Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday has moved from The Broke and the Booksish to That Artsy Reader Girl.  I will continue to join in on the fun to share my Tope Ten for each week.

This week the Top Ten topic is “Top Ten bookish resolutions/goals”.

I already posted my 2018 reading plan but here are the top ten I really want to accomplish this year.  These have been on my Goodreads list since 2012! (pst… and they aren’t the only ones…)

  1. War and Peace
  2. The Secret Life of Bees
  3. One Hundred Years of Solitude
  4. The Color Purple
  5. The Moonstone
  6. The Old Man and the Sea
  7. I Heard the Owl Call My Name
  8. All Quiet on the Western Front
  9. Go Ask Alice
  10. Little Lord Fauntleroy



SWDB #3 – January 15, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: dark and snowing!

I am thinking: I need a few days off work.  In fact, I think I will take off this Thursday and Friday for an extra long weekend!

I am thankful: That I have a job with paid time off.

One of my favorite things: a weekend at home.

I am creating: organized tax papers

I am wearing: I’m still in my robe with my hair in a towel.

I am reading: The Mayor of Casterbridge. I’m tired of putting that in my posts.

I am listening to: Tuesday’ with Morrie.

I am hoping:  You don’t have to hear about my tax mess all month long.

I am learning: That I still procrastinate this tax season stuff.

In my kitchen: I have a very organized meal plan for Grandma.  Every couple of days I make a new meal which I freeze part of for another day.  She has a variety of options for lunches and leftover dinners when I don’t get time to cook.  I just need to stick with it.

Shared quote:

A moment from my day: 

Our baby likes to lay around with us when we are home.  We don’t usually sit around to much so he really has enjoyed the last four days!

Closing note: I think I am going to take off work a Thursday and Friday this week. I’ve got a few vacation days to burn.  Maybe I’ll do some reading, coloring, and some laundry…

Sunday Salon – From Branson…NOT

Time: 7:30

Scene: another freezing morning in the Midwest.  It’s overcast. Looks like it could snow!!! Geez, I hope not.  I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Today’s Plan: Continue to rest and get over this flu.  I do need to do a load of laundry and pay our bills (a chore normally done on Saturday mornings).

Drinking: Coffee with vanilla caramel creamer.

 Listening to: a quiet house.  Hubby is reading his news feeds and grandma is still asleep.


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Great Convergence by Joseph R. Lallo

Pondering: My list of things I need to get done this week.  Since I was “out of commission” for almost three entire days I am behind on many chores.  I did get a little farther in an actual book because I laid around a lot.  Still didn’t get as far as I would like to have gotten on “The Mayor”.  This is a good story but Hardy isn’t an author I can just breeze through.  Which I normally like but I feel like I am under pressure already to read my January books!  I’m starting off the year way behind in my reading goal.  I do have all my February books so I can start on them as soon as I finish this one.  I will work in my January books throughout the year I guess.

Enjoy your Sunday!  I’m going to rest and enjoy my coffee for a little bit and then get started on my chore list.


My Journey This Week #16

Silly me!  Last Wednesday I was typing about Tuesday in regards to my new nephew coming and I didnt’ finish it because I didn’t know the exact details!  Geez what a goof!  Anyway, Little Asher Kingston weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Mom labored for 17 hours before bringing him into this world!  They are both home and doing well!

Friday… Our game night with hubby’s family was a great success.  In my mind anyway.  There were many board games and card games set up around a big basement/family area.  I kind of rotated around and tried to play every game at least once.  Then there was finger foods to enjoy while we played.  It was a late night so we just stayed the night.

Saturday… We can’t get away from hubby’s cousins very easily.  Even seeing them as much as we have as of late.  It was 11:30 before we got home today.  I got a couple loads of laundry done and spent a few hours with grandma and that’s about it.  For dinner we went out for Mexican.  While sitting at our favorite Mexican restaurant we booked our late winter vacation to Mexico.  We leave February 11th and come home the 15th.  I can’t wait to get out of this cold midwest!

Sunday… Did the rest of  my laundry, cooked up two meals for the week, finished the baby afghan, and watched America’s Funniest Videos.  I’ve always loved that show!  I laughed until my stomach hurt.

Monday… What a busy day! After work I had to go to the bank, get home to gather things for the gym, drop hubby at the gym, take my car for it’s third oil change, back to the gym for 30 minutes, and finally home to eat some protein!  whew!  It was a crazy evening.

Tuesday… I coughed non-stop all day long.  Around noon I started to feel acky.  I left work a little early to get to the chiropractor.  I have a hip that has “dropped” causing it to pinch my sciatic nerve.  I’m so sore after those adjustments.  Shouldn’t need too many more to get it corrected.  I didn’t go to the gym because I felt so aweful.  Hubby brought me home some Theraflu night and day formula, cepacol, and coldeeze.  I think he wanted me to get better quickly.  I slept all night long without coughing at all.

Wednesday… woke feeling a little better but soon the coughing resumed.  Took that wonderful stuff hubby bought me every 4 hours along with the cepacol drops.   I found a new beautician.  I have went to the same lady for 20 years.  Suddenly she has started to really make some big mistakes on my hair.  I lost 6 inches since August due to her “forgetting” me under a dryer with bleach on it!  Anyway… I really like this new, young woman.  I spent some time with her telling her my (and hubby’s) likes and my goal to get my hair back to long and healthy.

Thursday… Tuesday evening Grandma and I started having severe cold symptoms. Now for me that’s no big deal but for grandma it has sent us to the emergency room.  We spent 5 hours there to find out we both have type A Flu!  Trying to nurse grandma at home while not feeling well myself is kind of hard.  They could not admit her because the hospital is full.  So, here I sit on the couch Friday morning, feverish, achy, trying to feel better.  Hubby and I were supposed to go to Branson this weekend…  Hope your weekend is a great one!

Top Ten Tuesday

Joining The Broke and the Bookish to share my top ten for this week.

This week the Top Ten topic is “Ten Books We Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To (and totallyyyy plan to get to in 2018!!)”  

This is pretty easy as there were lots of classics that I intended on reading but didn’t…

  1. The Memoirs of a Geisha
  2. The Color Purple
  3. One Hundred Years of Solitude
  4. War and Peace
  5. The Secret Life of Bees
  6. Captivating
  7. The Moonstone
  8. Hard Times
  9. The Old Man and the Sea
  10. Jude the Obscure


SWDB #2 – January 8, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Looking out my window: I went out to feed our dog Jada and it’s rather foggy.  Temperature is just above freezing.  Hope the roads aren’t bad for my drive to work this morning.

I am thinking: about taxes.  It’s that time of year and I dread it with all my heart and soul.

I am thankful: tax “season” is at the beginning of the year so I can get it over and be done with it.

One of my favorite things: shoes!  Did you know that about me?  I love shoes!  That is the first place I go when we shop… straight to the shoe s

I am creating: organized tax papers.

I am wearing: bath robe.

I am reading: The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

I am listening to: The furnace run.

I am hoping: we at least break even on our tax

I am learning: That our kids must learn their own lessons in life just like we did.  They won’t let us give them advise.  Hmmmm, this sounds familiar.  I’m sure our Father in Heaven feels the same way. {{sigh}}

In my kitchen: I’m back to meal planning for grandma.  I’ve got the next couple of weeks laid out on the calendar and all the ingredients to prepare them.

Shared quote:


A moment from my day: 

I finally finished the Afghan for our new baby who came January 2nd. Asher Kingston!

Closing note: I feel like we are starting to settle back into a daily routine.  I love routine so I am feeling happy these days.  I’m getting my workout in and keeping up pretty well around the house.  That always makes me feel less stressed. 🙂  Hubby had been very good a helping me so that I can get to the gym with him.  He can see that I feel much better when I get to go.

Grandma is in another funk.  She’s a gloomy dooms-dayer these days.  I’m sure it’s the weather and the fact she can’t get out and walk.  Our only outing was to the cardiologist last week.  Not the best social event you can think of but then she won’t go anywhere else.

I hope you all have a great week!  I’ll be visiting you soon! 🙂


Sunday Salon – baby it’s cold outside!

Time: 9:30

Scene: It’s a cold morning.  At least it has warmed up some. We have rain coming in today.  Now if it will only stay warm enough that this doesn’t turn into ICE!  I’m sitting in my usual recliner downstairs this morning.

Today’s Plan: laundry, cleaning up around the house, unload some wood and workout this afternoon.  We didn’t get home until almost noon yesterday so we didn’t get much done around the home this weekend.

Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut creamer.

 Listening to: Kenny G on spotify via earbuds as everyone is still alseep.

 Reading:  The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

Pondering: Over at my book review blog I have a once amonth Sunday Post.  It’s entirely about books and nothing else.  I’m really enjoying doing my review on blogger again.

My Journey This Week…

And so it continues! 🙂

Friday… After putting in our regular day at work hubby and I, along with Jeremy, headed to the gym.  We all had a really good workout.  Then with this being the last Friday Jeremy will be home we went to dinner and a movie; Jimanji!  Really good.  But I remember Robin William’s Jimanji was very good as well.

Saturday… Wasn’t an exciting day.  I did laundry and cleaned house as usual as I listened to another book.  Hubby and Jeremy were out in the shop working on Jeremy’s new truck.  Quality time together. 🙂  Warms a momma’s heart!

Sunday… New Year’s Eve, we took it rather easy this morning.  I fixed a big breakfast then we laid around a bit and I made a taco tray for Jeremy to take to his New Year’s celebration.  Hubby and I headed to the city around noon to get our hotel room and get all fancy for our dinner.  It was a relaxing day and a very very nice New Year’s celebration.

Monday… New Year’s Day, hubby slept in while I was awake at the crack of dawn.  Fixed me a coffee and enjoyed blogland for a while.  We headed home around 10:30 and really just relaxed with Jeremy and Grandma all day.

Tuesday… I could get used to these three day weekends!  I didn’t want to get up at 4:30 this morning.  Funny how that works.  When I’m off work my eyes pop open early.  When I have to work I fight the alarm clock! This was Jeremy’s last night home so we went to dinner with him and our middle daughter along with her boyfriend.  Things are slowly looking up there.  My sister had her baby today.  After  ZZZ hours of labor we welcome little

Wednesday… I had to leave the house at 3 am to take Jeremy to the airport.  His flight doesn’t leave until 10:15 but I had to be at work at 7:00 am.  We will miss him but we also are pretty used to the quiet of our daily routine.  After a very exhausting day I didn’t do much to end it.  Filled pill boxes for grandma, took a nice hot bath, and retired early.

Thursday… Felt much better after a good nights rest!  Had to get me a workout in then ran over to Wally world to do some shopping.  Maybe I won’t have to go back in this place before the next weekend!   We are leaving  night to go to St. Louis to hubby’s cousins house for Game Night.  It’s all kinds of board and card games set up and you join in wherever you want.  I think it will be fun!  Let’s get this weekend started!!!

What’s on my needles…

It’s been a long time since I’ve linked up to Nicole at Frontier Dreams. I haven’t been doing any knitting but I have frantically been crocheting this afghan.  I don’t want to make it too small and very unusable so I am putting a couple extra sections plus a good boarder around it.

I have lots of things I would love to knit but my reading has consumed all my time.  As much as I dislike winter I am hoping for some great snow falls so that I can stay home and knit while I listen to a great audio book.  That is a winter dream of mine! 🙂

We have been struggling to stay warm here in the Missouri this past week.  We’ve had a fire in the furnace every single day.  I hope you are warm wherever you are today!I’m still working on this book because I can’t seem to sit still very long to get much of it done.

I am currently listening to this one.  It’s a few months ahead of schedule but I have to take those audio books when they are available.


Top Ten Tuesday

Joining The Broke and the Bookish to share my top ten for this week.

This week the Top Ten topic is “Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017”.   Most of the authors I read this year were new to me.  It was hard to come up with only ten that I enjoyed

  1. Isabel Allende: Island Beneath the Sea and Ripper
  2. Fredrik Backman: My Grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry.
  3. Terri Blackstock: Last Light
  4. Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imprefection
  5. Jacqueline Carey: Naamah’s Kiss
  6. Kim Edwards: The Memory Keeper
  7. Megan Shepherd: A Cold Legacy
  8. Lisa Genova: Still Alice
  9. Lois Lowery: The Giver
  10. Kristin Hannah: The Nightingale


SWDB #1 – January 1, 2018

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Happy New Year!!!

Looking out my window: a very cold morning with a skyline of St. Louis which includes the Arch.

I am thinking: I can’t believe Jeremy will be leaving in 2 days!  Where did the time go!?

I am thankful: for the 2 weeks we have had with him.  It’s been wonderful having him around the house again.

One of my favorite things: resting on New Year’s Day with a good book!

I am creating: frantically working on the afghan.  They are taking the baby tomorrow.  I will be late as usual these days.

I am wearing: sweat pants and a t-shirt with fuzzy socks.

I am reading: The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

I am listening to:  my thoughts this quiet morning in a hotel room with my cup of coffee while hubby sleeps in. 🙂

I am hoping: This year is better than last year!

I am learning: That I will never stop learning! LOL!

In my kitchen: We just have finger foods today.  I don’t want to cook big before I go back to work tomorrow.  There’s lots of left-overs to pick from.

Shared quote: I hope this is what many of my days this year look like!

A moment from my day: 

Closing note: This new year holds a lot of promise.  I have chosen my Word for 2018…{{drum roll please}}…TRUST.  I need to remember to trust the Lord more everyday in everything!

Sunday Salon – New Years Eve

Time: 7:22

Scene: It’s been a very cold week!  There is frost on the ground and it is

 Today’s Plan: I’ll make a taco tray for our son to take to his aunt and uncles for New Years.  Hubby and I are going to dress up fancy and head to a very high-class restaurant in St. Louis where we will spend the night.  We’ve never done this sort of thing before but now that we don’t really have anyone home we thought we would give it a try.

Drinking: Coffee with Bailey’s white chocolate and peppermint creamer

Listening to: The wood furnace running.  I got the fire going again first thing.


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Chosen by Ted Dekker

Pondering: a quiet 2018.

Taking Stock: December

I’ve decided to do this “taking stock” post that I found here… at the end of each month.   Please don’t think I have jumped off the deep end.  Some of my answers are pretty raw and sound hopeless but I know who had me in His hands! 🙂

Making: time for myself
Cooking: more this month than normal. Our son is home.
Drinking: coffee at the moment.
Reading: The Mayor of Casterbridge
Trawling: pinterest
Wanting: to retire
Looking: to the day when I can enjoy winter and all it brings.
Deciding: life is good regardless of where my family is right now.
Wishing: they were with us.
Enjoying: the book choices I have made lately.
Waiting:…for Summer.
Liking: the smell of cinnamon bun candles.
Wondering: If spring will come early this year.
Loving: the quiet in my home right now.
Pondering: what it will be like when I don’t have Grandma to care for.
Listening: The Chosen by Ted Dekker
Considering: my 2018 reading list.
Buying: a few books
Watching: birds at the feeder
Hoping: That the weather in January is going to be much like that of December.
Marvelling: at how fast this year has gone by.
Cringing: at the thought of possibly giving up coffee.
Needing: to call my dad.
Questioning:  my mental state to even think about giving up coffee
Smelling: Cinnamon bun candles
Wearing: my robe.
Noticing: my clothes are fitting differently
Knowing: what is right and doing it are two very different things.
Trouble-shooting: finance education with Jeremy.
Thinking: about what I am going to do with my grandmother.
Admiring: the cardinal at the feeder.
Getting: ready to book our late winter vacation.
Bookmarking: Reading lists
Opening: 2018 Calendar
Closing: 2017 Calendar
Feeling: Like I have a very full life compared to so many others.
Dreaming: of traveling the country in a travel home during our retirement years.
Hearing: the stillness.
Celebrating: Jeremy being home
Pretending: that it’s really warm outside!
Embracing: PEACE

My Journey This Week…

I was sure last week was not very impressive… This week promises to be even more so! LOL!  Can you hear the note of sarcasm in my typing!?

Friday… Even though our son just came in yesterday we already had plans to have our “Christmas dinner” with our old high school chums.  So that is what Friday night held for us.

Saturday… Did some laundry and worked around the house for a bit.  Later in the afternoon we went to hubby’s family for our Christmas gathering.  It was a nice time.   Our oldest did not attend but I had 2 out of 3 present. 🙂

Sunday… Christmas Eve… While doing laundry the belt on my dryer broke!  {{sigh}} I really wanted everything done so I could rest my last day off work.  Hubby got called to work so the dryer didn’t get fixed but he did get the part.  In the evening we took Jeremy to dinner and to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  It was a good night.

Monday… Christmas Day… Seemed like just another day of the week to me.  I did cook a turkey and made some stuffing to go with it.  I finished up my laundry (dryer fixed) and straightened up my room. I did some work on that baby blanket but not too much.  With he wood furnace going it was 86 degrees in my house and I couldn’t stand that thing laying on my lap! LOL

Tuesday… Back to the old grindstone!  Jeremy sold his Jeep Liberty to his sister (our middle daughter).  He is purchasing a 2004 Silverado pickup with our help.  It will stay here while he is still in AIT.   He has no credit yet so we are going to help him build some.  We met at Applebee’s to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and stepmom.  Present were all three of our children (no boyfriends came), grandma, my parents, and us.  Still seemed kind of tense but at least I could gaze upon my babies for a time.

Wednesday… Geez as if going to work everyday wasn’t bad enough but it was my scheduled day for a mammogram!  {{UGH!}}  After which I sent to the gym.  I spent a great deal of time yesterday and today helping Jeremy get a truck purchased.  He had half of the money from the sale of his Jeep so I co-signed a small loan to help him build his credit.  I don’t know why but that sort of thing just wears me out anymore.  That’s about all I did!

Thursday… Oh our son has kept us so busy this week.  I didn’t get to workout today due to getting his truck insured and licensed so he could have “wheels”!  {{Sigh}}  Glad that is done.  I did have time to get my nails done today.  Then I worked on laundry and bill paying and cooking and pill boxes… Oh mammogram came back this morning and it looked good.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I have to have them every year because my mother and her mother both had breast cancer within a year of each other.

Anyway I hope this Friday finds you well and that your weekend is everything you want it to be!


My 2018 Reading Plan

I posted this over at my book review blog but thought I would share it here as well since I do my nightstand post here.  It’s part of who I am and what I really enjoy doing; reading.  I’ve always got two or three books going at any given time.  This is my 2018 Reading Challenge, most of which I found on pintrest.

I wanted to layout exactly what I must read each month.  Some of these books may be hard to get my hands on but I will definitely try.  I have been too spontaneous this past year.  The three or four books a month are a MUST and anything else I listen to or read is a PLUS. 🙂


A book you own but haven’t read.

A book that was made into a movie.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book picked solely because of it’s cover.

A book your friend loves.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Challenge book.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book of poems.

A book by an author you have never read before.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book by an author you love.

A book at the bottom of your “to-read” pile (Since May 2012).

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book with a color in the title.

A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit (London).

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book you’ve started but never finished.

A book with a female heroine.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book set in the summer.

A book published this year (2018).

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book that will make you smarter.

A book with a blue cover.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book everyone has read but you.

A book you loved — Read it again!

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book based on a true story.

A book that came out the year you were born.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book with a number in the title.

A book with a one word title.

From my Classics Challenge list.


A book set during Christmas.

A book with more than 500 pages.

From my Classics Challenge list.



What’s On Your Nightstand? – December 2017

This is one of my favorite link ups that I have always taken part in.  I couldn’t not blog and read and not join in with everyone at 5 Minutes for Books.  It occurs the last Tuesday of every month.  You share what you have been reading, what is still hanging out on your nightstand, and what you plan to read if you like.

This month I got a few books read.  Mostly though I listened to them while I worked out, cleaned house, or drove in the car.  I did read an entire book while spending four days in Mexico on vacation!

For the month of December I have listened to or read :
 I’m currently reading/listening to:

The Mayor of Caterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Book of Deacon by Joseph R. Lallo

What’s hanging out on my nightstand?

This Life I Live by Rory Feek

The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Album

Petals on the Wind by V. C. Andrews

One Million Page Challenge update:

December: 1,819

Year to date: 22,577

Challenge to date: 92,399


The Simple Woman’s Daybook – December 25, 2017

Linking up with our friend Peggy to share my week. It seems like my life is so busy that the only way I am going to be able to blog and stay on course is to get back to my Daybook; with prompts to help me out. Instead of monthly I will go back to weekly for now.

Merry Christmas!

Looking out my window: Cold and cloudy this White Christmas morning!

I am thinking: How sad it is that on Christmas morning I am writing a blog post.

I am thankful: Our son is home this Christmas.  Who knows where he will be next year.

One of my favorite things: quiet mornings by the tree.  And I didn’t put one up this year.

I am creating: nothing.

I am wearing: Robe with some warm socks.

I am reading: The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

I am listening to: The Book of Deacon by Jospeh R. Lallo

I am hoping: That everyone gets to have a contented Christmas this year.

I am learning: Each day has problems of it’s own.  Not to worry about tomorrow… Sound familiar?

In my kitchen: Soon my Christmas turkey will be roasting in the oven.

Shared quote: 

A moment from my day: 

Out for dinner on Friday night.

Closing note: I hope you each have a wonderful day with family, friends, or both! 🙂

Sunday Salon – Christmas Eve

UPDATE!!! Right after I post this morning it started snowing… it’s still snowing at 11:15 CST!!!  A white Christmas!!!


Time: 7:05 am

Scene: Cloudy and cold Sunday morning!  The fall weather left on Friday and brought with it frosty coldness for Christmas.  The remnant of early Saturday morning snow on the ground. My birds are happy at the feeder!

 Today’s Plan: laundry, cook a nice dinner, workout, and spend time with Jeremy.

Drinking: Coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.  I shouldn’t have bought such a large bottle!

Listening to: Stillness.  I love these mornings.


The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

The Book of Deacon by Joseph R. Lallo

Pondering: Future Christmas’s… how long is the Lord going to have me wait for my kids to grow up and be part of our family again? And my husband to stop being so “hard” against their actions?  I will wait, not because I am patient but because I have no other option.

My Journey This Week…

I haven’t posted one of these journey posts since September.  I guess because life has been so uneventful that I really hadn’t thought of sharing my daily bordum with you all.  Thought I might try to dig some life out of each day…

Friday… Each weekday begins at 4:45 am for me.  That first hour of the day is crucial to me.  I need a good hour of quiet to fuel for giviing to everyone else in my day.  After working at my job where customer service to each associate in our building is very important to me and my office, I am drained.  After work I quickly change into workout clothes and pack us a cooler of water, protein drinks and bars.  After the gym we went to Lowe’s.  We wanted to vamp up the bird feeders so that Grandma might have some other source of entertainement.  We all like watching them.  Why am I putting this all on her. 🙂

Saturday… Hubby wored outside in the beautiful 55 degree day making a bird feeder stand and hanging all the new feeders we got the night before.  While he did that I did a couple loads of laundry, paid the bills, and did some purging of the items that get “stranded” on the kitchen island.  Afternoon we both felt like a little nap.  Evening saw us at a new restaurant in St. Louis.  We enjoy eating out and trying new places.  Athough “our menu” doesn’t vary much we like new atmospheres.

Sunday… No matter how hard I try I just can’s sleep in.  It was almost 11pm when we got home last night and still my eyes popped open at 6:20.  I did some piddling around the house.  I didn’t shop, wasn’t feeling it!  I did do another load of laundry, listened to an audio book while “piddling around”.  At our regular gym time, about 3:30, we headed out.  After that we had to go back to Lowe’s… We needed a gallon of paint to touch up the downstairs recreational area.  I was feeling a little run down.  Hope I’m not trying to catch something!  So I was in bed around 7:30.

Monday… Because I went to bed so early my eyes popped open at 3:15.  I forced myself to stay in bed and eventually I dozed back off.  The alarm woke me at 4:45 and I jumped up to get this day started!  Work, what can I say, it’s pretty much the same thing day in day out, crunch those numbers! {{sigh}} We went to the gym and I got a good hour workout in.  Upper body and cardio for today.  After which we had to go to Wally World and get stocked up for Jeremy to be home for two weeks!  Geez!  I don’t  miss that grocery bill! LOL!

Tuesday… Work provided us all with a Christmas dinner today!  Yummmm!  Everyone is in the holiday spirit.  We had decorating contests last week with the winner announced today.  Then today was ugly sweater contest.  Yikes, those things are hideous!  Had another great workout.  Cardio and legs this time.

Wednesday… Today was our office Christmas party.  We each brought a $15 gift and we did the “white elephant” game/exhange…  All women this year so it was a little easier.  There are eight of us and there was tons of food.  We ate all day long!  And no workout tonight!  Hubby had a school board that went until 11:00 pm while I spent some quality time with grandma watching our two favorite Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.  I made a big pot of chili as Jeremy will be home tomorrow and we’ll need food ready.

Thursday… Jeremy texted me at 3:30 this morning to tell me he was already at the airport in Atlanta.  His flight leaves there at 3:35 pm!  Long day for him.  I went to work as usual and left early to get to the airport in St. Louis to pick him up at 4:20.  Now to get back into the swing of having another “body” in the house. 🙂  I’m super excited about that! LOL!  Hope you all had a great week!


Top Ten Tuesday

Joining The Broke and the Bookish to share my top ten for this week.

This week the Top Ten topic is “Top Ten books I hope Santa brings me this year”.  hmmm.  That list is a mile long!

  1. The Heavens Before (Genesis #1) By Kacy Barnett – Gramckow
  2. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
  3. Keepers of the Covenant by Lynn Austin
  4. Caroline: Little House Revisited by Sarah Miller
  5. Gods and Kings by Lynn Austin
  6. The Crown and the Crucible by Michael R. Phillips
  7. The Green Ember by S. D. Smith
  8. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
  9. Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange
  10. These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer