My weekend away

I’ve been somewhat slack in posting here this week.  It’s because I am so busy recovering and catching up from being away from home for three days! 🙂  That’s right!  This home body and introvert left town! 
While at work last Thursday I just decided to text my sister in Kansas City and ask her if she was busy for the weekend.  She was so excited! Just so happened she had no kids or husband for the weekend and was so happy I would consider coming up!  I sent my husband a message telling him what I had decided to do for the weekend.  He was amazed!
Friday morning after dropping my son at school I set out for the four hour drive.  It was a really nice drive.  I took my time, listened to an audio book, and just relaxed.  In fact, my whole weekend was a nice relaxing time. 
  • We visited a winery and did a wine tasting.  I bought a really nice bottle to take home.
  • We had sushi!  Something I don’t get much at home.
  • Went to IKEA!!!  That was an out of body experience! 🙂
  • We dressed up and went to a very elegant restaurant.
  • I got me a new phone with the watch (Samsung Galaxy S8). I love it!
Below are some pictures that I remembered to take! I hope to get back on track with more posting.