Sunday Salon

Time:  10:00

Scene:  I put up the bird feeders this past week.  The birds finally found them.  I enjoy having my coffee and watching them.

Today’s Plan:  Got a few loads of laundry to do then we will go to the gym this afternoon.  Try to get some relaxing time before our week starts.  Hubby might go out hunting this evening.

Drinking: WATER.  I’m trying to drink more.

Listening to: The washing machine is running and Fox News is on.

 Reading: Seduction of a Highland Lass and MacFarland’s Lass.  Kind of a Scottish theme going right? LOL!

Pondering: Our Mexico trip.  We will be traveling December 11 – 14.  With our recent weather I am so looking forward to warmer climates.

Plans this week: I know that everyone is making plans for Thanksgiving.  But life here has changed.  Our kiddos and I have to work on Thanksgiving so we will get together and go out for dinner next Sunday evening.  As for this week I have a meeting with a VA representative about Grandma.  Hubby has a school board meeting Monday so I will stay home and watch our favorite winning KC Chiefs!  Other than that I will be working out each night.  Nothing special this week.


Sunday Salon – SPRING has sprung!

Time: 7:25

Scene: The sun is shining for the third day in a row!  The field is an amazing color of green and the sky is a brilliant blue!

Today’s Plan: work out in the yard, maybe plant some annuals.  Go to the gym.  Maybe a couple of loads of laundry.  We need to get the boat out and get it ready for boating season! FINALLY!

Drinking: Coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer

 Listening to: the birds!

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Pondering: Another month in 2018 is gone!  Am I the only one who thinks this year is going along way too fast?  May is upon us.  If you are gardening in Mid-Missouri you will be putting your tomatoes out in a couple of weeks.  I’ve decided not to do any gardening this year.  Still too unsettled.

Plans this week:  I always see Grandma Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that you will always see listed here unless there is a shake up that week.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I will get to the gym.  I will be back to working Fridays this week.  Friday night Hubby and I will be going to the Chamber of Commerce dinner party.  Saturday we are headed to Lake of the Ozarks for a Cinco de Mayo boating poker run!  Those are so fun!  I hope the weather is nice!

Sunday Salon – Reflection

Time:  7:15

Scene:  It’s actually a cozy morning here on the couch.  The birds are swarming an almost empty bird feeder.  We didn’t buy anymore because as you know it is spring and they should be finding plenty of food on their own.

Today’s Plan:  do a load of laundry, go to the gym, grocery shop, and rest this evening.

Drinking: Coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer

 Listening to: the quiet Sunday Morning!

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Pondering: Our furnace went out on the coldest day of last week.  {{sigh}} isn’t that they way it goes?  We couldn’t even burn wood because it requires the blower from the furnace to push the heat from the wood burning part of the furnace through the house.  We used a space heater in the bedroom and bathroom at night.  Luckily it didn’t stay cold or get cold enough that water pipes would freeze.  Our house is only 18 years old, very air tight and solid.  We survived our short term discomfort. 🙂

Plans this week:  I always see Grandma Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that you will always see listed here unless there is a shake up that week.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I will get to the gym.  Friday I have a doctor appointment in the City (St. Louis being the “City”).  Then I will get stop and get my manicure before heading home to visit with Grandma.  Saturday night we are planning on going to dinner with a friend of mine and her husband.  It’s her birthday!

Sunday Salon – Rainy days

Time:  6:50

Scene: It was beautiful all week when I was sitting at my desk at work.  Come Friday when I get to be off for three days it begins to rain!  Today is much the same.  Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! 🙂  It’s pretty dark in the house because it’s so cloudy outside.  I just haven’t turned on any lights while I sit here and have my coffee and blog surf.

Today’s Plan: I’m sure hubby has a work plan for us today.  There is still much to be done around here.  Mostly in the garage, shop and shed now.  The inside is pretty well pulled together.

Drinking: Coffee with French Vanilla creamer.

 Listening to: The furnace.  It’s still pretty cold this morning.

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Pondering: I’m really loving these evenings.  We come home from work.  Grab an energy bite and head to the gym.  When we get home we shower and get comfortable.  We’ve been playing a round of pool and shooting some darts.  I’m enjoying these because I know when the weather gets better and it’s light much later we will be outside working on our yard.

Sunday Salon – State of Confusion

Time:  7:00

Scene: cold and cloudy this morning making it dark in the house.  We are expecting snow showers today.

Today’s Plan: I have been working on rearranging our bedroom and moving my clothes to grandma’s old closet.  Hubby and I are really cramped in our room so we are spreading out.  Yet another project that we need to complete.  Maybe the gym if the weather permits.

Drinking: Coffee with French Vanilla creamer

 Listening to: The wood furnace blower! 😦

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Pondering: State of Confusion… I’m not really sure what season it is anymore.  We have had some freezing temperatures, sleet, snow, hail, rain, warm temperatures.  Thursday evening we brought in enough wood to get the fire going and warm this house up for the weekend.  Didn’t want too much extra wood in the house when it warms up this week.  I’m ready to wear shorts and sandles with sunscreen!   Hope you all have a blessed day!

Sunday Salon – Resurrection Sunday


Scene: dreary day.  It’s dark inside because there is no sunshine.  Calling for snow showers today.

Today’s Plan: To stay home and relax.  It was a crazy week.  (More on that later)

Drinking: Coffee with French Vanilla creamer and then on to water.

 Listening to: the furnace running.

 Reading: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

Pondering: We quit calling it Easter Sunday a long time ago instead opting for what it really is, Resurrection Sunday. Most historians, including Biblical scholars, agree that Easter was originally a pagan festival. According to the New Unger’s Bible Dictionary says: “The word Easter is of Saxon origin, Eastra, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered about Passover time each year. By the eighth century Anglo–Saxons had adopted the name to designate the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.” (sourceI don’t believe that JESUS dying on the cross has anything to do with a goddess of spring.  Hope you all have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

Sunday Salon – SPRING I think!

Time:  7:43

Scene: The sun is trying to peek out of the cloudy horizon this morning.

Today’s Plan: Work a little around the house, laundry, workout, nothing very exciting today.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer.  I’m not very adventurous with my creamers!

 Listening to: the furnace running.

 Reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Pondering: Grandma’s progress has been so amazing!  She has been walking around like nothing every happened since Tuesday evening.  It’s amazing to me but then I don’t know why God’s wonders take me by surprise!  Because it is God’s hand that has seen her through this event in her life.  She’s had lots of visitors in the nursing home.  It’s located in our town and easy to get in and out of so more people are willing to take 30 minutes out of their day to stop in.  Her home is about a mile out of town and not really easy to get to in ones daily routine.  Anyway, the meals are satisfying and she seems happy enough.  Thank you all for your prayers!  They mean so much to Grandma and me!

Sunday Salon – Simpler times…

Time:  9:53

Scene: It’s a cool cloudy morning.  There are no lights on this morning.  It’s a relaxing atmosphere. 😀

Today’s Plan: Grandma is leaving the hospital and come to a nursing home in our town where she will have physical therapy for 3 weeks.  Today I will work around the house, do a little shopping, go meet grandma, and of course laundry.

Drinking: I’ve started on water.

 Listening to: Chip and Joanna Gains.  I love this show.

 Reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Pondering: We slept in today.  With everything that’s been going on with Grandma I haven’t had much sleep.  Had breakfast and coffee first thing.  Hubby went to help our renter move a truck, I’m starting laundry, drinking my water, going through stuff.  We are almost done “repurposing” our family room area.  It will be more fun for grown ups.  Our kids are “grown ups” and I know they will appreciate this new area.



Sunday Salon – Resting day

Time:  7:22

Scene: It’s another cool and cloudy rainy morning.  The birds aren’t even at the feeder. My dog babies are laying around with me this morning.  I enjoy a Sunday morning like this.

Today’s Plan: this is going to sound like I have lost my mind but, I’m not going to do anything today!

Drinking: coffee with hazelnut creamer

 Listening to: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

 Reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

Pondering: Who am I kidding?!  Of course I’ll do something.  It’s not in my nature to do “nothing”.  TAXES, I MUST GET THEM DONE!  But I’m going to laze around the house in my pajamas all day while I do them. LOL!

Sunday Salon – Day light!

Time: 7:10

Scene: The sun is shining!  The days are getting longer and I am so happy about that.  It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day in Missouri.

Today’s Plan: Do a few loads of laundry this morning and then hubby bought a pool table for our downstairs family area so we will go pick it up this afternoon.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer

 Listening to: The quiet morning.  Hubby is still in bed.

 Reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Pondering: I’ve tried to quiet my mind so there isn’t much that I am allowing to “ponder”.  I’m trying to get things together at this house so that life just flows more freely.  All the projects pending have me going out of my mind… again, “stop thinking about it!”

Sunday Salon – I’m Back… I think

Time: 6:55

Scene: It’s a calm quiet morning.  We are slowly emerging from our beds with squinty eyes and tosseled hair.  We are really enjoying this part of empty nest.

Today’s Plan: Visiting hubby’s family in St. Louis.  There are a couple that aren’t going to make it much longer and we want to spend time being close with the family.

Drinking: My first cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.  Don’t know why, it just looked good in the store.

 Listening to: my dog babies eating breakfast.

 Reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Pondering: All the changes going on in my house.  Every single room has something torn apart.  Hubby and I are going through stuff as well as working on taxes. The two don’t go well together but I take a break from taxes to refocus by helping him pack stuff out.  Hopefully we will have our home cleaned and set up in the next few weeks.

Sunday Salon – The “Lover’s” Month

Time: 7:05

Scene: It’s a cold cloudy morning.  I have the woodstove cranking again.  Good day to stay in.

Today’s Plan: It’s goin to be a busy week with grandma going into the retirement home and I leave next Sunday for Mexico!  Laundry to do, packing for all of us, some cooking for the week, and make a shopping list of things grandma will need.

Drinking: Coffee with white chocolate creamer

 Listening to: nothing.  It’s quiet and everyone is still in bed. MY favorite part of the day!


Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography by William Anderson

Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck

Pondering: I’m almost done with this little scarf I have been knitting for my niece.  Wondering if I should start something else.  I don’t know how my time is going to workout after grandma is gone.  What I will be really wanting to do: workout more, stay home for extra reading/knitting time. Geez, what’s a girl to do!?

Sunday Salon – End of January already


8:05 am


It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning!  It’s still cool right now but it’s supposed to warm up into the 50’s again today! I hope they are right as they have been missing it the last few days.

Today’s Plan: 

Talk with Grandma about the Assisted Living arrangements, gym time, meal plan, and do some reading.


Coffee with White Chocolate creamer

 Listening to: 

Grandma puttering around in her room.


Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography by William Anderson

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman


I’m really trying to focus on something other than Grandma and my hard feelings about the way she is acting and my decision to place her in an assisted living facility.  It’s hard though because I am a planner and I can’t move on until an plan has been seen through.  This one is going to take a few more weeks.  Maybe even a month.

Sunday Salon – Four day weekend

Time: 7:00 am

Scene: Much warmer that it has been for several weeks!  Woke up to 49 degrees and it supposed to be 59 today!  Cloudy though with rain moving in.

Today’s Plan: Maybe a load or two of laundry, read, shower, read… not a lot of anything.  I’m taking advantage of our relaxing weekend at home!

Drinking: Coffee with White Chocolate creamer

 Listening to: Spotify – relaxing piano music.


I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

Pondering: This quiet weekend!  Oral surgery was the way to get a weekend at home!?  Well, that is not something I would want to do every weekend! LOL.  Hubby is also down with the flu.  We have officially passed it around to everyone in our home.  Now I hope that is the end of winter sickness! 🙂


Sunday Salon – From Branson…NOT

Time: 7:30

Scene: another freezing morning in the Midwest.  It’s overcast. Looks like it could snow!!! Geez, I hope not.  I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Today’s Plan: Continue to rest and get over this flu.  I do need to do a load of laundry and pay our bills (a chore normally done on Saturday mornings).

Drinking: Coffee with vanilla caramel creamer.

 Listening to: a quiet house.  Hubby is reading his news feeds and grandma is still asleep.


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Great Convergence by Joseph R. Lallo

Pondering: My list of things I need to get done this week.  Since I was “out of commission” for almost three entire days I am behind on many chores.  I did get a little farther in an actual book because I laid around a lot.  Still didn’t get as far as I would like to have gotten on “The Mayor”.  This is a good story but Hardy isn’t an author I can just breeze through.  Which I normally like but I feel like I am under pressure already to read my January books!  I’m starting off the year way behind in my reading goal.  I do have all my February books so I can start on them as soon as I finish this one.  I will work in my January books throughout the year I guess.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I’m going to rest and enjoy my coffee for a little bit and then get started on my chore list.


Sunday Salon – baby it’s cold outside!

Time: 9:30

Scene: It’s a cold morning.  At least it has warmed up some. We have rain coming in today.  Now if it will only stay warm enough that this doesn’t turn into ICE!  I’m sitting in my usual recliner downstairs this morning.

Today’s Plan: laundry, cleaning up around the house, unload some wood and workout this afternoon.  We didn’t get home until almost noon yesterday so we didn’t get much done around the home this weekend.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer.

 Listening to: Kenny G on spotify via earbuds as everyone is still alseep.

 Reading:  The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

Pondering: Over at my book review blog I have a once amonth Sunday Post.  It’s entirely about books and nothing else.  I’m really enjoying doing my review on blogger again.

Sunday Salon – New Years Eve

Time: 7:22

Scene: It’s been a very cold week!  There is frost on the ground and it is

 Today’s Plan: I’ll make a taco tray for our son to take to his aunt and uncles for New Years.  Hubby and I are going to dress up fancy and head to a very high-class restaurant in St. Louis where we will spend the night.  We’ve never done this sort of thing before but now that we don’t really have anyone home we thought we would give it a try.

Drinking: Coffee with Bailey’s white chocolate and peppermint creamer

Listening to: The wood furnace running.  I got the fire going again first thing.


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Chosen by Ted Dekker

Pondering: a quiet 2018.

Sunday Salon – Christmas Eve

UPDATE!!! Right after I post this morning it started snowing… it’s still snowing at 11:15 CST!!!  A white Christmas!!!


Time: 7:05 am

Scene: Cloudy and cold Sunday morning!  The fall weather left on Friday and brought with it frosty coldness for Christmas.  The remnant of early Saturday morning snow on the ground. My birds are happy at the feeder!

 Today’s Plan: laundry, cook a nice dinner, workout, and spend time with Jeremy.

Drinking: Coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.  I shouldn’t have bought such a large bottle!

Listening to: Stillness.  I love these mornings.


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Book of Deacon by Joseph R. Lallo

Pondering: Future Christmas’s… how long is the Lord going to have me wait for my kids to grow up and be part of our family again? And my husband to stop being so “hard” against their actions?  I will wait, not because I am patient but because I have no other option.

Sunday Salon – Winter days

Time: 6:50

Scene: I’m sitting down in the family room.  It’s cloudy and looks like it might snow.  It must have rained already as the patio is wet.  I haven’t been outside but it appears to be COLD.  Think I will sit right here for a while.

 Today’s Plan: need to get stocked up on groceries, do a load of laundry, gym time, crochet, and rest a bit… work tomorrow.

Drinking: coffee with peppermint mocha creamer…again.

Listening to: Quiet.  The furnace occassionally kicks on…


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Pondering: My workout goal.  I have five months to get the really toned arms and back; not to mention the thighs and backside… that I want for those summer clothes.  I’m working out four days a week now but I may need to step it up to five days.  I can see results but I’m afraid it won’t be enough by June 1st.