Week In Review – #19


This week has been a long one but fast one.  Don’t know if that makes any sense…  When we have vacation plans it seems like the time drags on.

This was a horrible week at work.  I got a virus through an email that totally locked up my computer.  My company immediately caught it and quarantined my PC along with my user id.  It was almost a full day before I got another computer and was up and working again.  That’s a long time for me when my entire job is done on a computer.

Then I must have gotten my own virus from someone!  I’ve been down for three days with a nasty cold.  As we leave on vacation Monday morning.  I’ve got to get this mess cleared up or my flight will be miserable.

Grandma is back to her old self.  She’s walking the halls whistling like a canary! (Bwhahaha! Just made me think of It’s A Wonderful Life!)  anyway, she’s doing quite well.  She had lots of company here this week.  That’s a good thing because I haven’t felt good enough to be around her very much.  Don’t want her to get this cold.

This weather!  It’s a miracle that we aren’t all down with pneumonia!  Our high Thursday was 78 degrees!  Then Friday it was all down hill.  Started out warm enough but quickly turned cold and nasty!  Dropped to 46 very windy degrees by middle afternoon.

I’ve got a lot to get done today so I am going to cut this short.  Even though I won’t be here this week my Giving Thanks posts will still go up! 🙂  I’ll be checking in!


Week In Review – #18


So my week in review generally starts with Sunday… {{sigh}} I spent the morning sitting for my hubby’s co-worker.  They got called to work and he had his little girl.  The only way he could go to work was if I kept her… could I say no?  NEVER!  After about 4 hours of coloring, cartoons, walks, and swinging she went home with her daddy, happy to have spent time with Monica.

Then, it was time once again to get those leaves off the yard.  I look forward to those leaves changing colors so much!  But this is not the part that I look forward to at all!  I think I am getting too old for this type of work.  I ache all over! 🙂

AHHHH, got our voting privilege taken care of and after along night on pins and needles awaiting the results; we are happy here at our home with our new President Elect! 🙂  My dad said he was moving to Canada if Trump and/or Blunt won… Wonder if he needs help packing {{{Giggling}}}!

Our middle daughter came over on election night and brought her “boyfriend”.  {{{UGH}}}  We were nice but I sure hope this one doesn’t last!  Enough said on that topic.

I missed the Yarn Along post his week which is frustrating to me!  I forgot all about it until I was about to go to bed on Wednesday night.  Ahhh, well, wasn’t much change from the previous week anyway.  I have been plugging along at Giving Thanks though.  Each day there is something to be thankful for.  Trying to open my eyes to everything and appreciate it.  Some times I just get so busy with life that I don’t think about things like I should.

Last night hubby and I made a quick trip into the city to purchase him a nice big tool chest.  His shop is such a disaster and he can’t find the tools he needs.  I hope this weekend he can spend some time out there getting it together.

That’s really about all our week has been.  There are no cattle or chickens to talk about anymore.  There are only a few pieces of haying equipment left to sell.  If it weren’t for the cold I would be actually looking forward to this winter… no outside work! 🙂

Hope your weekend is a blessed one!

Week In Review – #17


The closer we get to the end of the year the faster the weeks seem to go!  🙂  Won’t be long and it will be Christmas!  This has been a pretty great week!  Great as in:

  • The weather has been awesomely fall!  My flowers in my flower bed are still blooming like crazy.  It looks more like April around here (except there are no leaves on the trees).
  • Our middle daughter has come back around.  After 4 weeks of being absent from our home she has had a change of heart.   For right now she is still living with a friend but we hope to gradually change her mind on this subject.  We have a rental that she may be able to move into after the first of the year… 🙂
  • Hubby has found a toy to replace his cows and hay equipment!  A beautiful H3 is his new “toy”.  He deserves something nice after all the hard work he has put in our farm all these years.  imag1633
  • A day off in the middle of the week to go with Hubby to pick up his new toy.
  • Worked out 3 days this week!  Lots of hard planning and running hard to get it in but I did it!
  • Last night we went to dinner and a movie with our very old friends!  He was the Best Man in our wedding. We’ve been trying to “rekindle” our old friendship as we all transition into “post” children living.  They are grandparents and I hope that we aren’t for a while yet

That’s really about all I have to share from the week.  It’s been kind of quiet this week… just the way I like it!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Week In Review – #16


Another week has come and gone.  It’s been an emotionally hard week but I know things will work out given time.

Grandma:: is making great progress.  Her blood pressure is staying steady off the high blood pressure meds and she is working with the Physical Therapist to increase her strength and balance.  I am letting her do more and more on her own and she is beginning to have a good attitude again.

Son:: He is working hard to get a good grade this next quarter in Algebra 2.  He didn’t do so good the first quarter but he know how important the semester grade is to the recruiter. Given his ADHD history he needs to show that he can do well without his medication.  He is doing outstanding in cross country.  We are very proud of him.

Hubby:: Continues his workouts almost every night.  I know how much he needs them to keep his mind in good health.  That’s the way he let’s off steam. 😉  He’s had a rough week with our daughters.

Myself:: I did get out Sunday and Tuesday evening to workout.  Had meals ready for Grandma and our son.  Since he has no other chores, he cleans up dinner.  The other days I have been keeping up with laundry and basic house chores.  This frees me up a great deal to to enjoy the weekend.

Around the place:: Can’t really call it a homestead anymore if we aren’t working it, right?  Well, we are still selling off a lot of hay equipment and things that need to be used or they will “rot”.   Today I am using the leaf blower to get those leaves off the grass.  Then I will cut the grass.  I really need to get the old garden beds cleaned up.

Weather:: This has truly been a fall-ish week.  The temps have hovered for the most part from 68-74 degrees.  Today is warmer, 80 degrees.  The evenings range from 40-50.  It’s just the type of weather that I enjoy.

I hope you all have seen the post this week about the upcoming Giving Thanks Challenge.  If you have any questions just contact me through the Contact Page.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions.  I’ve changed from inlinked to Linky tools for my link ups due to the compatibility with WP.  Hope to see you on Sunday Salon and Giving Thanks Challenge 2016!

Week In Review – #15

week-in-reviewThe days of this week have been pretty much the same everyday.  Not one workout other than Sunday.  Can’t really say yet when I will be able to return to that routine.  Each night I am home cooking for Grandma and our son.  Then I do a load of laundry, not saving it all for the weekend.  This is freeing me up to do other things today! 🙂

The weather has turned cooler.  The leaves are at their peak I do believe.  Soon the trees will be bare.  There has been a couple days of down pouring rains.  I don’t sit and worry about the cows, calves, and chickens anymore that’s for sure.  I hated it when the weather turned bad and they stood out in the cold rains or snow.

Grandma is doing really good.  She is trying so hard to prove that she can be careful.  Every morning I put her on the scale and blood pressure machine that send the information to the nurse in St. Louis.  The blood pressure is staying good without high blood pressure meds.  It seems so strange to me since the Wednesday before she fell we were just at the Cardiologist and everything was good.  She is using the walker without whining and giving me fits about it.  I’ve had someone come in and stay with her for about four hours each day.  They help her get lunch and just keep her company for a bit.  This keeps her from wanting to talk my ear off when I come in from work too.  Don’t know how long we will continue this but I am really liking it.  The nurse and physical therapist came this week along with a lady who gave her a midweek bath.  Then I give her one on Saturdays. (can you see what is the biggest part of my week?  this paragraph is extra long)

It seems pretty strange here without animals.  Even our German Shepherd, Jada, has been wondering the fields looking for the cows; nose in the air…  She takes the same steps every night that our son would take to go take care of the chickens.  Around the pen to make sure all is well.  She misses them all too.

The Senior pictures came back this week.  The cows were in some of them and it really made us miss them more. 🙂  I don’t normally show our kids faces due to the adoption but I will because I am sure the biological mother is not here… I can’t share until I get the disk in the mail.  The website won’t allow me to save a picture or download it.

That’s really all that’s been going on around here.  Hope your week was a smooth and colorful week! 🙂



Week In Review – #14

week-in-reviewWorkout/Health: There has been none this week!

Around the farm: Last weekend we had a cattle buyer come by to see if he would be interested in our cows… That was depressing.  With Obama opening up the boarders not only to emigrants but also to the cattle market, our market is in the tank.  Bred cows that sold last year for $2300 are now only worth $700.  And if they aren’t far along in their pregnancy, they will abort and slaughter the cow.  Obama is out to ruin the small farmer.

Saturday our son had his Senior pictures taken.  I can’t wait to see them.  He did a great job.

Weather: Fall is here for real.  I love these cooler colorful days.  It has been in the low to mid 70’s every day and upper 40’s over night.  I want to light a bonfire and enjoy being outside!

Knitting: not much

Reading:  audio only…

NOW onto the real juice of the week… Grandma fell Monday evening.  Knocked herself out cold.  We went by ambulance to the hospital.  They sent us into St. Louis because the CT showed a floating fracture in her neck.

In the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday they determine it was an old wound that had calcified and was not threat.  Many tests done on Tuesday and I brought her home on Tuesday evening.

She needs a lot of care so I pay someone to come through the day while I work.  Home health set up a vitals stations so I only have to “hook” her up in the mornings and all her vitals are sent to St. Louis to a nurse.  I have to bathe her, fix all her meals, and give her meds..

It’s been a long week to say the least.  So sorry I have been absent from blog land.  I hope I can keep up with my new life.  It sure has changed in the matter of a few weeks!

God bless you all and I will post and comment whenever I can.

Week In Review – #13


  • Workout/Health: Life has changed around here and so has my workout.  Our daughter would pick up our son from cross country while I was still working out.  Now, Hubby goes to workout and I stay home Monday through Friday.  It’s only for a season.  Cross country will be over at the end of the month.  In the mean time I am watching what I eat and starting next week I will get out my trusty old workout videos and workout at home.
  • Around the farm:  We sold all the calves on Tuesday.  We only have 9 cows and 1 bull left.  They will stick around until after the first of the year.  It’s fall and we are going to be getting the wood split and stacked, ready to be hauled in soon.  The chicken coop will need to be winterized in a few weeks time.  The Maples and Sycamores are starting to change colors already.  Beautiful on the homestead!
  • Weather:  We had one 80+ degree day this past week.  Other than that it has been 62 – 75 glorious degrees.  One morning we had some rain and then yesterday considerable cloudiness.  I love being outdoors this time of year.
  • Knitting: Well I’ve done very little lately.  My mindless K3P3 pattern leaves me too much time to dwell on the recent past.  I’d rather stay busy doing my cleaning and meal preparing than re-thinking everything.
  • Reading:  Hasn’t been too bad.  It also helps to keep my mind busy.  I finished  Of Mice and Men this week.  It was a very short book but there were several days that I didn’t even pick up a book.  I’m listening to The Lotus Eater and I’ve still go 1001 Arabian Nights on my kindle.

That’s really about all there is to my week.  Adjusting to a new schedule and hoping to get back into blogging.   Hope your weekend is bright and full of beautiful color!

Week In Review – #12


  • Workout/Health:  I have been in a rut where my workout is concerned.  I’ve not seen any results lately so I decided to really kick it up.  {{UGH}} I have been so sore since Monday morning it actually hurts to breath! 🙂  THAT is SO AWESOME!  I’ve been told in order to burn more fat I need to build more muscle.  So, here goes! 🙂  I’ve cut way back on calorie intake but increased my proteins to build and repair those muscles that I am tearing down.
  • Around the farm:  Hubby bush hogged our place and it looks so much better.  He is still working on hay at other farms in the area and wishing he had not committed.  It’s very stressful trying to work a full time job and get a hay field cut and baled without it getting wet.  He should finish up this weekend though.
  • Weather:  Monday was a very nice day, pleasant with low humidity.  Then with the middle of the week higher temps and humidity returned.  I love the warm weather, it’s the humidity that I can do without.  I feel like I live in MS instead of MO.
  • Kiddos: Our son continues to do well.  He is highly motivated by having Cross Country… and keeping it! LOL!  DD2 is doing well and looking forward to fall break here real soon.  After fall break she goes into anatomy 2 for five days a week.  DD1 has not mentioned anything wedding related again.  She works constantly and is stepmother to two little boys. (she’s good at it too)
  • Extras:  SIL is still in the hospital having tests run.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Week In Review – #11


  • Workout/Health:  This week was not a good workout week.  And then I did a little bit of stress eating; which is never good.  Hubby had a round the clock shift one night, school board workshop another, and then hay cutting.  So we didn’t get to workout as normal.  Other than the little stress eating I mentioned we did pretty good not over eating.
  • Meal plans: Changed our days around a little bit.  Hubby likes the Mexican night and wasn’t home for the original scheduled night so we moved it.  We try to be flexible when it comes to everyone’s schedule.
  • Around the farm:  Blah…haying.
  • Weather:  The week started out gorgeously.  Then the humidity moved back in.
  • Kiddos:  Our son meddled for the first time in Cross Country event. This is his first year and only his third event!  Middle daughter is doing great in her college courses.  She’s got a tough semester: Anatomy I and 2 and an online mythology class. 🙂  Our oldest has not mentioned “wedding” plans again lately.  But she is talking more about the “step” children in her life.
  • Extras:  The end of an era…kind of sad to me.  I know it’s only a pool but it marked the year that our oldest learned to swim. We ran out and got a pool! 🙂  That was 16 years ago.  At this time we are planning on replacing the liner and keeping it.  I think I have had an identity crisis this week.  I got bored with the look of my blog and went playing around with different templates.  Still not sure.  I’m wanting something very fall-ish.

Week In Review – #10


  • Workout/Health: It’s more difficult to cook healthy and still feed our son who is a bottomless pit right now.  I buy three pounds of chicken breasts and there is never any “leftovers”.  I have to cook up six pounds at a time.  Salad, he doesn’t like so he won’t eat much.  But he does eat some.  He is running cross country in school this fall and will be doing track in the spring.  He is growing into quite a man! Sorry but I don’t share pictures of my family here because of adoption reasons…  Hubby is maintaining a great weight.  I just can’t seem to take any more off.  I do feel better working out though.  Especially after sitting at a desk all day.
  • Meal plans: Again, it’s hard to come up with meals that are healthy and filling.  Winter won’t be a problem as I can make filling healthy winter meals! 🙂  Chicken chili… OHHH I can’t wait for that one.
  • Around the farm: Right now it is pretty quiet.  But someone asked hubby to cut their hay again.  A second cutting is usually good but we are so flooded with hay and there is so much grass right  now we won’t be able to sell it.
  • Weather:  We had a nice break over the weekend but the heat has returned along with the outrageous humidity.  85* would not be back but the humidity makes it feel like 99* 😦  Thursday it did cool down a little and brought an occasional rain shower.
  • Extras: Grandma is talking about making her annual trip to Arizona again.  When she came back last time she swore she would never go again, “I’m just getting too old for travel” she said.  Bahahaha, I knew she would change her mind.