Sunday Salon – rainy spring

Time: 6:54

Scene: Sitting on the deck in the morning sunshine enjoying my coffee. It’s very serene.

Today’s Plan: lay around the condo for a while then I have to clean up and get ready to go home. Once home we will probably go to the gym then to Walmart to do our shopping for the week.

Drinking: Coffee

Listening to: a boat motor off in the distance, birds chirping,  and an a/c unit running.

Reading: Longbourn. I’m almost done with it.

Pondering: My job. I am the most unhappy I have ever been.  My boss is… I really don’t have words to describe him.  He’s a user. He plays dumb to get others to pick up his workload and goes out of his way to make you feel unimportant. Nonessential I believe is the term they are using at my facility. Often I think of looking for another job but then I only have three years to retire.  Praying for peace of mind.

Plans this week: Nothing vey different from any other week.  I think we have reached the age that one of us has a doctor appointment every week or two! 😝


Sunday Salon – Memorial weekend!


Not sure why this didn’t post . Must be my connection here at the lake…


Scene: It’s a beautiful sunny 70* this morning. I’m sitting on my deck enjoying my coffee.

Today’s Plan: Enjoy spending time with our friends who are here with us this weekend.  Do some boating,  lay by the pool, and grill some chicken!

Drinking: Coffee with French vanilla creamer

Listening to: Moby Dick. It’s going to be a long one…

Reading: Still trying to get through Longbourn. It has laid on the end table untouched for far too long.

Pondering: The sacrifice of our lost service men and women. I don’t think this AOC generation understands just how much was given for our freedom.

Plans this week: Monday we will clean up the condo and go home.  The rest of the week will be pretty much the same.  Next Saturday we are going on an ATV outing on southern Missouri.

I hope everyone is off to a great Memorial weekend!

Sunday Salon – late post

Time: 3:12

Scene: I have been going since my feet hit the ground this morning.  Taking a break from house work to rest and post.

Today’s Plan: Was to pick up Lewey from kennel where he got the spa treatment yesterday.  Go to Walmart for grandma. Get caught up on laundry.  Watch American idol and go to bed right after that.

Drinking: Water.  I put an app on my phone to remind me to drink water every hour.

Listening to: The television… hubby is sort of watching something.

Reading: On What Grounds. An mystery by Cleo Coyle.

Pondering: My ability to keep up.  I don’t really know how I did it all when we had three kids, a farm,  church,  and a full time job.

Plans this week: visit grandma twice.  Cut grass on Monday. Hormone doctor on Tuesday and the gym. Wednesday shop, pay bills,  and get ready to go to the lake Thursday nigh for a long weekend. Oh and keep up with the laundry.

Sunday Salon – Mother’s day


Scene: It’s a cloudy morning.  We have had so much rain this year! I’m so happy I am not trying to get a garden out! It rained yesterday and is supposed to rain more today.

The view from our deck…

Today’s Plan: Relaxing a bit here at the condo. We will head back home around 4. I want to go to our daughters and give her a mother’s day gift. She’s a step mother and I know how precious my own step mother was to me.

Drinking: My second cup of coffee.  Been up for a while.  We have to walk our dog and clean up after him. He is always an early riser!

Listening to: nothing nothing really. It’s quiet but not quite as quiet as it is at home.  Occasionally a car goes by, someone in another condo moves about…

Reading: The Girl on the Train.  This one has been hard to put down!

Pondering: Our son, a lot has happened with him since my last post. He had a good job and a nice girlfriend.  But homeless and unable to handle money.  He lost the girlfriend and abandoned his job then went back to his biological family.  He won’t talk to us and they are filling him with all kinds of untruths. He talks to his sister occasionally but usually to try and convince her to go back.  She’s not having any of it. We gave her all the court documents which was a lot so she would know the truth.  We try not to think about it.  We adopted them to try and give them a better life.  We did all we could. Now he is on his own. Someday I truly believe he will wake up and realize what he has done to us.

Plans this week: Gym, we have cut back to 3 days a week for a while. Grandma has an appointment with the opthomologist on Tuesday.  Then I have a nail appointment on Thursday. We are staying home next weekend to work around the house because the next weekend is memorial day weekend and we will be gone 4 days .


Sunday Salon – Lake Life

Time:  8:30


Cold and snowy… ugh! Tomorrow it will be 70 again! Oh this fickle spring weather…

Today’s Plan: We came home from the lake yesterday afternoon to get some things done.  Today we will relax up before we go back to work.  We are working too hard getting our condo ready for summer.

Drinking: coffee with plain creamer

Listening to: Our little dog walking on the hardwood floors and my fingers tapping away on the keys.

Reading: I tabled Longbourn to finish a couple books I found to be more interesting at the moment.  I am currently reading Still Me by Jojo Moyes, the final book in the series. I love this series!

Pondering: Our busy schedule.  We have something planned almost every weekend now through June!  I am going to need a relaxing weekend soon!

Plans this week: visit grandma, gym, hair and nail appointment on Thursday,  Friday night we will leave for the lake condo. I’ll be glad when it is all set up. We had a lot of little things to do to it. I will try to share pictures this week.

Sunday Salon – Fun times

Time: 6:55

Scene: Sunny morning albeit cooler. Another nice day in the Ozarks after a wet couple of days.

Today’s Plan: our friends will be leaving this morning.  We had a great Saturday riding UTV’s.  Now it’s time to get somethings done.  This afternoon I will strip beds and wash sheets, help clean up the RZR, and go to the gym.

Drinking: coffee with French vanilla creamer

Listening to: quiet.  Everyone is still asleep.

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker {{sigh}} holding out that this one picks up the pace.

Pondering: The news this past week of Smollet.  It’s unreal!  What was this prosecutor thinking?!  White privilege?  How about “Hollywood Privilege”!?

Plans this week: Much the same as last week.  Visit grandma, go to the gym, and… Oh Yeah, close on our condo on Friday!  With that we will be at the lake all weekend and I will be too busy to post. See you all when things settle down .

Sunday Salon – Spring

Time: 10:45

Scene: It’s a pretty nice day; partly cloudy and 58 degrees. I totally forgot about my post this morning because I was so excited to get outside.

Today’s Plan: we were going to st. Louis to IKEA!!!! I love that place! Hubby has never been. I think he will love it too. But decided to wait until after we closed on the condo to make sure we get the right things.

Drinking: water

Listening to: The Cruel Prince by

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker {{sigh}} this book is taking forever…

Pondering: the family drama.  Our son is going to try and work everyone in the family.  Apparently he is having car trouble but he hasn’t called us for help . Only those he knows will give him money.  All we can do for our adult children is pray because they will not listen.

Plans this week: hopefully close on our refinance so we close on the condo on April 5th… Friday we have a group of friends coming from the city to stay with us for the weekend to do some UTV riding. Going to be so much fun! I’ll visit grandma a couple of days. I bought her a bunch of new clothes for spring/summer. Not that her atmosphere changes much. And of course there is always the gym.

Sunday Salon – Sunshine

Time: 7:15

Scene: The house I quiet.  Hubby went to town to get us some food things to take on our trip today.  Little doggy is sleeping on the couch.  The sun is peaking over the horizon.  Beautiful morning!

Today’s Plan: We are going to drive about an hour away to go on a big group UTV ride!  These are always so much fun.  It’s starting off kind of cold but is supposed to warm up in the 50’s again today.

Taken last evening after we loaded up for today.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer.

Listening to: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker {{sigh}} this book is taking forever…

Pondering: My visit at my daughter’s home last Thursday evening.  Things are beginning to get more comfortable.  I had great casual conversations with both our daughter and her fiancé.  Very relaxed atmosphere.  Then I had breakfast with our middle daughter yesterday morning. Geez, there’s a difficult child if I ever saw one.

Plans this week: Visit Grandma, nail appointment Thursday while hubby is at board meeting, and Saturday we are going on another UTV ride!  Can’t wait!  Hopefully we won’t have too much rain this week that we won’t be able to go again.

Sunday Salon – Changing time

Time: 9:09 am

Scene: today is kind of cloudy and much cooler than yesterday.  At least it’s not raining anymore.   We had some flash flooding yesterday.

Today’s Plan: I have reworked my schedule so that I will be doing laundry each night of the week leaving my weekends free to be at the lake; preparing for a summer routine.  The only thing I plan to do today is go to the gym and maybe go by Walmart.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer.

Listening to: A new audio book Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker  This book so far is not as interesting as I thought it was going to be.  It’s hard to keep my interest in it.

Pondering: why we have to move our clocks around!!! Why can’t we just leave it where it is? It takes my body weeks to adjust!

Plans this week: My calendar is blank.  Just the new schedule… laundry, gym, and visiting grandma.

Sunday Salon – Bitter clinger

Time: 7:25

Scene: it’s snowing again…

Today’s Plan: a few loads of laundry and the gym are the only things on my radar this cold snowy day.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer.

Listening to: Fox News

Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker

Pondering: decluttering the livingroom.  There are books on my shelves that I have read and probably won’t read again.  There are shelves that need to be cleared off and repurposed. I have completed the kitchen and it feels great! To keep that euphoria going I will keep going! Lol!

Plans this week: this will be a slow week. Tomorrow I will visit grandma after work.  See if she is enjoying the television I took her last week. A nail appointment on Thursday and the gym every single day this week! We should have an appraisal on the house this week too.

Sunday Salon – Swampy

Time: 7:55

Scene: It’s so wet and soggy out there.  It rained most of yesterday on top of the freezing rain we got on Tuesday night. It’s going to be 40 degrees and we are under a wind advisory.  Maybe dry things out a bit.

Today’s Plan: I’ve got laundry to get caught up on, bills to pay, and some decluttering to do.  We need to go pick up our dog from our daughters.  Do a little shopping for the week and purchase grandma a television.  She needs something more than reading to do.

Drinking: Coffee with French vanilla creamer

Listening to: the quiet.

Reading: On The Road by Jack Kerouac.  I started this once and quit.  I am going to finish it this time.

Pondering: Jussie Smollett… I knew from the beginning this guys story was a lie.  But I was actually surprised when the truth came out.

Plans this week: tomorrow I will take grandma back to the orthopedic doctor to see if her cast can be removed.  It’s going to be a slower week than last.  Hubby has school board meeting so I will stay home from the gym and work on my decluttering and laundry.

Sunday Salon – cold days

Time: 11:00, I forgot about getting my post up this morning.

Scene:snow still covers everything. It’s cold out there! The home is nice and cozy though!

Today’s Plan: laundry and the gym are the only things that I need to do today.  Trying to stay close to the fire because it’s turned very cold again. I wish the weather would make up its mind. 60 degrees on Thursday and 25 on Friday with snow and freezing rain!

Drinking: water.  I am cutting back on caffeine.  My acid reflux isn’t getting any better so I need to start cutting out the things that cause it.

Listening to: Fox News

Reading: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

Pondering: my goals for each month.  I’ve not really gotten much accomplished. Just not motivated to do more than the daily routine.

Plans this week: nail appointment, doctor appointment, do our taxes,  visit grandma, and the gym four days. We will go to the lake to look at condos Saturday since we didn’t get to yesterday with the weather so bad.

Sunday Salon – back to reality

Time: 7:05

Scene:it’s beginning to get light earlier. Even though it’s cloudy and rainy this morning it’s more light than it has been.  Thankfully the temperature is supposed to be above freezing today but going to work tomorrow might be treacherous.

Today’s Plan: the weather being what it is I will be staying home! Laundry and some organizing. Maybe lay around and read a little bit.

Drinking: coffee with butter pecan creamer

Listening to: the furnace running.  Hubby will build a fire when he gets up.

Reading: The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

Pondering: our up coming get together with our oldest.  I’ve been talking to her some and my husband. I think this is going to go well and I will be reunited soon with her!

Plans this week: Tuesday to the dentist for cleaning, Wednesday an oil change,  the gym as many days as we can work in, and visit grandma. We are going to Lake of the Ozarks Saturday to look at a couple of condos.

Sunday Salon – Vacay mode

Time: 8:10

Scene: It’s a very cloudy morning but it’s a warm breezy morning.  I’m sitting here on my couch enjoying my coffee watching the birds fly around the feeders and the yard.  I guess trying to find worms already.

Today’s Plan: I have packing to get done, take our little dog to our middle daughter, some laundry,  and to bed early as possible.

Drinking: coffee with butter pecan creamer

Listening to: the quiet. 🙂

Reading: The Summer Before The War by Helen Simonson

Pondering: this crazy weather.  It’s a much warmer than the -22 we had this past week.

Plans this week: lay on the beach and soak up as much vitamin D as possible!

Sunday Salon – End of the Month

Time: 7:30

Scene:  It’s mostly cloudy and snowing but supposed to warm up into the 40’s today.

Today’s Plan: Cut some more wood, do a load of laundry, and rest up for the week.

Drinking: coffee then I have to start on my jug of water.

Listening to: Fox News. Hubby is up so that is always what is on.

Reading: Me After You by Jojo Moyes

Pondering: the news! Can liberal dems be so crazy?

Plans this week: We leave for Mexico a week from tomorrow.  We have packing to do and plans to make for our dogs.  Then there are visits to Grandma and going to the gym.  We need to eat what is in the fridge and not shop before we travel.

Sunday Salon – Extremely cold!

Time: 6:45

Scene: I realize that it is much colder where a lot of my blog friends are but I am not a winter person so 2* is so very very cold to me!  It’s a little foggy yet this morning. Thankfully the second “big” winter storm missed us.  I’m up early because our little dog must go outside and he will NOT let you sleep in.

Today’s Plan: I plan to help hubby bring in some more wood, do a load or two of laundry, change the sheets on our bed, go to the gym, and of course…watch the Chiefs cream the Patriots! 🙂

Drinking: My first cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer.

Listening to: The furnace running.  It does that about every 10 minutes or so! Luckily we use wood most of the time.  Just haven’t rebuilt the fire yet this morning.

Reading: The Sound and The Fury by Faulkner

Pondering: My appointment with the ENT was Friday and it went very well. He pretty much had me diagnosed before he even saw me.  He called it silent acid reflux due the fact I didn’t have any of the BIG common symptoms.  The lump in my throat and the hoarseness are caused by acid reflux.  The top of my esophagus is enflamed.  Official diagnosis…Gastro-esophageal reflux disease without esophagitis. 🙂  He never really said anything about the nodules in my thyroid.  No big deal I guess since all my blood work was normal.

Plans this week: I need to declutter the kitchen; It’s January! 🙂  I am also wanting to declutter my bookshelves and donate them to the Living Facility where Grandma is.  They have a lot of books but not the kind she necessarily enjoys.  Nothing really going on this week.  I am making it to the gym four days a week. That was one of my New Year “goals”.

Sunday Salon – Snowed in!

Time: 7:00

Scene: very happy to be home all weekend!

Today’s Plan: watch some NFL playoffs, grocery shopping,  and the gym.

Drinking: coffee with hazelnut creamer.

Listening to: furnace is running

Reading: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Pondering: the ultrasound results.  A couple small nodules in the right lobe and some enlarged lympnodes. Being referred to an ENT in St. Louis .

Plans this week: nothing much. Work and gym. I hope to hear from the doctor about the referral.

Sunday Salon – A New Year

Time: 8:15 am

Scene: It’s not a sunny morning but it’s going to be another nice day.  Temperatures in the 50’s is always a bonus in January.  The birds are still attacking the feeders though.

Today’s Plan: a couple loads of laundry, go to the gym, and maybe watch some football playoffs.

Drinking: water.  Hubby has challenged me to drink a gallon of water each day. 😕

Listening to: Fox news

Reading: To Be Where You Are  by Jan Karon

Pondering: tax season…

Plans this week: more of the same.  Gym, visiting grandma,  year beginning decluttering, and work.

Sunday Salon – last of 2018

Time: 7:38

Scene: it’s a cold, quiet,  frosty morning. The birds aren’t even at the feeders. My little dog Lewey is laying next to me on the couch.

Today’s Plan: working on our new Polaris RZR!  Some laundry,  packing to go to our friends for New year’s eve, and shooting some pool with hubby.

Drinking: coffee with caramel creamer.

Listening to: the furnace running.

Reading: To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon

Pondering: kids! They are still under 28 so we still don’t know anything . They are learning all life lessons the hard way.

Plans this week: Spending New Years day with friends, back to work on Wednesday, take grandma to orthopedic doctor (she fell a week ago and broke her wrist…bad deal), back to work Friday with my own doctor appointment squeezed in. Busy week. Probably no gym time. I have a torn rotator cuff…😞 lots of pain.

Sunday Salon – calm and cozy day

Time: 7:30

Scene: I’m sitting on my couch/recliner with my feet up, coffee at my side; watching the birds fly around the feeders.  It’ a pretty cold morning as the frost is very thick on the deck.

Today’s Plan: Laundry, pay bills, pack for trip, watch the Chiefs beat the Ravens, and relax a bit before I have to go to work for one day!

Drinking: my first cup of coffee with chocolate marshmallow creamer.

Listening to: Christmas music

Reading: The Woman in Cabin 10

Pondering: our day with my mother, sister, and all my kids!  It was pretty stressful.  Hubby and oldest still avoid each other.  I talked with her a bit about letting all their “stuff” go.  But, she’s just a bull-headed as her father.  He did block her way out the door and talked with her a bit.  I hope she will listen to what I said and we can all move on with life.  It’s been about two years now they have gone on this way.

Plans this week: Lay on the beach, get a massage, and lay by the pool!