wasn’t feeling it!  I did do another load of laundry, listened to an audio book while “piddling around”.  At our regular gym time, about 3:30, we headed out.  After that we had to go back to Lowe’s… We needed a gallon of paint to touch up the downstairs recreational area.  I was feeling a little run down.  Hope I’m not trying to catch something!  So I was in bed around 7:30.

Monday… Because I went to bed so early my eyes popped open at 3:15.  I forced myself to stay in bed and eventually I dozed back off.  The alarm woke me at 4:45 and I jumped up to get this day started!  Work, what can I say, it’s pretty much the same thing day in day out, crunch those numbers! {{sigh}} We went to the gym and I got a good hour workout in.  Upper body and cardio for today.  After which we had to go to Wally World and get stocked up for Jeremy to be home for two weeks!  Geez!  I don’t  miss that grocery bill! LOL!

Tuesday… Work provided us all with a Christmas dinner today!  Yummmm!  Everyone is in the holiday spirit.  We had decorating contests last week with the winner announced today.  Then today was ugly sweater contest.  Yikes, those things are hideous!  Had another great workout.  Cardio and legs this time.

Wednesday… Today was our office Christmas party.  We each brought a $15 gift and we did the “white elephant” game/exhange…  All women this year so it was a little easier.  There are eight of us and there was tons of food.  We ate all day long!  And no workout tonight!  Hubby had a school board that went until 11:00 pm while I spent some quality time with grandma watching our two favorite Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.  I made a big pot of chili as Jeremy will be home tomorrow and we’ll need food ready.

Thursday… Jeremy texted me at 3:30 this morning to tell me he was already at the airport in Atlanta.  His flight leaves there at 3:35 pm!  Long day for him.  I went to work as usual and left early to get to the airport in St. Louis to pick him up at 4:20.  Now to get back into the swing of having another “body” in the house. 🙂  I’m super excited about that! LOL!  Hope you all had a great week!


My Journey This Week…


I went to work for about half the day.  When I got home we had to get ready to head to St. Louis to the wedding of my husband’s cousin.  It was a small but beautiful affair.  It was nice to see some of the family again.


We left home about 8:00 am this morning for the lake.  It’s the last official summer weekend to run the boat. It was a nice trip and we spent all Saturday and Sunday on the water.  Ate at our favorite restaurants on the water and enjoyed the warm sunshine!





We got up early at the lake and headed home.  This is the day that we take Jeremy to the recruiter station where he is to catch the shuttle to MEPS.  It was an emotional day.  He was excited to be finally leaving.  We were excited for him but at the same time my heart was heavy with worry.  He had never stayed away from home before.  He spent three hours in holiday traffic getting to St. Louis where he just hung out at the hotel provided.


Cheyenne and I got to St. Louis at 8:30.  We visited with Jeremy a short time.  There were 80 folks shipping out and things were running a little behind.  I was kind of glad, gave us more time to visit with him.  Once he did the swear in we got to hug him good-bye and he was gone.  I had already done my crying yesterday when I dropped him at the recruiter.  Big sister and lots of unshed tears to let out.  He texted me at various stages of his trip; heading to the airport, on the plane, landed in Atlanta… and that was the last I have heard from him.


Weird.  It was very quiet this morning.  Usually Jeremy would be up getting ready for work at the same time I was.  But he’s not here.  After work hubby and I did some outside stuff.  There were lights to put and caulking to be done.  We are giving Jeremy’s twin bedroom suit to our renter so we moved some of that to his home.  We didn’t work out because we are both so sore and needing to get things done around the house.






Another uneventful evening.  Had my first oil change in my new car.  Hubby went to the gym while I waited for my car.  Can life be any more exciting?!  Still no news from Jeremy.  I hope they let him contact us soon.


My Journey This Week…


This week took forever to get over.  We ended the week with dinner out with friends!


Hubby and son finished building the steps out the back door to our new patio.  It was a terribly hot muggy day.  I think hubby showered three times throughout the project just to get the saw dust and grit off of him.  I did laundry and cleaned up as they worked.  Did my grocery shopping.  We went to St. Louis for a nice dinner.  Yummy chicken and broccoli alfredo pizza…what’s left of it. 🙂


Started on the deck off our bedroom.  It’s not a big one but needed to be replaced before the siding goes up.

Monday, back to reality… Eclipse day!

I was very close to the dot showing St. Louis.

Not only was it Eclipse day it was my sister’s and my daughter’s birthday!  What display in the Heaven’s to celebrate!  Hot and humid again today.  At 12:45 we went outside to watch the moon move over the sun.  It was pretty amazing really!  The temperature cooled about 4 degrees and it got pretty dark.  There was a lot of hype about cell phones going down in our area and such but we didn’t have any problems. My actual picture below.  I put my glasses over the camera lens.

In the evening I cooked a couple of meals for the week and got a quick workout in.


I’m not sure why but today went faster than yesterday and every day last week!  I’ve decided to take off work Friday to head to the lodge with hubby and our very old friends.  He was the best man in our wedding.   Maybe only working four days makes it go faster? 🙂  We had a few things to do to make sure we were 100% ready for the siding/door crew that was to come on Wednesday.  We didn’t get to the gym until 7:30.  Now, I feel like I’ve already had a workout just helping outside!  I crashed into bed at 9:30!!!


Daughter called today.  She is going to MEPS on Monday and being sworn in on Tuesday!  I will be taking off work that day to go witness this monumental event!  I didn’t work out tonight because I spent 2 hours cutting grass, then fixed dinner, and cleaned up around the back of the house so that the siding crew could get to work.


No workout again tonight… Hubby had school board meeting.  Jeremy and I went and did the shopping for the party on Sunday and then there pulled a few things together for our trip this weekend.  No boating, just a nice quiet few days at the lodge owned by hubby’s work.  These pictures area ll from my old blog.  It’s been a while since we have been there.  It’s a very peaceful place.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I plan on enjoying mine.  I will try to get plenty of pictures of the party on Sunday to share with you next week.


Wow, I did not realize I hadn’t been around for a while.  The days are just flying by and there is so much going on around my home!  I’ve been trying to keep up with all my friends and comment whenever I have a few minutes.  I really miss my knitting friends… knitting in general.  I haven’t had time since May to knit and I hope that changes for me really soon or my Christmas shopping list is going to have to grow.  I’ve started a few things and hope to finish them in time.


Since my last post:

  • We’ve made a couple of trips to the lake.
  • We celebrated hubby’s 49th birthday.
  • Packed our son’s room and working on getting him ready to go.
  • Prepared for our new patio to be poured (hopefully today).
  • Regular house chores.
  • Worked out, most days.
  • Planning a going away party for August 27th for two (please see below)

Our middle daughter called us last week and told us she has enlisted in the Air Force.  She is still in the application process but her’s won’t be as difficult as her brothers since she doesn’t have ADHD history to contend with.  She is currently in college and just not sure what she wants to do with her life.  She is looking at intelligence as her field.


Grandma continues to be a challenge but I thank Barbara for “encouraging” me even if she didn’t realize she was doing it with her post, It’s Not For Nothing.  She is looking really frail, her conversation is off the wall some times, and she is losing her will to go on.  I get it; who want’s to be here when most of her family is with the Lord!?   Her three sons very rarely come to see her.  The one that lives in our town, my d.a.d…. hasn’t been to see her since Memorial Day weekend because they don’t see eye to eye politically.  Really?  She’s 93 she’s entitled to believe whatever she wants.  She doesn’t even vote so I don’t understand what he thinks he has to worry about.  The other two boys rarely if ever call.  It’s so annoying!


Ok so now that I have ranted and go that off my chest… I’m off to do more living… 🙂  Hope to be back soon! Hugs my friends!

My Journey This Week…

My journey to finding myself is kind of busy right now.  I’m not doing many any of the things I originally talked about when I started back to blogging.  But my days are very full right now.  Finding ME is still part of the plan.


After working all day hubby and I went for a quick dinner on the bike.  It was a long hard week so we were in bed early, unusual for us on a weekend.


Hubby and our son worked outside tearing off a deck that we will be replacing with a concrete patio.  I did laundry and did some random organizing.  You know, one kitchen cabinet at a time…  We were beat!  We did nothing this evening.  Too tired to even ride the bike.  (we will make up for it next weekend as we are going boating!)


We got up and did a few things this morning but early afternoon we got on the bike and went for a ride.  Grabbed a bite to eat at a quiet little touristy restaurant.  Trying to get ready to go back to work.

Monday, back to reality…

The last day of the month is a really busy day for me at the office.  But I managed to get everything done and out on time… I didn’t do the gym, our son went in my place.  The idea is to keep him active and I go tomorrow.


Gym night! 🙂  What a great way to relieve stress!  Hot wings afterwards, a hot bath, and a sound sleep!


Son had PT as is his Wednesday night custom.  Hubby had to work late so we didn’t get to the gym.  I did laundry, cooked a big meal that would make leftovers for grandma and our son, and started packing for our weekend get away.  Hubby’s birthday is Sunday and he loves running his boat so that is where we will be


For this being my Friday it was the longest day of the longest week I can remember in recent history!!!!!!!  Got my hair done, I’ll share pictures later.  Didn’t have much time since I have to finish packing and making sure everyone is taken care of.  I’m really in need of a longer get away.  You know like seven full days of no responsiblity.


Hope you all had a great week (some of you I know are in my prayers!) and that your weekend is a relaxing joy!


My Journey This Week…


I left work a little bit early.  I would have overtime and we can’t have that where I work.  But not a big deal, my sisters came in very early this morning and I had yet to see them.


It was a wonderful day.  We (my family and both my sister’s families) stayed around my house so that extended family could come by and visit with them a little bit.  Then that evening the adults went to dinner and the kids stayed home and had pizza.  We stayed out later than intended but we had so much to talk about!


Today our son turned 19!  It doesn’t seem right.  We got up early and packed our coolers for a float trip.  It was a beautiful day; not too hot like it has been lately.  Just the right amount of sun and water!  After our float we came home and got clean up to go to the Mexican restaurant for dinner.  Since it was our sons birthday they sang to him in Spanish and did this to him!  We had a great time!  I really hated for the day to end because I knew everyone would be leaving the next afternoon and I had to work the next day.

Monday, back to reality…

I went to work for a few hours and decided to go home so I could be there when they all pulled out!  I had to give that one last hug to everyone.  Never know how long it will be before I see them again.

Hubby did his workout after work and I caught up on some things there at the house.  When he came home we scrubbed the facia on the house.  New roof on and new gutters coming soon.


Didn’t get to go to the gym tonight… hubby had to work all through the night.  So, I did more cleaning and catching up, took a bath, then did some reading!


Gym night!  Finally, I was about to lose my motivation!  Our son had training tonight.


I’m ready for the weekend!  I stayed home from the gym so that I could get caught up on laundry and meal prepping.  Something that keeps me from being tied to the home at meal time on weekends.  With everyone here last weekend I am way behind on domestic things.  We will be home this weekend so I will try to get ahead.  If that is even possible.


I hope you all have a great weekend doing whatever makes you happy!


My Journey This Week…


We headed to the lake as soon as we got off work.  Another weekend spent boating.


It was a very warm day.  I think we got too much sun.  While on the lake we can boat up to restaurants for lunch and dinner.  That is one of my favorite things.  Then we spent some time looking at various areas for condos.  Not sure if that is still part of our retirement plan or not.


Did a little boating before coming home.  We were in no hurry to get back to prepping for our week.

Monday, back to reality…

Don’t have anything to say about work.  It is just that…work.  Very busy I might add.  I’m training a lady from another location.  Our son is going to the gym on Monday nights with his dad.  Since he’s been out of school he is really gotten lazy.  Going into the military he should be getting ready!


I go to the gym on Tuesdays so after the gym I had to get some shopping done for the company we have coming in this weekend.  I can’t wait for my sisters and their families to arrive.  It’s too hot to cook so most of the meals I am planning consist of fruits, fresh veggies, hummas, pasta and potato salads, lunch meats, and chicken salad.


Went to the gym again!  I know! Two days in a row!  Had to buy the produce for the weekend after the gym.  Got home and did a couple loads of laundry.  Boy these are exciting times aren’t they!


OK, this is the busy busy busy day.  You know after work I had the following list of things to get done.

  • Nail appointment
  • pasta and potato salads to make
  • chicken salad
  • veggies to cut up
  • 2 blow up mattresses to inflate and get sheets on
  • extra towels put in the bathrooms
  • laundry

I got it all done in four hours!


Hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I know I am. It’s going to be so much fun!

Update and Apology

OH my, I first have to apologize for not being here the past few weeks.  This has been a very busy whirl wind summer.  I miss posting even a few times a week!  I miss keeping up with all my wonderful friends here.  I know this is just a season and I will be back to blogging more regular by summers end.

I wanted to let you all know that we the PROUD parents of a United States Army Soldier!!!!  Our son will ship out on Tuesday September 5th.  We are working on getting his room cleaned up, his short list of things he will be able to take, and he is doing Future soldier training every week!  Around the middle or end of August we will be throwing him a going away party.  Labor Day weekend won’t be a good time for that due to everyone’s already made plans.

  • We have been doing some family things.  My sisters will both be here the end of next week to stay for about 4 days.  There is much I have to do to get my house ready to receive 7 guests!
  • We celebrated our 27th Anniversary – Short trip away…
  • Our house is getting a new roof and siding.  And picking all that out on a budget and working with Lowe’s to get it done has been unnerving to say the least.  Not that Lowe’s is bad but that the price of building materials is outrageous!
  • Grandma has not been “herself” lately.  Taking here medication wrong (now I have to give it to her twice a day instead of letting her take it out of the pill boxes that I fill), walking off and leaving her cain, reporting to me phone conversations that never happen, and acting kind of angry most of the time.
  • Hubby and I try to take the boat every other weekend to the lake.  He has to have a release from the stress of his job.  Finding someone to come in and check on grandma isn’t always easy either.  Thank goodness our son is still home this summer.

I guess that’s really it.  Doesn’t look like much but then I also work 40 hours a week.  That job is very busy, busier than it has been in many years.  So until things slow down some I will be out-of-pocket for several more weeks.  😦

My Journey This Week…


Nothing from the recruiter and nothing exciting today.  Hubby and I jumped on the bike after work and went to dinner.  It was a beautiful evening to be on the bike.


Our 28th wedding anniversary… Slept in a little bit (we rarely do that) then got up to get our chores done so that we could go to St. Louis to stay the night and have a nice dinner.


Had car trouble coming back from the city.  When we got home we got online to begin the New Car search.  Laid around most of the day while doing four loads of laundry… I had plans to do some grilling but when I am on stress overload I tend to shut down.  Guess what?  I’m there! 🙂

Monday, back to reality…

Pretty uneventful day.  I guess I should be happy about that as they don’t come along very often!


I saw a hormone special today.  It was amazing!  Through a very thorough blood test she can tell all kinds of things about my body.  My anxiety, energy, brain fog, increase body fat even though I work out, are all due to hormone imbalance.  We are going to fix that!  BioBalance Health in St. Louis.  It’s natural hormone replacement and supplements.  I should start feeling more like my old self (prior the hysterectomy) in a couple of weeks.  I cannot wait to see some results.


Hubby had a school board finance meeting so I fixed a pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and gravy for grandma and Jeremy.  He had Physical Training for the Army.  The recruiter said we should know something very soon.  (I think he has said that before).


Very busy day at work.  I will started vacation at 3:00!!!  It was a long day!  I’ll be off line for this vacation.  Talk to you all next week! 🙂

My Journey This Week…


Worked a few hours and ran home to meet with the insurance adjuster.  He had to look at our roof that had some storm damage Memorial Weekend.  After that we packed up and headed to the lake.

While getting ready to leave our son went to the school district and picked up an application.  I helped him fill it our really quick as it was his  first ever!  He ran it back to town and gave it to the secretary.  He wasn’t home 10 minutes and they called him back for an interview.  Thirty mintues later he was gainfully employed!  He will be assisting the Janitors for the summer.  They also know that he is trying to get into the Army and could have to leave with short notice. Which we are still waiting on.  I sent up all the information they requested early this morning.  I just want an answer… yes or no. We need to get on with life.


Lake time!  It was beautiful.  We got most of our weekend in before the rains came Saturday night.


Loaded up and headed home.  After getting everything unpacked we had to lay down and take a little nappie… LOL!  Vacations wear us out! 😀

Monday, back to reality…

Yep, it’s Monday… Can I have a redo for the weekend?  I wasn’t ready! 🙂  My job always seems more busy when I take a few hours off or if my #2 boss isnt’ in…

The guy showed up to tuck point the chimney today.  We should be hearing from the roofer soon on when he will be able to come put our new roof on.

We are going to get the rest of the updates we wanted to do done this summer/fall as well.  The siding on two sides of the house, patio out back and sidewalk around to the front, and a new door!

Got a little shopping done for the week while hubby worked out for a bit.  Then we returned home to work on my car.  Been having a strange issue with it but I think we figured it out. 🙂


It’s gym night.  I’m going to start going Tuesdays and Thursdays now (except this week I’ll go on Friday).  I really need another day.  It may help to release some of my tension from work.  50 cent wing night after our workout.  We get 10 and that is plenty for us.


Son had PT (Physical Training) at the recruiters.  I did laundry and fixed a good meal for him and grandma.  Hubby went to work out for a little bit.  He is having to cut back on the eliptical because he is having knee issues.


If it weren’t for it being so close to Friday I might just cry!  😉

Heard from the recruiter that all the papers we sent up to MEPS were received this morning.  The doctors should review them this evening and we should know something soon…

Laundry and chores tonight so I can be free tomorrow evening for gym and dinner.

This is our anniversary weekend, 28 years!  We are planning going to the city for a nice dinner and over night stay.  We will be home most of the time getting caught up on things that need to be taken care of because of our frequent travel! 🙂 LOL!  I will try and get a Sunday Salon post up!

My Journey This Week…


We had a nice dinner out with our old high school chums.  He was our best man in our wedding!  About once a month we get together to catch up with what’s going on in our lives.  It goes on for hours! 🙂


Hubby and I went into St. Louis.  We did some shopping, had a nice dinner, spent the night and came home Sunday afternoon.


After spending the night in St. Louis we got home around noon time.  Then it was the old grind stone again.  We got busy getting ready for the week.  Laundry and packing hubby for an overnight business trip to St. Joseph Missouri.

Monday, back to reality…

I am beginning to think of my place of work as a “mad house”.  It’s just crazy around there anymore.  I am so looking forward to retirement. Just sayin’.  With hubby being gone I did laundry (nothing unusual), cooked a big meal for grandma and Jeremy, ran a few errands, and went to bed around 9.  Then at 10 got a call from hubby.  He’d been talking business and time got away. 🙂 He’s so sweet!


Hubby got home at regular time so we went to the gym.  I’m only getting to go about once a week right now.  With us being gone almost every weekend I am either catching up from being gone or preparing for the next weekend.  It felt really good to hit the gym hard!


Back to Future Soldier Training… The recruiter called today. The MEPS doctors sent back the Medical waiver requesting some more information. 1) Did he have an IEP? and 2) Has he ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder such as anxiety or depression?  UMMMM, no to the first question and the second one “the physician sent a letter of recommendation for him.  Would he do that if he had a mental illness?”  There is no common sense or logic being used in this situation!

I stayed home and Jeremy drove himself for the first time.  No issues so I am feeling better about cutting him loose.  He’s only been driving this new vehicle since graduation day. 🙂  He’s working for our brother-in-law and his old youth pastor.  They are keeping him busy.


Finally getting some rain!  We were beginning to worry about the condition of our fields.  Even though we don’t have cattle any more we lease out our ground to someone.  We want it sustain his cattle until fall.  I packed up the boat and prepared for another weekend at the lake!


I’m not sure why it is that once I decide to start blogging again life starts throwing darts at me.  I am running in so many different directions doing oh I don’t know, a little of everything.

Work has gone and gotten plumb crazy.  I now work eight hours a day five days a week and have a terrible time keeping caught up.  (The brain fog might have a littel bit to do with that. Story for another post.)  No seriously, I am really busy.  Working for a very large company there are more reports do each week than I can shake a stick at! 🙂  I have two bosses that I report to and assist with daily functions.

Our son is out of school still waiting to hear from MEPS as to whether or not his medical waiver has been approved.  But I understand that this is common and there should not be any issue.  On Wednesday evenings he goes to the recruiters office to do what they are calling “Future Soldier Training”.  So he is doing odd jobs for family and friends to stay busy.  He’s also keeping our grass cut this year which is a great help to us.

Recently we had some storm damage to our roof.  We’ve had to get estimates for the insurance company and now we are waiting for the adjuster to come out and take a look.  Before we put on the new roof we also have the chimney tuck pointed.  It’s been 17 years and we are trying to make things ready for retirement.  While looking at shingles and such we also picked out some new siding.  Our house is mostly brick as you may remember from pictures I’ve posted but the back and south end really could use some new siding and a new walk out basement slider door.

Since we have a new lake boat we are trying to get to the lake as much as possible.  We really dislike paying for something that we don’t use very much.  We love the water and summer so this seemed like a great thing to get and have paid for by retirement.  Our Harley sits during the extreme heat of the summer months but we get out on it when it’s cool enough.  There is where most of our weekends go.  I may not be posting much on weekends until summer is over.  If I do it will be Sunday evenings.

There is always someone coming in to check on Grandma while we are gone.  My mother even takes her to church or lunch on occassion which is a big help.  Twice a week I pay my sister in law (kinda like visiting angels) to come and spend time with her.  The talk about the Lord a lot and that makes Grandma really happy!  My sister from Utah will be coming in for a quick visit in July.  I will have both my sisters and their families staying with me!  I need to make a good grocery list and make sure everyone’s needs are met.


Not that I want anyone to feel sorry for me right now, that is not the motivation behind this post.  I just want you to know why I am not here right now and that I do read yours posts but don’t always get a chance to comment!  That stinks but every time I start a comment I get interrupted.